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Saddle up for the Legacy Ride on July 7, marking a decade since Yorkshire’s Grand Depart with routes of 230km, 120km, and 70km starting from Roundhay Park in Leeds. Register at from March 8 and join in supporting the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

What is the Legacy Ride and when is it taking place?

The Legacy Ride is a mass participation cycling event commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Tour de France Grand Depart in Yorkshire. It offers routes of 230km, 120km, and 70km, catering to different levels of cyclists. The event is on Sunday, July 7, starting from Roundhay Park in Leeds, and supports the Motor Neurone Disease Association. Register at from March 8.

Celebrating a Decade of Cycling Excellence

A landmark event is set to unfold amidst Yorkshire’s verdant dales as the region commemorates a significant milestone in its cycling history. Dubbed the Legacy Ride, this mass participation event not only honors the 10th anniversary of the Tour de France Grand Depart in Yorkshire but is also poised to attract cycling enthusiasts to journey across some of the most picturesque routes in the county. Scheduled for Sunday, July 7, this initiative is a collaborative effort by Struggle Events, Leeds City Council, and Axiologik, all committed to reigniting the passion for cycling seen during the Grand Depart in 2014.

The Legacy Ride tees off from the iconic Roundhay Park in Leeds, charting a course into the Yorkshire Dales, known for their sweeping vistas and challenging terrain. As the ride progresses, participants will experience the same paths that once echoed with the cheers for professional cyclists. The event does not merely celebrate athletic prowess but also stands as a testament to the communal spirit and tenacity of Yorkshire’s people, encapsulated in the scenic roads and locations that form the backdrop of the ride.

In keeping with the spirit of inclusivity, the event presents cyclists of varying competencies with three distinct route options: the full 230km ride, a moderate 120km, and a more manageable 70km. This ensures that from the more casual riders to the most seasoned pedal warriors, all can partake in this grand cycling fiesta. Furthermore, the event champions a noble cause, raising funds for the Motor Neurone Disease Association and the Rob Burrow Centre for MND initiative by Leeds Hospitals Charity, in honor of Leeds Rhinos legend Rob Burrow.

Routes and Landmarks

Diversity in experience is at the heart of the Legacy Ride, with each route meticulously planned to offer a unique glimpse into Yorkshire’s diverse landscapes. The longest route, stretching over 230 kilometers, promises an exhilarating excursion into Wensleydale and Swaledale, cresting the challenging Kidstones Pass, Buttertubs Pass, and Grinton Moor. These are names that resonate with cyclists, each pass a story, each climb a memory.

For those who choose the 120km journey, the route features the much-talked-about climb ‘Cote de Skyreholme’, after a serene ride past the esteemed Bolton Abbey. Meanwhile, the shortest route of 70km will take participants past Otley and over Askwith Moor, ensuring even the briefest journey is rich with stunning sights and rewarding challenges. Each route concludes with a climb up Weardley Bank near Eccup Reservoir, a final ascent before triumphantly returning to Roundhay Park.

The decision to include multiple routes is a nod to the diverse cycling community, ensuring accessibility and enjoyment for all. It’s this thoughtful planning that embodies the event’s core philosophy—a blend of challenge, community, and celebration. While the landscapes offer their own quiet encouragement, supporters are also invited to line the routes, adding to the day’s festive atmosphere.

Economic and Cultural Impact

Recalling the Grand Depart’s profound effect on Yorkshire back in 2014—an event that infused over £100m into the local economy—the Legacy Ride promises to be more than a sporting occasion. It’s a cultural and economic catalyst, likely to enhance tourism and foster trade deals. The sentiment was best expressed by Councillor Jonathan Pryor, who emphasized the lasting impression of the Grand Depart, “The Grand Depart was a fantastic occasion for Leeds and the rest of Yorkshire, showcasing the people and places of our city and county to a global audience of millions.

Leeds has a rich history of hosting high-caliber sporting events, from England football internationals to the AJ Bell World Triathlon Championship Series. The Legacy Ride is set to be the latest in this distinguished line-up, continuing the city’s commitment to sporting excellence. It is this continued dedication that Matt Mannakee of Struggle Events reflects on, “The Tour de France changed the way Yorkshire used – and enjoyed – our fantastic countryside roads. Our aim for this Legacy Ride is to revive that cycling fever for the good of our health, for pleasure and to protect our environment.

As for Axiologik, the Legacy Ride is more than an event; it is a mirror reflecting the company’s ethos. Director Ben Davison encapsulates this sentiment, stating that the event “…celebrates an iconic event for our region in 2014 but exemplifies our dedication to fostering high-performing teams and giving back to the community…” It’s clear that for all parties involved, the Legacy Ride is a beacon of communal pride and shared aspirations.

The Legacy Ride will navigate open roads, with riders departing in staggered groups early in the morning, ensuring minimal impact on local residents. Enthusiasts can begin registering for the event starting Friday, March 8, at, with entry prices ranging from £39 to £59 and an option to contribute to charity. The opportunity to participate extends to all, on any bike, in any capacity—be it solo or in a team.

In conclusion, as Yorkshire gears up for this celebratory cycling event, it is not just the riders who are preparing for an invigorating experience, but the entire region is set to bask in the festivities that the Legacy Ride promises to bring.


  • The Legacy Ride is a mass participation cycling event commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Tour de France Grand Depart in Yorkshire with routes of 230km, 120km, and 70km.
  • The event takes place on Sunday, July 7, starting from Roundhay Park in Leeds, and supports the Motor Neurone Disease Association.
  • The Legacy Ride offers different route options to cater to cyclists of varying levels of proficiency, ensuring inclusivity for all participants.
  • The event aims to celebrate Yorkshire’s cycling history and landscape diversity, featuring challenging climbs and picturesque routes.
  • The Legacy Ride is expected to have a significant economic and cultural impact on Yorkshire, following the success of the Tour de France Grand Depart in 2014.

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