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The MONOPOLY Leeds Takeover event, happening from July 27th to September 1st, 2024, turns Leeds into a real-life board game with iconic landmarks as properties and life-size tokens, offering a city-wide scavenger hunt for prizes. Dive into an immersive adventure celebrating Leeds’ community and innovation like never before.

What is the MONOPOLY Leeds Takeover event?

The MONOPOLY Leeds Takeover event, running from July 27th to September 1st, 2024, transforms Leeds into a massive, live-action board game, featuring iconic landmarks as properties, life-size tokens, transit hub involvement, and a scavenger hunt for prizes. It’s an immersive, city-wide adventure celebrating Leeds’ community and innovation.

Experience Leeds Like Never Before

The city of Leeds is on the brink of transformation, poised to become a giant, interactive game board for a summer event that is nothing short of spectacular. From the 27th of July through to the 1st of September, 2024, the MONOPOLY Leeds Takeover is primed to rewrite the urban landscape into a living, breathing version of the cherished board game. This citywide escapade is not just for show—it’s an immersive experience where every participant stands a chance to win enticing prizes.

Credit: Chapter 81
Navigating Leeds will soon take on a new dimension, as 22 preeminent locations are earmarked to become part of a gigantic MONOPOLY board. Imagine walking through the city centre, stepping from one landmark to another, each transformed into a MONOPOLY property complete with life-size tokens of the game’s most iconic pieces. From the plucky Scottie dog to the stately battleship, participants will encounter these beloved characters in a fresh urban context.

In addition to the game zones, the event planners have thoughtfully included key transit hubs in the fun. Leeds City Station, Leeds Bus Station, and the Leeds Dock Water Taxi are just some of the transport locations joining in. Keep a sharp eye out for grandiose photo opportunities with installations reminiscent of the game’s well-known utilities, as well as a playful ‘Go to Jail’ setup complete with bars!

Engage in a Puzzle-Filled Quest

Credit: Tom Martin
Embarking on this MONOPOLY adventure is simple: obtain a map at the outset. These crucial guides will be readily available at strategic points throughout the city, including hotels and travel centres. Armed with your map, you’ll embark on a scavenger hunt, with each discovery bringing you closer to the ultimate goal of solving an array of puzzles cleverly integrated into the cityscape.

The intrigue doesn’t end with the hunt, as each MONOPOLY property carries a monetary value, contributing to the overarching challenge of ‘buying back’ the city. Assistance comes in the form of Leeds Conservatoire students, who will be stationed throughout the game, dressed as the game’s various tokens. These characters will offer hints, verify puzzle solutions, and stamp your map to signify your victories.

Uncover Prizes at Iconic Destinations

Credit: Chapter 81
As if the thrill of the game wasn’t enough, participants have the added incentive of winning prizes. The MONOPOLY Leeds Takeover ensures the stakes are high with rewards at Community Chest and Chance locations. Moreover, the elusive red hotel—located at The Junction—promises even grander prize packages for the lucky few who find it.

The event isn’t solely about the game; it’s also a celebration of Leeds’ vibrant community and its many partners. Child Friendly Leeds, Leeds Corn Exchange, Merrion Centre, Royal Armouries, St Johns Centre, The Light, Trinity Leeds, The Junction, and Victoria Leeds are all playing pivotal roles in this grand event. Families can look forward to supplemental activities, including weekend workshops at Waterstones and engaging mathematical challenges at MathsCity.

The MONOPOLY Leeds Takeover is not just a game. It’s a testament to the spirit of Leeds, a city that embraces innovation, community, and fun. Whether you’re a lifelong resident or a visitor seeking adventure, this event promises a summer of discovery and excitement like never before.

  • The MONOPOLY Leeds Takeover event runs from July 27th to September 1st, 2024, transforming Leeds into a massive live-action board game.
  • Participants will navigate 22 iconic locations in Leeds turned into MONOPOLY properties with life-size tokens and transit hub involvement.
  • A map will guide participants through a scavenger hunt with puzzle challenges integrated into the cityscape.
  • Prizes can be won at Community Chest and Chance locations, with even grander rewards at the elusive red hotel.
  • The event celebrates Leeds’ community and partners, offering supplemental activities and workshops for families to enjoy.

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