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The Staycation Festival in Leeds combines classic films, live music, and themed culinary experiences at a Grade-II listed venue, offering film tickets from £8 and multi-course meals starting at £28. With famous chefs leading Food Experiences, the festival promises a celebration of film, flavor, and conversation for film lovers and foodies alike.

What is the Staycation Festival in Leeds?

The Staycation Festival in Leeds is a summer event that combines classic film screenings with live music and themed culinary experiences. Taking place at the Grade-II listed venue, it offers film tickets from £8 and multi-course meals starting at £28. The festival includes Food Experiences with famous chefs, promising a celebration of film, flavor, and conversation for film lovers and foodies alike.

An Extravagant Fusion of Film and Flavor

“Kino,” the name itself evokes a sense of cinematic charm, reminiscent of a bygone era. This summer, the Grade-II listed venue is set to host the inaugural Staycation Festival, a celebration that marries the art of film with the culinary arts in the heart of Leeds. The festival is an invitation to indulge in an immersive experience where classic films, live music, and exquisite dining converge.

Picture this: a series of classic films screened within the Howard Assembly Room, each promising a journey to iconic destinations, brought to life with complementary live music performances. The gastronomic journey doesn’t end there; Kino will serve three-course menus, ingeniously crafted to reflect the film’s locale. Prices are designed to cater to all, with two-course meals starting at £28, and a full three-course indulgence, accompanied by a glass of prosecco, priced at £38. For the cinematically inclined, film tickets are reasonably offered from £8, a modest fee for a chance to traverse the world through the silver screen.

The festival’s lineup boasts an array of thematic evenings. The Italian classic Roman Holiday kicks off the event, its screening paired with an Italian feast and Neapolitan melodies courtesy of Opera North’s Chorus members. This is followed by a patriotic nod to Thelma & Louise on Independence Day, complete with Americana tunes and a U.S.-themed menu. As the weekend unfolds, a Greek-inspired menu sets the stage for a Mamma Mia! singalong—a treat for any ABBA enthusiast.

Conversations and Cuisine with Culinary Icons

Imagine dining under the same roof as some of the most revered names in the culinary world, engaged in conversations that unravel the tapestry of their gastronomical journey. This dream becomes a reality at the Staycation Festival, where Kino extends an unparalleled opportunity to join the tables of celebrated chefs and food writers. From Marco Pierre White’s storied career to the delightful anecdotes of Grace Dent and Nigel Slater, the festival offers a series of Food Experiences that transcend the typical dining affair.

The events are more than just a meal; they are a storytelling session, a glimpse into the minds and palates of the food industry’s pioneers. Marco Pierre White, Leeds’ own legendary chef, inaugurates the series with a lunch and dinner event, sharing tales of transformation from his infamous beginnings to becoming a respected figure in the culinary landscape. Following suit, the summer sees an illustrious roll call including Nigel Slater, Grace Dent, Bee Wilson, and Angela Clutton, each bringing their unique flavor to the table.

Running from mid-June through to August, the Food Experiences weave a tapestry of laughter, learning, and culinary delights. With prices varying from £60 to £150, and the promise of an intimate setting, these events are expected to be in high demand. As such, securing tickets in advance is not just recommended but essential for enthusiasts eager to partake in these exclusive gatherings. The full program can be explored through the Staycation Festival’s lineup.

The Allure of Staycation Festival

As the city of Leeds prepares for a summer punctuated by the delights of the Staycation Festival, the anticipation amongst film aficionados and food enthusiasts is palpable. Kino’s transformation from a former cinema to a “shrine to all things gastronomy,” under the guidance of Head Chef Josh Whitehead, promises a festival that is anything but ordinary. This event is a celebration of sensory exploration—a chance to taste the world without venturing beyond the city’s borders.

The Staycation Festival’s allure is multifaceted. It beckons families with a special matinee of Ratatouille complete with a fittingly themed menu and a jazz performance. The French flair continues with An American in Paris, celebrated through French cuisine and the timeless tunes of Gershwin. The climax of this cinematic feast is the screening of Richard Linklater’s revered Before trilogy, accompanied by an antipasti box designed to savor amidst the unfolding romance onscreen.

Kino’s Staycation Festival is not just an event; it’s a cultural sojourn that captures the essence of Leeds’ vibrant art and food scene. It is a testament to the city’s commitment to offering unique experiences that celebrate the richness of life through film, food, and conversation. The Staycation Festival is poised to become a staple in the cultural calendar of Leeds, inviting both locals and visitors to partake in its inaugural celebration of the senses.

  • The Staycation Festival in Leeds combines classic film screenings, live music, and themed culinary experiences at a Grade-II listed venue.
  • Film tickets start at £8 and multi-course meals at £28, with famous chefs leading Food Experiences at the festival.
  • The festival promises a celebration of film, flavor, and conversation for film lovers and foodies alike.
  • The festival offers an immersive experience with classic films, live music, and themed menus reflecting the film’s locale.
  • Staycation Festival in Leeds is a cultural sojourn celebrating film, food, and conversation, aiming to become a staple in the city’s cultural calendar.

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