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Tattu, a renowned restaurant in Leeds, becomes a winter wonderland from February 9th to 24th, with vibrant red cherry blossoms symbolizing love. Guests can enjoy a romantic dining experience, indulging in exclusive dim sum and a “Devotion” sharing cocktail, with a chance to win Laurent-Perrier Rosé in a Hong Bao envelope.

Is Tattu the Most Romantic Restaurant in Leeds for a Winter Date?

Tattu transforms into a winter wonderland from the 9th to the 24th of February, offering a romantic dining experience with red cherry blossoms symbolizing love. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a “Devotion” sharing cocktail and exclusive dim sum, and possibly win Laurent-Perrier Rosé in a Hong Bao envelope. Book early for a memorable evening.

Enchanting Cherry Blossoms Turn Red

As the seasons shift, Tattu, an already renowned dining destination in Leeds, embarks on a transformation that captures the essence of winter romance. From the 9th to the 24th of February 2024, guests are invited to witness the iconic cherry blossoms’ metamorphosis, as they bloom in vibrant shades of red, symbolising passion and prosperity. The restaurant’s dedication to creating an atmosphere of love and celebration aligns with the Chinese Lunar New Year and culminates in the joyous Lantern Festival.

The allure of Tattu’s environment is undeniable. Upon entry, visitors are enveloped in an ambiance crafted through dim mood lighting, gentle music, and service that anticipates every need. The shift in decor is designed to accentuate the restaurant’s romantic appeal, perfectly timed for two significant occasions: the welcoming of the wood dragon’s year and the universally celebrated day of love, Valentine’s Day.

Credit: Tattu

In anticipation of these festivities, Tattu introduces a series of exclusive dishes. The beginning of the celebrations is marked by a culinary innovation – the crispy duck money bag dim sum, a dish meant to usher in good fortune. These bite-sized delights encapsulate the harmony of smoked duck with the zest of orange and the kick of chilli. For those with a preference for plant-based options, the smoked mushroom dim sum serves as an exquisite alternative.

A Valentine’s Day to Remember

The heartbeat of Tattu’s seasonal offerings quickens on the 14th of February, a night dedicated to passion and intimate dining experiences. Couples are welcomed to engage in an extravagant feast, a testament to Tattu’s ability to craft occasions that linger in the memory. The Valentine’s Day and Night spectacular is an invitation to indulge in a sensory journey, one that intertwines the opulence of Chinese cuisine, the art of mixology, and an atmosphere that exudes romance.

Credit: Tattu

Diners set the tone of their evening with the “Devotion” cocktail, a concoction blended for sharing. The ingredients tell a tale of love: Laurent-Perrier Rosé, Bombay Gin, Amaretto, and a mélange of cherry and chocolate flavours. This sharing cocktail is not just a drink, it’s a promise, a prelude to an evening of connection and affection. With each sip, guests find themselves enveloped in the strength and sweetness of the mix, a concoction designed to spark romance.

Adding to the night’s allure are the Hong Bao envelopes accompanying each Devotion cocktail. In a nod to Chinese New Year traditions, these red envelopes aim to bestow happiness and good fortune. Hidden inside select envelopes are golden tickets, offering patrons the chance to win glasses or bottles of Laurent-Perrier Rosé. This element of surprise and chance enhances the romantic experience, inviting diners to ponder whether the Year of the Dragon will indeed be their year of luck and love.

A Season of Love at Tattu

The Winter Romance at Tattu commences on the 9th of February and extends until the 24th. In this period, visitors can indulge in a menu curated specifically for the season’s sentiments. The exclusive offerings are a beacon for those looking to celebrate love amidst the chill of winter. Given the popularity of Tattu and the limited-time nature of these events, securing a reservation is highly advised, particularly for Valentine’s Day, which is known to attract couples seeking a uniquely romantic dining experience.

Credit: Tattu

Guests desiring to partake in Tattu’s celebration of love and tradition will find the restaurant’s attention to detail impeccable. The limited edition Dragon Kiss cocktail, a delectable blend featuring Bobby’s Gin, ODD Hibiscus, lemongrass, and pomegranate, encapsulates the spirit of the season. The culmination of the dining experience is the Year of the Dragon dessert, a marvel of confectionery that blends marshmallow, cashew butter fudge, chocolate semi-freddo, and honeycomb, all presented within a striking dragon print chocolate shell.

To book a table at Tattu during this period of festivity is to secure a place in a world where culinary artistry meets the majesty of seasonal transformation. As the winter chill lingers over Leeds, the warmth of Tattu’s embrace offers a haven of romance and taste, inviting lovers and friends alike to create memories that will outlast the season.

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  • Tattu in Leeds transforms into a winter wonderland from February 9th to 24th, with red cherry blossoms symbolizing love.
  • Guests can enjoy a romantic dining experience with exclusive dim sum and a “Devotion” sharing cocktail.
  • There is a chance to win Laurent-Perrier Rosé in a Hong Bao envelope.
  • The restaurant offers limited-edition dishes, such as crispy duck money bag dim sum and smoked mushroom dim sum.
  • The Valentine’s Day and Night spectacular includes a special “Devotion” cocktail and Hong Bao envelopes with the chance to win prizes.

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