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Maki & Ramen, a new restaurant in Leeds city centre, brings authentic Japanese cuisine to the table with a menu featuring traditional sushi, handmade noodles, and rich ramen broths. With options for vegetarians, vegans, and Halal diets, along with a selection of Asian beers and crafted cocktails, Maki & Ramen offers a culinary experience that appeals to diverse tastes and preferences.

What does Maki & Ramen offer in Leeds city centre?

Maki & Ramen brings authentic Japanese dining to Leeds, featuring a menu of traditional sushi, handmade noodles, and rich, simmered broths for their signature ramen. With options for vegetarians, vegans, and Halal diets, the restaurant appeals to diverse tastes and preferences. The stylish eatery also offers a selection of Asian beers and crafted cocktails to complement the culinary experience.

Authentic Japanese Flavours Arrive on Bond Street

Leeds’ city centre now boasts a gastronomic gem with the opening of Maki & Ramen. Nestled amid familiar high-street names on Bond Street, this stylish eatery is quickly becoming the new talk of the town. Offering an authentic Japanese dining experience, Maki & Ramen extends a warm welcome to all, from the sushi connoisseur to the ramen enthusiast.

The journey of this restaurant began in Edinburgh, with the vision of founder and chef Teddy Lee, a Tokyo-trained sushi maestro. His dream: to bring genuine sushi and ramen to the UK. After the success of their Scottish ventures, Leeds marks the latest chapter in the Maki & Ramen story. According to COO Michael Salvador, the decision to expand to Leeds reflected the city’s unique charm and potential for the brand, resonating with the Edinburgh vibe that originally inspired them.

Strategically transforming a former Pret a Manger location, the interior speaks volumes. Contrasting the black walls are light wood accents and a ceiling adorned with cherry blossoms, creating an ambiance that fuses drama with coziness. A colorful post-it wall adds a playful element, inviting patrons to leave feedback or artistic expressions, further enhancing the community-driven spirit of the restaurant.

Delving into the Menu: A Feast for the Senses

At Maki & Ramen, dedication to authenticity is paramount. The carefully curated menu boasts dishes crafted with traditional Japanese techniques. The ramen attracts with its eight-hour simmered broth, promising a rich and silky foundation for the variety of options available. Handmade noodles and precisely constructed sushi round out the main attractions.

Patrons have the difficult task of choosing between tantalizing options like the black garlic tonkotsu, with its robust, garlic-infused broth, and the audacious Hell Ramen, a fiery concoction that lives up to its name. For those with dietary preferences, vegetarian, vegan, and Halal variations ensure inclusivity. The restaurant’s commitment to accommodating diverse diets is evident in their alternative twists on classics, featuring miso broths, vegan noodles, and a selection of meats.

Besides the main stars, the menu features an array of supporting acts. Delectable sides such as gyozas, karaage, and tempura perfectly complement the ramen. Meanwhile, the seaweed salad and pumpkin croquettes offer a refreshing change of pace. Bao buns, donburi, and yakisoba provide a taste of other beloved Japanese dishes, ensuring that every visit can offer a new culinary exploration.

Beyond the Bowl: Sushi and Spirits

While Maki & Ramen’s name highlights ramen, their sushi selection is equally impressive. From California rolls to the nuanced flavors of red tuna hosomaki and octopus nigiri, the sushi menu is a journey through textures and tastes. For those looking for variety, the Dragon Set presents a sampler’s delight, featuring the likes of green dragon roll and prawn tempura, artfully served on a slate platter.

Complementing the food, the drink menu at Maki & Ramen is a carefully considered collection of beverages that pair seamlessly with the flavors on offer. Asian beers like Asahi sit alongside a modest but expertly-crafted cocktail selection. Highlights include the lychee coconut martini, bursting with tropical notes, and the visually striking blue bubble margarita, complete with a bubble dome that patrons love to pop.

Maki & Ramen promises an immersive experience where the decor, dishes, and drinks coalesce to transport guests to the vibrant streets of Tokyo. With every sip and bite, diners can savor the authenticity and passion that Maki & Ramen brings to Leeds’ burgeoning food scene. The restaurant stands as a testament to the city’s growing appetite for genuine, high-quality international cuisine.

Maki & Ramen is located at 32 Bond Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 5BQ, inviting locals and visitors alike to embark on a flavorful journey. Whether you are a devotee of Japanese cuisine or a curious first-timer, this new establishment is poised to become a beloved dining destination in the heart of Leeds.

  • Maki & Ramen is a new restaurant in Leeds city centre that offers authentic Japanese cuisine, including traditional sushi, handmade noodles, and rich ramen broths.
  • The restaurant caters to diverse tastes and preferences with options for vegetarians, vegans, and Halal diets, as well as a selection of Asian beers and crafted cocktails.
  • Maki & Ramen is located on Bond Street in Leeds city centre and features a stylish interior with black walls, light wood accents, cherry blossom decorations, and a colorful post-it wall for customer feedback.
  • The menu at Maki & Ramen focuses on authentic Japanese flavors, with highlights including eight-hour simmered ramen broths, handmade noodles, and a variety of sushi options.
  • The drink menu at Maki & Ramen includes Asian beers like Asahi and a selection of expertly-crafted cocktails, such as the lychee coconut martini and the visually striking blue bubble margarita.

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