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Looking for a real Christmas tree in Leeds? Look no further! From local farms like Swillington Farm and Methley Estate, to urban nurseries like The Arium, and even eco-friendly options like Christmas Tree Corner and The Vale, Leeds has a variety of choices to suit every preference. Support charitable causes with St Gemma’s Hospice or choose Bramham Christmas Trees for a sustainable choice, or visit Boston Road Christmas Trees for a festive barn experience. Happy tree hunting!

Where Can You Buy a Real Christmas Tree in Leeds?

In Leeds, you can buy real Christmas trees from local farms like Swillington Farm and Methley Estate, or visit Stockeld Park for a Nordmann Fir. Urban nurseries such as The Arium offer trees and discounts on decorations, while Brookleigh Farm provides nationwide delivery. For eco-friendly options, check out Christmas Tree Corner or The Vale. Support charitable causes with St Gemma’s Hospice or choose Bramham Christmas Trees for a sustainable choice. Lastly, Boston Road Christmas Trees offers a festive barn with trees and DIY wreath materials.

Embracing Tradition at Local Farms

As December’s chill sets in, Leeds residents anticipate the joy of the festive season, with finding the perfect Christmas tree topping the list of seasonal traditions. Swillington Farm, nestled just outside Leeds, offers a unique experience where trees, once cut, are preserved in water to maintain their freshness. Visitors are welcomed to select their ideal tree, which Swillington Farm will wrap on the spot. Service begins on November 25th, 2023, and continues daily until 5 pm.

Not far behind in the festive offering is Methley Estate, where history and holiday cheer intertwine. Since the planting of the first tree nearly 30 years ago, Methley now boasts an impressive 18,000 Christmas trees. With options ranging from Nordmann Firs to Norway Spruces, and Fraser Firs, your perfect tree awaits. Alongside tree-shopping, their Christmas shop offers wreaths and holly, adding to the festivity from November 18th through December 20th, 2023.

For over a century, Stockeld Park has perfected the art of Christmas tree cultivation. Their meticulous care results in a collection of half a million trees, specializing in Nordmann Firs known for their dark green needles and symmetry. Available from November 25th, Stockeld Park ensures every home can have a stunning centrepiece until Christmas Eve.

Urban Nurseries and Unconventional Locations

Turning towards the urban landscape, The Arium stands out not just as a plant nursery, but also as a purveyor of fine Christmas trees. Stockeld Park’s official partner, The Arium, boasts first pick of the estate’s Nordmann Firs. With sizes ranging from three to a towering thirteen feet, The Arium also offers a 20% discount on decorations with each tree purchase, serving customers from November 25th to December 24th, 2023.

Brookleigh Farm, another local gem, has delivered premium grade Christmas trees to Leeds for over 24 years. Aiming to find your centerpiece, they offer Nordmann Fir, Norway Spruce, or Fraser Fir, with nationwide delivery. Open daily until Christmas Day, Brookleigh’s doors open from 9 am to 8 pm, providing ample time for festive preparations.

Christmas Tree Corner, located at the intersection of Street Lane and Roman Avenue in Roundhay, presents a quirky alternative to traditional tree shopping. Embracing eco-friendly practices, they use oxo-biodegradable tree netting and offer an extensive range from Fraser to Nordmann Firs. Starting from November 25th, their hours extend from 12 pm to 6 pm, with longer hours throughout December.

Community Contributions and Eco-Friendly Choices

The Vale, known for its array of plants throughout the year, enters the Christmas market with traditional potted spruces and stylish Nordmann trees. They don’t stop at trees; mistletoe and wreaths are also on offer for a complete festive home makeover, seven days a week, year-round.

St Gemma’s Hospice brings its renowned Christmas tree sale back this year, providing a chance to support patient care while decking the halls. On December 1st and 2nd, 2023, St Gemma’s Hospice offers a variety of trees, with profits aiding patients. Their ‘Treecycling’ service also makes post-Christmas clean-up easier in exchange for a small donation.

Bramham Christmas Trees, although a newer addition to the Leeds Christmas tree market, are quickly establishing a reputation for their premium Nordmann Firs. Their recycling programme reflects a commitment to sustainability, with biodegradable netting and tree recycling into bark chips. Online orders are open until Christmas, with half of the profits going to Martin House Children’s Hospice.

A Festive Barn Transformation

Lastly, Boston Road Christmas Trees transforms a barn into a festive paradise, featuring freshly cut Nordman Pine non-drops. From November 25th, Boston Road welcomes visitors to choose from trees ranging four to seven feet in height, and even offers materials for DIY wreaths, adding a personal touch to the Christmas preparations.

For detailed directions and contact information, the respective websites and physical addresses of these establishments provide everything needed to begin the journey toward finding the perfect Christmas tree:

As the festive season approaches, Leeds offers an array of options for securing a real Christmas tree, each with its own unique offerings and charm. Whether seeking a sustainably-grown spruce to decorate, supporting local businesses, or contributing to charitable causes, the quest for the quintessential Christmas tree is a cherished preamble to Yuletide festivities in Leeds.

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