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Postal voters in Leeds are now encouraged to return their voting packs early due to new election rules. Completed packs must be submitted to specified locations, with a form detailing personal information and reasons for hand delivery. Visit Leeds Postal Voting Information for more details.

What are the new postal voting rules for the Leeds elections?

Early returns of postal vote packs are encouraged under new Leeds election rules. Completed packs must be returned to designated locations, with a form detailing personal information and reasons for hand delivery. There’s a limit of one’s own vote plus a maximum of five others per person. For details, visit Leeds Postal Voting Information.

Introduction to Postal Voting in Leeds

As the local and regional elections approach, scheduled for Thursday, 2nd May, the city of Leeds is actively distributing postal vote packs. These packs are essential for those registered to cast their votes by mail for the upcoming Leeds City Council seats and the regional Mayor of West Yorkshire. To ensure a smooth and efficient process, the electorate is urged to promptly return their completed voting packs.

The importance of early returns cannot be overstated, as it helps manage the expected high demand and facilitates a smoother electoral process. All postal voters in Leeds have begun to receive their voting packs, marking the commencement of an important phase in the democratic process. Instructions included with the packs are clear and should be read attentively to avoid any errors that might invalidate the vote.

For additional support, a helpful video tutorial has been made available, illustrating the correct method of completing the postal vote pack. This can be viewed on YouTube under the title “Flexi-vote 14” to assist voters who might need visual guidance.

Understanding the New Postal Vote Rules

Leeds authorities have outlined new guidelines for those electors preferring to submit their postal votes by hand rather than by post. At the core of these changes are limitations and requirements designed to streamline the process and maintain the integrity of the voting system.

The first and most crucial rule is that completed postal vote packs may now only be submitted at designated locations. Specifically, these are the polling stations or the electoral services office located at Leeds Civic Hall, LS1 1UR. No other council offices are authorized to accept postal votes.

Moreover, individuals delivering postal votes, whether for themselves or on behalf of others, are now required to complete a form. This form will collect details such as the person’s name and address, the number of postal votes being submitted, and the reasons for not returning them by post. This new procedure is intended to add a layer of transparency and accountability to the process. Staff at polling stations and council offices will be available to assist in filling out these forms.

In addition, there is a limit on the number of postal votes one can hand in. Anyone submitting postal votes on behalf of others is restricted to their own vote plus a maximum of five others—totaling no more than six votes. This provision is in place to prevent any potential misuse of the voting system. For comprehensive instructions on completing and returning postal vote packs, Leeds voters are encouraged to visit Leeds Postal Voting Information.

Key Dates and Voter ID Requirements for Leeds Elections

Leeds voters who plan to visit polling stations on election day must be cognizant of the new Voter ID requirements. A valid photo ID must be presented to cast a ballot. The array of accepted identification forms and information on applying for a new, free Voter ID is available at Leeds Voter Photo ID Information. Community hubs and libraries across Leeds are equipped to assist with the Voter Authority Certificate application, including providing a photo-taking service, with the application deadline set for 5pm, Wednesday 24th April.

Those inclined to appoint a proxy for voting can also apply through the Leeds City Council website, with the same deadline of 5pm on Wednesday, 24th April. The Electoral Commission’s website offers additional details and guidance on the elections taking place on May 2nd at The Electoral Commission Home Page.

The Elections Returning Officer and Chief Executive of Leeds City Council, Tom Riordan, emphasized the importance of utilizing postal votes effectively. He stated, “Postal vote packs are now being sent out to registered voters who have chosen to vote using that method, and we would encourage people to complete the packs and send them back using the pre-paid envelope through the mail as soon as they can to help our team manage the demand.”

The timeline leading up to the Leeds City Council and regional Mayor of West Yorkshire elections presents several critical dates that voters should be aware of:

  • Thursday, 18th April: Postal vote packs begin delivery to voters.
  • 5pm, Wednesday, 24th April: Deadline for applications for Voter Authority Certificate and to vote by proxy.
  • Thursday, 2nd May (7am-10pm): Election day.
  • Friday, 3rd May: Counting of votes and declaration of results for Leeds City Council seats.
  • Saturday, 4th May: Counting of votes and result declaration for Mayor of West Yorkshire.

Polling stations will implement strict identification checks on election day, which may include requests for voters to remove face coverings for identity verification. Privacy booths and a choice of male or female officials will be available for this purpose.

For any queries or issues regarding the elections, the Leeds elections team can be contacted via their helpline at 0113 222 4411 or by emailing at

For media enquiries, please reach out to Leeds City Council communications and marketing at or by phone at 0113 378 6007.

  • Completed postal vote packs must now be returned to designated locations in Leeds under new election rules.
  • A form must be filled out with personal information and reasons for hand delivery when submitting postal vote packs.
  • There is a limit of submitting one’s own postal vote plus a maximum of five others per person.
  • A video tutorial titled “Flexi-vote 14” is available on YouTube to guide voters in completing the postal vote pack.
  • Strict Voter ID requirements, including presenting a valid photo ID, will be enforced at Leeds polling stations on election day.

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