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Leeds is home to a myriad of exceptional Indian restaurants serving up top-tier curries, pakoras, and bhajis. Notable mentions include Jodhpur for its chicken kolhapuri, Tharavadu for Kerala cuisine, Bundobust for vegetarian options, and Akbar’s for hearty curries, promising a flavorful dining experience.

What are the best Indian restaurants in Leeds for curries, pakoras, and bhajis?

Leeds boasts a variety of top-tier Indian restaurants. Notable mentions include Jodhpur for its chicken kolhapuri, Tharavadu for Kerala cuisine, Bundobust for vegetarian options, and Akbar’s for its hearty curries. Mowgli Street Food and Aagrah offer unique street food and Kashmiri dishes, respectively. For fusion flavors, check out MyLahore and De Baga. Also, don’t miss Manjit’s Kitchen for vegetarian Punjabi dishes and Anand Sweets for vegetarian and vegan curries.

As a bustling metropolis, Leeds boasts an ever-expanding array of Indian dining options. This city caters to every whim, from delectable street food to elegant restaurants. This article highlights some of the most outstanding Indian eateries where you can indulge in the finest curries, pakoras, and bhajis in Leeds.

A Symphony of Spices at Jodhpur and Tharavadu

Jodhpur on Kirkstall Road is not just a feast for the eyes with its striking blue exterior, but also a haven for Indian cuisine enthusiasts. Noteworthy dishes include the coconut-infused lamb madras, the dal makhani, and the fiery chicken kolhapuri. Their selection extends to the classics like onion bhajis and masala poppadoms, each made with a distinctive twist that ensures a remarkable dining experience.

Tharavadu stands out not just for its culinary delights but also for the ambiance that transports you straight to Kerala. Their accolades from Michelin and the Good Food Guide are a testament to the quality on offer. With highlights such as Meen Pollichatu and Adu Cheera Mappas, Tharavadu presents a harmonious blend of spices that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

The Contemporary Twist at Deeva and Akbar’s

Deeva, set in a former church in Farsley, blends elegance with hearty Indian cuisine. The menu surprises with dishes like tandoori cod and Chicken Lassan, marked by citrusy notes. For those who enjoy an assortment, the seafood platter for two stands out as a sumptuous start to a memorable meal.

Akbar’s is synonymous with a satisfying post-pint curry. Their menu reads like a beloved culinary script, featuring classics and adventurous options like chicken liver tikka and chargrilled lamb chops. For the bravest diners, the Chef’s Challenges, which test your mettle against size and spice, offer a chance at eternal glory in the form of a certificate and a complimentary dessert.

Vegetarian Delights at Bundobust and Bengal Brasserie

Bundobust is the go-to for a satisfying midday meal, slowly winning over meat aficionados with its array of vegetarian and vegan dishes. Their paneer tikka and bhaji butty are just two examples of how vegetarian fare can be both satisfying and delicious. The combination of their innovative beers and Indian-inspired cocktails make the dining experience here truly unique.

Bengal Brasserie adds a Bengali twist to the Leeds dining scene. Their repertoire of bold and flavorful dishes includes tandoori prawns and the Naga Chilli Mach. With three locations in Leeds, they have perfected the balance of classic and contemporary, with a special mention for their lamb chops that are a crowd favorite.

Unique Flavours at Mowgli and Aagrah

Mowgli Street Food brings the fun of funky street food to Leeds. The Bunny Chow and Mowgli Chip Butty are standout items that playfully combine traditional Indian flavors with a modern twist. The restaurant’s approach to street food is both inventive and approachable, ensuring a gastronomic adventure.

Aagrah delivers Kashmiri cuisine with a side of drama, renowned for their massive naan breads that can be used for scooping up their rich curries or, if you fancy, as a makeshift duvet. Their menu may feel familiar, but the attention to detail and the aromatic house specialities like Chicken Hyderabadi and King Prawn Achar set them apart.

Indian Street Food Reimagined at Rola Wala and The Cat’s Pyjamas

Rola Wala in Trinity Leeds offers a build-your-own meal experience that has quickly become a favorite. With a range of bases and flavors like Keralan cauliflower and seven-spice chicken tikka, the customization options are endless. Their hearty sides, including rich red dal, round out a meal that can be different yet consistently delicious each visit.

