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Leeds, a bustling city in Yorkshire, is hosting a weekend of culture and entertainment from 24th to 26th November 2023. With a variety of events including live music, comedy shows, dance performances, and food festivals, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this vibrant city.

What are the cultural and entertainment events in Leeds for the weekend of 24th-26th November 2023?

  • Friday: Enjoy R&B at Belgrave Music Hall, indie-pop at The Old Woollen, comedy with Michael McIntyre, and panto ‘Snow White’ at Carriageworks Theatre.
  • Saturday: Experience the Belgrave Feast, dance at Seven Arts and The Old Woollen, live music at multiple venues, and Take That musical nostalgia at Leeds Grand Theatre.
  • Sunday: Delight in jazz at Howard Assembly Room, desi hip-hop at the first direct arena, UK country-pop at Brudenell Social Club, and the musical ‘Oliver!’ at Leeds Playhouse.

Leeds, a vibrant city in the heart of Yorkshire, is gearing up for a weekend packed with cultural events and entertainment. From music gigs across various genres to panto season and food fests, there is something for everyone. This guide details the array of activities happening from Friday 24th to Sunday 26th November 2023.

Friday Night Highlights: Music, Comedy, and Pantomime

The weekend starts with a flourish as a range of performances are set to take the stage, ensuring that the city’s heartbeat is as dynamic as ever.

Musical Extravaganza at Leeds’ Venues

Yazmin Lacey brings her R&B flair to the Belgrave Music Hall, celebrating her latest album with BINA supporting. Indie-pop fans can catch Peaness at The Old Woollen, delivering music with a stark contrast in lyrics. For those who cherish the indie sounds of the mid-noughties, The View headlines The Warehouse, marking their return with gusto. Guitar enthusiasts can revel in the mastery of Philip Sayce at Brudenell Social Club, while punk aficionados shouldn’t miss the Cockney Rejects on their final tour at the same venue. Finally, Smoke Faeries and the Lottery Winners are set to perform at the Hyde Park Book Club and Stylus, respectively, each offering unique musical experiences.

Laughter and Fairy Tales

Michael McIntyre, known for his observational comedy, graces the first direct arena as part of his ‘Magnificent’ tour. For families and panto lovers, the classic ‘Snow White’ unfolds at Carriageworks Theatre, delivering timeless entertainment.

Saturday’s Selection: Feasts, Dances, and Club Nights

The following day maintains the momentum with an eclectic mix of events catering to all tastes, from foodies and dance enthusiasts to club-goers.

A Gastronomic and Artistic Adventure

Belgrave Feast presents a day where food and art converge, offering the best indie street food alongside an art market and children’s activities. The Dough Boys team will also host a free pizza-making class, making it an ideal event for the entire family.

Dance Performances and Nostalgic Tunes

Seven Arts will showcase ‘One Dha At a Time’, an experimental dance show that explores the essence of traditional Indian dance. Meanwhile, The Old Woollen’s Club Classics night is a throwback to the 90s/00s anthems with live performances from Angie Brown and a lineup of DJs.

Live Music for All Tastes

From The Orielles’ indie to avant-pop journey at Brudenell Social Club to B-ahwe’s performance at Hyde Park Book Club, music lovers are spoilt for choice. ‘Greatest Days’, a musical at Leeds Grand Theatre, promises nostalgia with Take That hits, while Holding Absence rocks out at Stylus.

Sunday Splendor: Jazz, Cinema, and Creative Workshops

The weekend concludes with a diverse selection of events that offer a relaxing yet stimulating end to a busy few days.

Jazz Performances and Iconic Cinema

Jazz aficionados can enjoy Jasmine Myra & Emma Johnson at Howard Assembly Room, while Georgia brings her multi-instrumental talents to Brudenell Social Club. For film buffs, Cottage Road Cinema screens ‘Die Hard’, offering the perennial debate of whether it’s a Christmas movie.

Desi Hip-Hop and UK Country-Pop

Badshah’s performance at first direct arena promises to be a high-energy event for desi hip-hop fans. Meanwhile, Jade Helliwell’s tour stops at Brudenell Social Club, supported by Gina Lerner, showcasing the best of UK country-pop.

Artistic Workshops and Folk Festivities

Be At One hosts Boozy Brushes, a neon sip and paint party for those looking to unleash their creativity with a glass of wine in hand. The Hyde Park Folk Festival at Hyde Park Book Club provides a haven for folk music enthusiasts with performances by Malin Lewis and Jon Doran.

A Musical Classic for the Family

The award-winning musical, Oliver!, is being staged at Leeds Playhouse, offering a family-friendly theatrical experience that runs into the new year. It’s a perfect opportunity to immerse oneself in the classic tale set to music.

In conclusion, Leeds promises a weekend brimming with culture, laughter, music, and art. The city’s offerings cater to a wide audience, ensuring that regardless of interests, there is an event to attend. Whether you are in the mood for a gig or a play, a dance show or a feast, Leeds has it all.

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