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Leeds is undergoing a transformation with major developments like Latitude’s Riverside Vision, The Store House on Briggate, The Core Overhaul in the city centre, Aire Park at the old Tetley Brewery HQ, and Sky Gardens at Midland Mills reshaping the city’s landscape. These projects promise to blend urban living with enhanced amenities, offering a glimpse into Leeds’ future as a vibrant community hub.

What are the major developments redefining Leeds?

Leeds is undergoing transformation through several major developments:

  1. Latitude’s Riverside Vision on Kirkstall Road, featuring 1,792 homes and commercial space.
  2. The Store House on Briggate, offering retail space and student accommodation.
  3. The Core Overhaul in the city centre, creating retail, leisure, and student flats.
  4. Aire Park at the old Tetley Brewery HQ, a mix of homes, office blocks, and a city park.
  5. Sky Gardens at Midland Mills, adding luxury apartments and a high-rise tower to the skyline.

14 March 2024 — Regeneration is the buzzword in Leeds, as the city witnesses a colossal wave of investments reshaping its skyline and community spaces. A handful of monumental projects stand out, charting a course for the city’s future growth and promising a fusion of urban living with enhanced commercial and recreational amenities. Here’s an in-depth look at the developments set to transform the landscape of Leeds.

Latitude’s Ambitious Riverside Vision on Kirkstall Road

Work is well underway on Latitude’s massive £350 million development on Kirkstall Road, which will create a brand new district on the banks of the River Aire. It’s one of the biggest developments happening in Leeds right now, transforming a former industrial site into a complex of 1,792 homes and over 4,000 square metres of commercial space. It’s not just buildings, though – there will be over 2.2 hectares of green infrastructure, including a riverside park, while a 56-metre-long pedestrian river-spanning bridge has already gone in across the Aire that will help link the development to the city centre when finished in 2029.

The new district is envisaged as a vibrant community hub, intertwining residential buildings with commercial locales and open green spaces, creating a balanced urban ecosystem. The introduction of the pedestrian bridge is a testament to the city’s commitment to accessibility and connectivity. By integrating a riverside park, the development is set to provide residents with a much-needed green escape within the urban sprawl.

The Store House: A New Landmark on Briggate

Walk down Briggate and you might spot the extensive developments transforming the streetscape near its junction with Boar Lane. The old House of Fraser store, a long-standing fixture on the iconic street, has been demolished to make way for The Store House. This new mixed-use development is a project spearheaded by Manner and Blackrock, targeting completion in 2025.

Once complete, The Store House will boast two floors dedicated to retail space accessible directly from the ground level, above which will rise nine floors offering stylish student accommodation. With a total of 369 beds split across 131 studios and 47 cluster flats, the development promises modern living spaces complemented by community-focused facilities. It’s a significant addition to Briggate, envisaged to enhance the street’s vibrancy and appeal.

The Core Overhaul: A Revolution in Leeds City Centre

Leeds city centre is set to undergo a transformative change with the redevelopment of The Core shopping centre on The Headrow. After years of declining tenancy and footfall, Leeds city council has greenlit a radical plan conceived by a collaboration between Tri7, developers Fusion, and architects Corstorphine & Wright.

This project envisages the demolition of existing structures followed by the erection of a trio of new buildings. These structures will be separated by two newly introduced streets, forging a connection between King Charles Street and Lands Lane. Upon completion, the revamped space will offer 38,000 square foot of retail and leisure facilities, topped by 809 student flats. It’s a bold reimagining of The Headrow, set to revitalize this part of the city centre.

Aire Park: A Green Heart at the Old Tetley Brewery HQ

The former grounds of the Tetley Brewery are being transformed into a vibrant urban park as part of Vastint’s Aire Park development. With works progressing and set to conclude by 2032, the site is poised to become a three-hectare urban oasis, marrying residential and commercial architecture with open green spaces.

Aire Park will feature a diverse array of 651 modern homes, cutting-edge office blocks, a hotel, retail outlets, and leisure amenities, woven together by a two-hectare city park. The park is designed to interlace with the new and preserved buildings, among which the revitalized Tetley Brewery HQ will stand as a central hub for food, drink, and events.

Sky Gardens: The Midland Mills Transformation

In January 2024, the transformation of the Grade II-listed Midland Mills on South Bank began in earnest. Led by Torsion Group and CityLife, this ambitious project will not only refurbish the historic mill buildings but also introduce Sky Gardens, a new residential tower, into the Leeds skyline.

The project will deliver a total of 284 luxury apartments, with a range of one, two, and three-bedroom options across the mill and the 32-floor tower. Residents will enjoy amenities like a lounge, workspace, and a car club. A standout feature will be the 30th-storey gymnasium, which promises to offer the most spectacular city views of any workout space in Leeds. The opening of Sky Gardens is eagerly anticipated for early 2026.

Each of these developments represents not just a significant financial investment but also a commitment to the future of Leeds. With the integration of residential, commercial, and leisure spaces, these projects are set to not only change the city’s skyline but also enhance the daily lives of its residents. As these plans come to fruition over the coming years, they will collectively usher in a new era of urban development for Leeds.

  • Latitude’s Riverside Vision on Kirkstall Road features 1,792 homes and commercial space.
  • The Store House on Briggate offers retail space and student accommodation.
  • The Core Overhaul in the city centre will create retail, leisure, and student flats.
  • Aire Park at the old Tetley Brewery HQ includes a mix of homes, office blocks, and a city park.
  • Sky Gardens at Midland Mills will add luxury apartments and a high-rise tower to the skyline.

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