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Looking to eat out on a budget in Leeds? Look no further! From Indian flavors at Rola Wala to Thai dishes at Thai Aroy Dee, and even pizza slices at Dough Boys, you can indulge in a variety of cuisines for under £10 in Leeds.

How can you eat out on a budget in Leeds?

Discover affordable dining in Leeds with a variety of cuisines for under £10. Enjoy Indian flavors at Rola Wala and Bundobust, Thai dishes at Thai Aroy Dee, pizza slices at Dough Boys, Japanese meals at Senbon Sakura, Bangkok street food at Mommy Thai, chicken wings at Cult Wing, bao buns at Little Bao Boy, vegetarian Punjabi fare at Manjit’s Kitchen, and flavorful noodles at Mr Su’s. Leeds offers a rich culinary experience that won’t break the bank.

Discovering a delicious meal without breaking the bank is a food lover’s dream, particularly in the vibrant city of Leeds. Fortunately, the city’s culinary landscape is dotted with a variety of eateries that offer scrumptious dishes for less than £10. From aromatic Asian spices to the simplicity of a classic pizza slice, these budget-friendly spots are a testament to the diverse and accessible dining options available in Leeds.

Rola Wala – Spice Up Your Meal

In the heart of Trinity Kitchen, Rola Wala serves up bold flavors in the form of naan rolls, rice bowls, and their signature cauli bowl. Your journey begins with a choice of base, followed by an array of fillings, such as the succulent Nagaland lamb or the vibrant Keralan cauliflower. Prices range from £5.95 for a wrap to £6.45 for a cauli bowl, leaving you with the option to complement your meal with a refreshing drink or a sweet treat. Rola Wala is a haven for those who crave a taste of India without the need for a hefty wallet.
Find Rola Wala here.

Thai Aroy Dee – A Lunchtime Delight

Thai Aroy Dee is celebrated for its lunchtime offerings, presenting a tempting deal that includes a starter, a main, and a side of jasmine rice or chips, all for under £8.95. Indulge in a variety of Thai classics, such as marinated mushroom skewers or a rich gaeng massaman. The value extends beyond the lunch deal, with a plethora of budget-friendly options that promise to satisfy your Thai food cravings without compromising on taste or quality.
Discover more from Thai Aroy Dee.

Dough Boys – Slice of Heaven

Nestled within the Belgrave Music Hall, Dough Boys have crafted a reputation for creating some of the most tantalizing pizza-by-the-slice. At £4.10 or less per slice, pizza enthusiasts can enjoy innovative concoctions like the Salami of Darkness or the vegan What’s The Quack? Each slice comes with a complimentary array of self-serve condiments, allowing diners to personalize their pizza experience. Dough Boys proves that a slice of pizza can be both wallet-friendly and bursting with creativity.
Check out Dough Boys.

Senbon Sakura – Japanese Eats on a Budget

Senbon Sakura offers an array of Japanese dishes that won’t leave your pockets empty. For under £10, guests can relish in the Senbon Sakura Special, a wok-fried rice dish laden with chicken, beef, and king prawn. The pumpkin katsu curry is another standout, boasting a generous portion of crunchy breaded pumpkin atop a bed of steamed rice. Sushi lovers delight in the reasonable offerings that include salmon nigiri and maki rolls – a testament to the affordable luxury available at Senbon Sakura.
Visit Senbon Sakura for more.

Mommy Thai – Authentic Bangkok Street Food

With two locations in Leeds, Mommy Thai brings the vibrant flavors of Bangkok street food to the city center. Their extensive menu features noodles and Thai curries served in generous portions that are not only a feast for the eyes but also gentle on the wallet. Lunchtime diners can enjoy a selection of starters paired perfectly with main courses, all under £10. Whether it’s curry with jasmine rice or tofu pan-fried noodles, Mommy Thai ensures a fulfilling meal without the hefty price tag.
Explore Mommy Thai’s menu.

Cult Wing – Wing Your Way to Savings

Cult Wing specializes in chicken wings, beer, and tequila, with wing options that fit snugly under the £10 mark. Choose from a variety of sizes and flavors, including their Cult XL wings or the vegetarian-friendly Cauli Punk wings. With prices ranging from £5.25 to £9.95, there’s room to add a side or splurge on a dipping sauce, be it the classic buffalo or the fiery habanero. Cult Wing’s menu caters to meat lovers and vegetarians alike, all while keeping your expenditure low.
Get a taste of Cult Wing here.

Little Bao Boy – Big on Flavor, Low on Cost

Little Bao Boy has quickly become a contender for the best budget-friendly eatery in Leeds, offering a selection of fluffy bao buns filled with mouthwatering ingredients. Choices include braised beef, pulled pork, and vegetarian options such as deep-fried salt and pepper aubergine. With a ten-pound note in hand, patrons can indulge in a duo of bao and still have change to spare. The menu extends beyond bao, featuring gyoza, noodle soups, and loaded fries that all promise to satiate without straining your finances.
Learn more about Little Bao Boy.

Manjit’s Kitchen – Vegetarian Punjabi Delights

Manjit’s Kitchen shines a spotlight on vegetarian Punjabi cuisine, offering a range of curried street food options. The legendary chilli paneer wrap, priced at £7.50, and curries under £7, provide an affordable gateway to the flavors of Punjab. For those looking to sample a variety of dishes, the thali provides a complete meal experience for under a tenner. Manjit’s Kitchen combines tradition with value, serving up hearty portions that won’t break the bank.
Taste the tradition at Manjit’s Kitchen.

Bundobust – Indian Eats for Less

Every dish on Bundobust’s menu is priced under £10, making it a goldmine for Indian food aficionados on a budget. From the humble smacked khakri at £3 to the paneer kadai at £7, the menu is a treasure trove of affordable Indian street food. The Lunch Express menu, available Monday to Friday, offers even greater value with two dishes for £9.95. Bundobust’s commitment to affordable pricing ensures that you can indulge in some of the city’s finest Indian cuisine without worrying about the cost.
See the full range at Bundobust.

Mr Su’s Noodles – Noodle Nirvana

The expertise of Mr Su, a culinary maestro with 25 years of experience, shines through in the menu at Mr Su’s Noodles. Whether you opt for rice, soup, or hotpot noodles, every dish is a symphony of flavors and comes in well under £10. The hotpot noodles, in particular, are a blend of chewy textures and aromatic spices, available with a choice of protein or vegetables. Mr Su’s Noodles exemplifies how high-quality, flavorful meals can be enjoyed without the worry of overspending.
Experience the mastery at Mr Su’s Noodles.

Leeds’ gastronomic scene is rich with options that allow diners to enjoy a wide range of cuisines without overspending. These establishments prove that a delicious and satisfying meal doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. Whether you’re craving Indian spice, pining for pizza, or in the mood for some Japanese delicacy, you can find it all in Leeds for under a tenner.

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