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The southbound A643 at Armley Gyratory will be closed during the nights of 2 April, 3 April, and 10 April from 8pm to 5:30am for final works on Gelderd Road footbridge. Motorists can follow a 5.5-mile diversion and check for updates.

What are the road closure dates for Gelderd Road footbridge works at Armley Gyratory?

The southbound A643 at Armley Gyratory will experience nighttime road closures on 2 April, 3 April, and 10 April, from 8pm to 5:30am. These are to facilitate the final works on the Gelderd Road footbridge. Motorists can follow a 5.5-mile diversion and should check for updates.

Upcoming Road Closures on Armley Gyratory

As the city of Leeds continues its efforts to upgrade its transportation infrastructure, residents should prepare for imminent road closures affecting the Armley Gyratory. Specifically, motorists should anticipate three nighttime road closures on the southbound A643, starting on 2 April and concluding on 10 April. These closures are essential to facilitate the final works on the newly replaced Gelderd Road footbridge.

Leeds City Council has scheduled these works during the Easter school holidays to take advantage of reduced traffic volumes. This decision demonstrates a commitment to minimizing disruptions while ensuring the safety of workers accessing the site. The council’s involvement aligns with their broader remit of overseeing local transportation and infrastructure improvements.

The closure periods will span two nights, from 8pm to 5:30am on Tuesday 2 April and Wednesday 3 April, with an additional closure on Wednesday 10 April. Alternative routes will be clearly signposted, with a 5.5-mile diversion put in place to guide drivers around the construction zone. For detailed updates, Leeds City Council advises checking the project website at

Enhancements for Pedestrians and Cyclists

The Armley Gyratory scheme is a significant undertaking by the Leeds City Council and supported by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority. It aims to provide substantial improvements for pedestrians and cyclists, boosting accessibility across the city. A focal point of this scheme is the replacement of existing footbridges over Gelderd Road and Spence Lane with new, accessible structures.

These new footbridges, including the Gelderd Road footbridge, feature ramps designed to accommodate non-motorised users and individuals with disabilities. Such upgrades are not only about immediate accessibility — they also represent a long-term investment. The new structures are engineered to require less maintenance and inspection over the coming decades, emphasizing sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

The coordination of these works is meticulous, factoring in the activities of other key stakeholders such as National Highways and their ongoing M621 scheme. By aligning with other city-wide projects, the council ensures a cohesive approach to infrastructure development, reflecting a strategic vision for Leeds’ transportation network.

Phase Two of the Armley Structure Programme

The phased construction schedule of the Armley structure programme continues with significant milestones on the horizon. The current phase two encompasses several critical developments that will reshape the experience of traversing the city. Notable among these is the Spence Bridge’s expected completion in Summer 2024 and the Gelderd Bridge’s completion in Spring 2024.

The programme also includes ambitious plans for the Wellington Road Bridge, with the removal of the existing bridge and construction of a new structure slated for Autumn/Winter 2024/25. These timelines are contingent upon final design approvals, a reminder of the regulatory and logistical complexities inherent in urban infrastructure projects.

Councillor Helen Hayden, Leeds City Council’s executive member for infrastructure and sustainable development, underscored the significance of these works. “It was fantastic that we replaced Gelderd Road footbridge in a single weekend in January, an amazing achievement by the project team and contractors,” she commented. Highlighting the importance of public cooperation, Councillor Hayden further stated, “Please plan ahead after the Easter weekend on the nights of the 2, 3, and 10 April and follow the short road diversions in place.”

The councillor’s appeal for public patience reflects the council’s awareness of the impact such projects can have on the daily lives of residents. Nevertheless, the transformative changes promised by the completion of these bridges are poised to greatly enhance the cityscape for pedestrians and cyclists alike, offering safer and more convenient passage across the gyratory.

Important Notes for Residents and Motorists

Advisories play a crucial role in keeping the public informed and ensuring safety during construction. As such, a few key points are worth reiterating for those navigating the affected areas:

  • Diversion for Foot Traffic: Pedestrians and those using mobility aids should note that a diversion will remain in effect until Summer 2024. This is to facilitate the construction of new bridges, including the Armley Gyratory footway.

  • Weather-Dependent Work Schedule: The construction activities are subject to weather conditions, which could lead to schedule adjustments. Residents are encouraged to stay updated on any changes that may arise.

  • Project Coordination: The works are carefully planned and coordinated across various city zones, including coordination with National Highways to mitigate the overall impact on travel within Leeds.

In conclusion, the concluding phases of the Gelderd Road footbridge construction signify a positive stride towards improved urban mobility in Leeds. Residents and motorists are advised to remain attentive to road closure schedules, to plan their travel accordingly during the affected periods, and to stay abreast of project developments through official channels. The concerted efforts of all parties involved are set to culminate in a more accessible and convenient city infrastructure, ultimately benefiting the community at large.

  • The southbound A643 at Armley Gyratory will be closed on the nights of 2 April, 3 April, and 10 April from 8pm to 5:30am for final works on Gelderd Road footbridge.
  • Motorists can follow a 5.5-mile diversion during the road closures and check for updates.
  • Leeds City Council scheduled the works during the Easter school holidays to take advantage of reduced traffic volumes.
  • The Armley Gyratory scheme aims to provide substantial improvements for pedestrians and cyclists with new accessible footbridges.
  • Phase two of the Armley structure programme includes significant developments like the completion of the Spence Bridge and the Gelderd Bridge by 2024.

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