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LeedsBID has transformed Leeds City Centre by hosting the Leeds International Festival of Ideas, introducing family-friendly trails and educational activities, collaborating on artistic projects, promoting investment and networking through events like UKREiiF, maintaining cleanliness with Street Ranger teams, organizing Summer Roadshows, supporting local businesses with The Engine Room initiative, providing Welcome Hosts, offering engaging events for the youth, and creating festive celebrations like the Magical Night at The Queens.

How has LeedsBID transformed Leeds City Centre?

LeedsBID has transformed Leeds City Centre by:

  • Hosting Leeds International Festival of Ideas, enhancing cultural dialogue.
  • Introducing family-friendly trails and educational activities.
  • Collaborating on artistic projects to beautify the city.
  • Promoting investment and networking through events like UKREiiF.
  • Maintaining cleanliness with dedicated Street Ranger teams.
  • Organizing Summer Roadshows for office workers’ leisure.
  • Supporting local businesses with The Engine Room initiative.
  • Providing Welcome Hosts to enhance visitor experiences.
  • Offering engaging events for the youth during school holidays.
  • Creating festive celebrations like the Magical Night at The Queens.

2 February 2024
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A Festival That Shapes Minds

Leeds International Festival of Ideas (LIFI) stands as a beacon of creative thought and cultural exchange. Established in 2017, LIFI has been a significant contributor to Leeds’ cultural scene. Distinguished speakers, including Steven Bartlett, Davina McCall MBE, and Ruby Wax OBE, shared their insights with over 5,000 attendees in 2023. The festival’s relocation to Leeds Playhouse marks a new chapter, creating a central hub for dialogue and inspiration. Expectations for LIFI 2024 are high, with anticipation for another year of engaging discussions and groundbreaking ideas.

LeedsBID’s commitment to education and innovation through LIFI has solidified Leeds’ reputation as a city that values intellectual growth. The festival’s impact extends beyond entertainment, fostering a community where creativity and intellectual curiosity are celebrated. As LIFI continues to evolve, its contributions to the city’s cultural fabric will undoubtedly deepen.

Interactive Adventures for Families

LeedsBID introduces dynamic family-friendly trails that captivate both young and old. The Leeds Jurassic Trail and the Leeds Bear Hunt are prime examples, offering free and interactive experiences that encourage exploration. These activities not only provide entertainment but also serve as an educational tool, sparking curiosity about the city’s history and landmarks.

This summer brings a unique twist with a city centre version of Monopoly, celebrating Leeds’ connections to the iconic board game. Such initiatives not only highlight LeedsBID’s efforts to create a vibrant city for families but also reinforce the importance of playful learning in urban environments. As Leeds prepares for this exciting event, families can look forward to bonding over a classic game with a local twist.

Artistic Endeavours in Urban Spaces

LeedsBID’s artistic collaborations have injected color and creativity into Leeds’ urban landscape. Projects such as Athena Rising, a towering piece of street art visible from the Leeds Station, have become iconic landmarks. These installations, curated in partnership with local and national artists, transform walkways and entry points, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the city.

The art installations serve not only as visual delights but also as conversation starters, often reflecting the city’s identity and cultural narratives. By fostering a public gallery atmosphere, LeedsBID ensures that art is accessible to all, contributing to the inclusive and dynamic spirit of Leeds.

Investment and Networking Opportunities

The UK’s Real Estate Investment and Infrastructure Forum (UKREiiF), hosted by Welcome to Leeds and supported by LeedsBID, exemplifies the city’s growing influence in the investment sector. The Corn Exchange, serving as the event’s hub, provided a space for networking and education on Leeds’ potential. As the city’s official guide, Welcome to Leeds played a crucial role in showcasing the city’s offerings.

This gathering of investment leaders underscores LeedsBID’s efforts to attract economic growth and foster professional relationships. By bringing such prestigious events to Leeds, LeedsBID not only contributes to the city’s economic vitality but also enhances its standing as a hub for business and innovation.

