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Mint Warehouse, established in 2012, is the larger sibling of the well-loved Mint Club. This venue has faced challenges in the past due to its location outside the city, as it was known as Kerbcrawler and The Factory. Nonetheless, the Mint Club team successfully transformed Mint Warehouse into a flourishing and highly-regarded nightclub in Leeds.

The Return of Speedqueen Party

On Saturday, April 16th, 2016, the renowned Speedqueen Party made its triumphant return to Mint Warehouse. Speedqueen is celebrated as one of Leeds’ biggest club nights, featuring fantastic funky house music and an energetic atmosphere.

Venue Features

The main room of Mint Warehouse, painted in mint green, offers a spacious setup with several columns around the dance floor, providing a raw warehouse ambiance. A colossal Funktion One sound system, along with an impressive lighting rig and CO2 jets, creates an electric atmosphere. The smaller second room is also equipped with Funktion One sound, emphasizing Mint Warehouse’s dedication to high-quality audio. Additionally, the venue boasts a vast courtyard that has hosted day and night terrace parties organized by System, Louche, and Set One Twenty, among others. The courtyard features raised wooden decking and a marquee that can cover the entire area, allowing the venue to host remarkable parties in any weather.

Event Variety

Mint Warehouse hosts various brands similar to Mint Club, but its larger size offers an entirely different experience. While Mint Club provides an intimate setting, Mint Warehouse can create a massive festival atmosphere. The venue has expanded its house and techno offerings, including Circular, Prism, and the popular drum & bass event Jungle Jam.

Speedqueen’s Warehouse Revival

After an extended hiatus, the legendary Speedqueen returned to The Warehouse. The club underwent a refurbishment with new bars, a Funktion One sound system, and impressive lighting rigs, resulting in a stunning transformation. The last party sold out in a mere 6 hours, and the atmosphere was reminiscent of an old-school dance event.

The upcoming Desires-themed party will feature a playful blend of house music catering to the diverse types of individuals who make up Speedqueen’s vibrant crowd.

Ticket Information

Tickets for Speedqueen events at Mint Warehouse go on sale on Saturday, July 23rd, at 12:00 pm. You can purchase them through The Warehouse Leeds website or Crash Records in Leeds. For more information and updates, visit the Warehouse Leeds Facebook page.

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