The Cat’s Pyjamas in Headingley has mastered the small-plates concept, allowing diners to sample a variety of Indian dishes without committing to one large curry. From Pani Puri to Punjabi Lamb and a unique Yorkshire cheese naan, the variety of flavors on offer is as impressive as it is satisfying.

Authentic Offerings at Indian Tiffin Room and Kerala Restaurant

Indian Tiffin Room differentiates itself by focusing on authentic street food with a touch of subtlety. Their menu includes lesser-known gems like Rajastani Lalla Maas and Mangalorean Tawa Menu, which are complemented by delicate dosas and cold veggie starters.

Kerala Restaurant concentrates on Southern Indian cuisine with dishes from various regions including Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. The Meen Koottan and Kerala Chicken Curry, paired with a cold Kingfisher beer, are just a few examples of how the restaurant brings the rich flavors of the south to the heart of Leeds.

Fusion and Innovation at MyLahore and De Baga

MyLahore might surprise with its diverse offerings beyond traditional Indian dishes, including burgers and waffles. However, their curries, such as Channa Karahi and Palak Paneer, along with the anglicized Butter Chicken and Chicken Tikka Masala, showcase their prowess in Indian cuisine.

De Baga merges Goan flavors with contemporary British influences. The Lamb Xacuti and Mankios Fry are perfect examples of their ability to innovate while respecting traditional Indian cooking methods. Their second location in Chapel Allerton continues to add new and exciting dishes to their repertoire.

Staple Eateries Nawaab and Rasoi Stories

Nawaab, located close to Leeds Station, is a testament to consistency and quality. Their creamy korma and spicy madras are just a part of a broad menu that never fails to satisfy loyal customers. It’s a familiar experience that locals and visitors alike return to time and again.

Rasoi Stories in Chapel Allerton makes a strong statement with its bold and authentic menu. From starters like Amritsar Machchi to mains such as Lamb Tak a Tak and Monkfish Malabar, the restaurant’s offering is both diverse and enticing. The drinks menu, including cocktails and a rose and almond lassi, provides a perfect complement to the rich flavors of the dishes.

Hidden Gems: Manjit’s Kitchen and Westbourne Spice

Manjit’s Kitchen has gained a reputation for its outstanding vegetarian Punjabi fare. Their chilli paneer wraps and multi-curry Thali represent the best of what they have to offer. Special midweek offers on Thalis make it an irresistible spot for both lunchtime and evening dining.

Westbourne Spice in Otley brings traditional Kashmiri and Pakistani dishes to the table. While they offer classic favorites, it’s their Westbourne specials that stand out, with intriguing combinations like Peshwari Chicken with pineapple and banana, proving that innovation can still honor tradition.

A Sweet Ending at Anand Sweets

Lastly, Anand Sweets is not just about the eye-catching confectionary but also about some of the finest vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free curries in Leeds. Their Thalis are a particular highlight, offering a taste of multiple dishes at an exceptional value, a perfect conclusion to an exploration of Indian cuisine.

In summary, Leeds offers a rich tapestry of Indian dining experiences that cater to every palate. From the authentic to the innovative, the vegetarian to the carnivorous, these restaurants embody the culinary diversity and wealth of flavors that Indian cuisine has to offer.

  • Leeds is home to exceptional Indian restaurants like Jodhpur, Tharavadu, Bundobust, and Akbar’s, offering top-tier curries, pakoras, and bhajis.
  • Deeva and Akbar’s bring a contemporary twist to Indian cuisine in Leeds with dishes like tandoori cod and hearty curries.
  • Bengal Brasserie adds a Bengali twist to the dining scene with bold dishes like tandoori prawns and Naga Chilli Mach.
  • Mowgli Street Food and Aagrah offer unique street food and Kashmiri dishes, bringing unique flavors to the Indian cuisine scene.
  • Anand Sweets in Leeds offers some of the finest vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free curries in the city, providing a sweet ending to an exploration of Indian cuisine.

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