Commitment to Cleanliness

The presence of Leeds’ Street Rangers, diligently working to maintain cleanliness, underscores LeedsBID’s dedication to a pristine city centre. The team operates seven days a week, ensuring that areas like Briggate remain welcoming to all who visit or pass through. The fact that it takes five weeks annually to clean Briggate reflects the magnitude of their task and their unwavering commitment.

The cleanliness of the city is not solely for aesthetic purposes; it directly contributes to the quality of life for residents and the overall perception of Leeds as a well-maintained urban space. LeedsBID’s investment in a clean environment is a clear indication of their prioritization of public well-being and pride in the city.

Office Fun in the Sun

LeedsBID’s Summer Roadshow brings a touch of the seaside to the city’s office workers, encouraging them to take a break and enjoy outdoor activities. From coconut shies and ice cream to volleyball and Jenga, the roadshow travels between key sites, providing leisure and entertainment throughout the summer. This annual event exemplifies LeedsBID’s understanding of the importance of work-life balance and the benefits of taking time to relax and connect with colleagues in a casual setting.

The range of games and live entertainment offered by the roadshow not only creates a fun atmosphere but also contributes to the social fabric of the office sector. By promoting interaction and relaxation, LeedsBID plays a vital role in enhancing the daily lives of Leeds’ workforce.

A Thriving Business Community

The Engine Room, an initiative by LeedsBID, is a testament to their support for local businesses. Providing training, skills support, and networking space, LeedsBID has already assisted hundreds with courses on diversity, inclusion, and leadership. Events like job fairs further demonstrate their commitment to the economic development of Leeds.

These resources are invaluable for businesses looking to grow and adapt in an ever-changing market. The Engine Room’s central location makes it an accessible and vital hub for collaboration and professional advancement. LeedsBID’s role in nurturing the business community is crucial to the city’s economic health and future prosperity.

A Warm Welcome to Leeds

LeedsBID’s Welcome Hosts are the embodiment of the city’s hospitality. Stationed throughout the city centre, these friendly faces are essential in providing visitors with information and a taste of Leeds’ charm. Their presence not only aids tourists but also enriches the city’s atmosphere with warmth and approachability.

The Welcome Hosts not only serve as guides to the city’s attractions but also as ambassadors of Leeds’ inclusive and vibrant culture. Their interactions with visitors leave lasting impressions, reinforcing Leeds’ reputation as a welcoming destination.

Entertaining the City’s Youth

LeedsBID places significant emphasis on family-friendly initiatives, particularly during school holidays. Engaging events like pottery workshops, Easter egg hunts, and pop-up circuses provide entertainment and cultural enrichment for the city’s younger residents and visitors. The Summer of Colour project exemplified this focus, uniting the community in a collaborative art endeavor.

As LeedsBID continues to organize these inclusive events, they demonstrate their commitment to creating an environment where families can thrive and create memories. Such activities not only offer enjoyment but also contribute to the social and cultural development of the city’s youth.

Festive Celebrations in Leeds

The festive season in Leeds is made even more enchanting by LeedsBID’s efforts. The Magical Night at The Queens event, with its awe-inspiring 3D audiovisual projection, captivated thousands with the story of the gingerbread man. This event is a highlight of the city’s Christmas celebrations, creating a sense of community and shared joy.

The success of such festive endeavors emphasizes LeedsBID’s role in fostering a spirit of celebration and togetherness. Their ability to transform the city into a winter wonderland not only entertains but also contributes to the overall vibrancy and economic vitality of Leeds during the holiday season.

  • LeedsBID has transformed Leeds City Centre by hosting the Leeds International Festival of Ideas, enhancing cultural dialogue.
  • LeedsBID has introduced family-friendly trails and educational activities to engage both young and old.
  • LeedsBID has collaborated on artistic projects to beautify the city and create iconic landmarks.
  • LeedsBID has promoted investment and networking through events like UKREiiF, showcasing Leeds’ potential.
  • LeedsBID has maintained cleanliness with dedicated Street Ranger teams, ensuring a pristine city center.

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