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In 2024, Leeds is set to see a gastronomic renaissance with the opening of 14 new culinary establishments, including a sophisticated French restaurant and the transformation of the city’s historic 3rd White Cloth Hall into a vibrant food and drink hub. Other exciting developments include the revitalization of the Henry Moore Institute, a packed calendar of events, the reopening of Leeds Town Hall, and Leeds United’s pursuit of Premier League promotion, making Leeds a top destination for both locals and visitors alike.

What new developments are coming to Leeds in 2024?

In 2024, Leeds is anticipating exciting developments including:

  1. 14 new culinary establishments, such as a sophisticated French restaurant.
  2. The Henry Moore Institute’s significant renovation.
  3. A packed calendar of events, including high-profile shows and community festivals.
  4. The return of the UK Real Estate Investment and Infrastructure Forum (UKREiiF).
  5. The transformation of the historic 3rd White Cloth Hall into a food and drink hub.
  6. A major revamp of Leeds Train Station.
  7. The reopening of the refurbished Leeds Town Hall.
  8. The annual Rob Burrow Leeds Marathon.
  9. The redevelopment of The Jubilee Hotel.
  10. Leeds United’s push for Premier League promotion.

Leeds is a city continuously on the move, evolving with each year that passes. As we usher in 2024, there’s an air of anticipation surrounding the developments and new introductions set to grace this vibrant city. From the culinary scene expanding with new eateries to infrastructural facelifts that promise to enhance our city’s charm, Leeds is poised for an exciting year ahead. Here’s a look at what’s in store, making it clear why Leeds remains a top destination, not just in the UK, but globally.

A Gastronomic Renaissance

The promise of new culinary delights is set to tantalize the taste buds of Leeds residents and visitors alike. With an impressive roster of 14 new openings announced, gastronomes can look forward to a diverse range of dining experiences. Among these, a sophisticated French restaurant will make its home in Horsforth, while an iconic Indian eatery is slated for a grand return to the city center. Leeds’ sole Michelin Star restaurant is undergoing a transformation, ensuring that its esteemed legacy continues to flourish. These are but a few of the exciting ventures that are poised to redefine Leeds’ food landscape.

A Revitalized Henry Moore Institute

The Henry Moore Institute, a beacon of art and culture, is undergoing its first significant renovation since its inception 30 years ago. This comprehensive refurbishment will enhance visitor engagement through new workshops, a welcoming entrance, and an updated Research Library. The institute is also taking strides in sustainability, with the installation of solar panels. When its doors reopen in the summer of 2024, the Henry Moore Institute will be perfectly positioned to inspire new generations for decades to come.

A Cornucopia of Events

Leeds has always been a thriving hub for events, and 2024 is shaping up to eclipse previous years. An array of high-profile shows, comedy acts, and concerts from some of the world’s leading musicians are on the calendar. Additionally, beloved community events like the Leeds West Indian Carnival, Leeds Pride, and Live at Leeds are set to make their jubilant return. For anyone keen on planning their cultural itinerary, the city’s upcoming event roster is a treasure trove waiting to be explored.

The Return of UKREiiF

After a resoundingly successful debut, the UK Real Estate Investment and Infrastructure Forum (UKREiiF) has confirmed its return to Leeds. As the fastest growing event of its kind in Europe, UKREiiF’s future editions will see an influx of industry professionals, with 700 speakers and 10,000 attendees expected in 2024 alone. This event not only forecasts a £20 million economic boost for Leeds through visitor expenditure but also encapsulates a commitment to social investment in local communities.

The Transformation of 3rd White Cloth Hall

Leeds’ historic 3rd White Cloth Hall is poised for a renaissance as local culinary leaders of Whitelock’s and The Meanwood Tavern take the reins. The transformation into a food and drink destination by April 2024 will see partnerships with local breweries and indie food traders, reviving the Grade-II listed building as a gastronomic hub in the city center.

The New Face of Leeds Train Station

Leeds Train Station is amidst a major revamp, with the New Station Street reopening slated for October 2024. This redevelopment is not just cosmetic; it prioritizes functionality with a pedestrian-focused design, including new staircases and cycle hubs, setting the stage for a more connected and accessible Leeds.

The Rebirth of Leeds Town Hall

The historic Leeds Town Hall is set to reopen in 2024 following an extensive £17 million refurbishment. This project is a testament to the city’s commitment to preserving its heritage while creating a premier events venue that matches the grandeur of the iconic landmark.

The Annual Rob Burrow Leeds Marathon

Following the success of the inaugural event, the Rob Burrow Leeds Marathon is cementing its position as a staple in the city’s sporting calendar. Scheduled for May 12, 2024, this marathon promises to unite the community and support charitable causes, continuing the legacy of its namesake.

A New Chapter for The Jubilee Hotel

The Jubilee Hotel, a storied building known for its Burmantofts terracotta facade, is being reinvented. Coupled with the construction of an adjoining structure, this development will breathe new life into the hotel, complete with modern amenities and spaces.

Leeds United’s Pursuit of Premier League Return

As the city’s football team, Leeds United, vies for promotion, the anticipation builds. The team’s performance in the Championship has fans hopeful for a return to the Premier League, with Head Coach Daniel Farke leading the charge.

This glimpse into 2024 reveals that Leeds is not simply growing; it’s thriving with innovation and cultural richness. With developments across various sectors, the city continues to assert its status as a dynamic and forward-thinking metropolis. Keep an eye on Leeds, as it’s undoubtedly set to impress both residents and visitors with its forthcoming attractions and advancements.

  • In 2024, Leeds is set to open 14 new culinary establishments, including a sophisticated French restaurant and the transformation of the historic 3rd White Cloth Hall into a food and drink hub.
  • The Henry Moore Institute is undergoing a significant renovation, including new workshops, a welcoming entrance, and the installation of solar panels.
  • Leeds has a packed calendar of events in 2024, including high-profile shows, comedy acts, and concerts, as well as community events like the Leeds West Indian Carnival and Leeds Pride.
  • The UK Real Estate Investment and Infrastructure Forum (UKREiiF) will return to Leeds in 2024, bringing industry professionals and an economic boost to the city.
  • Leeds Train Station is undergoing a major revamp to prioritize functionality and accessibility, with a pedestrian-focused design and new amenities.

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