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Leeds, a city known for its culture and vibrancy, offers a variety of salsa classes to suit every dancer’s needs. The Salsa Smiths at Denison Hall Club, Havana Salsa Leeds at 3 St Peter’s Building, The Dance Studio Leeds at Mabgate Mills, and Salsa Rocks Leeds at Kerala are all fantastic options for anyone looking to learn and enjoy the energetic world of salsa.

What are the best salsa classes in Leeds?

  • The Salsa Smiths: Classes every Tuesday, £6-£8, at Denison Hall Club.
  • Havana Salsa Leeds: Eight-week cycles on Tuesday evenings, £9 per session, at 3 St Peter’s Building.
  • The Dance Studio Leeds: A six-week course on Wednesdays, £55, at Mabgate Mills.
  • Salsa Rocks Leeds: Weekly Wednesday classes, £6-£10, at Kerala.

25 January 2024
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Leeds, a city teeming with culture and vibrancy, offers a plethora of opportunities to dive into the rhythmic world of salsa. This Latin dance form, known for its energetic movements and captivating music, provides a perfect escape from the mundane. With a variety of venues hosting salsa classes, anyone looking to indulge in this dance form has no shortage of options. Let’s explore the top salsa classes in Leeds where you can unleash your inner dancer.

The Salsa Smiths: A Fusion of Fun and Expertise

At the heart of Leeds’ salsa scene are The Salsa Smiths, located at Denison Hall Club. Here, classes resonate with the essence of salsa – a blend of passionate music and lively interaction. The instructors, led by the renowned Om Smith, offer a welcoming atmosphere that caters to both beginners and seasoned dancers. Participants learn the steps, embrace the music, and enjoy a social gathering afterward, making it more than just a dance lesson; it’s a community event.

The Salsa Smiths offer:

  • Classes every Tuesday at 7.30 pm
  • Venue: Denison Hall Club, Pinfold Lane, Armley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS12 3LL
  • Pricing: £6 for a single class or £8 for two

The sessions promise a relaxed, fun-filled environment, ensuring that every participant takes home not just salsa steps but also a memorable experience.

Havana Salsa Leeds: Award-Winning Cuban Rhythms

Havana Salsa stands out with its Cuban flair and is renowned for its structured yet fun approach to salsa. These Tuesday night classes are a journey from novice to master, guided by expertly skilled instructors. The award-winning school takes pride in its methodical teaching that allows ample space for social interaction and individual growth.

Havana Salsa’s offerings:

  • Eight-week cycles on Tuesday evenings at 7.30 pm
  • Location: 3 St Peter’s Building, Peter’s Square, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS9 8AH
  • Class fees: £9 per session, £31.99 for four weeks, or £61.99 for the full eight weeks

Emphasizing progression and camaraderie, Havana Salsa Leeds is a place where rhythm is the teacher and the dance floor is the classroom.

The Dance Studio Leeds: Mastery Through Structure

For those who prefer a more systematic learning experience, The Dance Studio Leeds is the go-to destination. Their six-week salsa club focuses on partner work — crucial elements like leading, following, and body language are thoroughly explored. Instructors Abi and Rahul Stephen, known as the Salsa Twins, bring their expertise to create an educational yet enjoyable atmosphere.

Key details about The Dance Studio Leeds:

  • The Salsa Partner Work Course occurs every six weeks on Wednesdays at 7.25 pm
  • Venue: The Dance Studio Leeds, Mill 6, Mabgate Mills, Macauley Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS9 7SW
  • Pricing for the course: £55

Whether you’re flying solo or with a partner, this studio ensures you leave with a deeper understanding of salsa and its nuances.

Salsa Rocks Leeds: The Social Butterfly’s Haven

Salsa Rocks Leeds is a sanctuary for those seeking a laid-back environment to learn and practice salsa. With classes for various levels all conducted on Wednesday evenings, this is the perfect setting for building dance skills and friendships. The night progresses from beginner’s lessons to intermediate challenges, with teachers dedicated to improving your moves in a stress-free setting.

Insights on Salsa Rocks Leeds:

  • Classes every Wednesday starting at 8 pm
  • Held at Kerala, 2 Eastgate, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS2 7JL
  • Costs: £6 for one class or £10 for two on the same night, social at £3 or free with a class

After the lessons, a social dance commences at 10 pm, giving everyone the chance to flaunt their new moves and mingle.

In conclusion, Leeds hosts a vibrant salsa dancing community, where each class offers a unique flavor of this dynamic dance form. From the passionate embrace of The Salsa Smiths to the Cuban rhythm of Havana Salsa, the structured elegance of The Dance Studio Leeds, and the social warmth of Salsa Rocks, there’s a space for every aspiring salsa dancer. These classes not only teach the art of dance but also foster connections, making salsa an enriching cultural experience in Leeds.

  • The Salsa Smiths offers salsa classes every Tuesday at Denison Hall Club for £6-£8.
  • Havana Salsa Leeds has eight-week cycles of salsa classes on Tuesday evenings at 3 St Peter’s Building for £9 per session.
  • The Dance Studio Leeds offers a six-week salsa course on Wednesdays at Mabgate Mills for £55.
  • Salsa Rocks Leeds has weekly Wednesday salsa classes at Kerala for £6-£10.
  • Leeds has a vibrant salsa dancing community with various options for salsa classes catering to different preferences and skill levels.

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