leeds bradford airport tour de runway race

On an exceptional day prior to the start of the Tour de France in Yorkshire, Leeds Bradford Airport witnessed its first ever runway closure for a truly unique event – the Tour de Runway race. Over 40 airport staff from various teams, including British Airways, Jet2.com, Ryanair, World Duty Free, and Multiflight participated in the 3k race to celebrate the commencement of the iconic cycling event.

A Rare Glimpse from the Sky

A select few had the privilege of watching the Tour de Runway race from a brand new £10 million Dauphin Helicopter, courtesy of Multiflight. As passengers boarded the helicopter, they were greeted with the smell of new leather and pristine headsets. After thorough safety checks and a comprehensive briefing, they were ready for the helicopter’s first-ever passenger flight.

An Exciting Takeoff

As the helicopter prepared for takeoff, passengers had to wait for a private jet to land. Rumors circulated that the jet’s passenger might have been Leeds’ very own Mel B. With eight police motorcycle escorts waiting for another flight to arrive, the airport was abuzz with anticipation for the Tour de France.

Soaring over the Tour de Runway

Once airborne, the helicopter moved smoothly and gracefully, making it feel almost as if the passengers were watching the scene through a TV simulator. As the race commenced, the view from above showed numerous yellow t-shirts, like little specks, racing towards the finish line.

A Bird’s Eye View of Leeds

Following the exhilarating spectacle of the Tour de Runway, the helicopter took passengers on a scenic tour of the city. Observing landmarks like Leeds Town Hall from above offered a unique and breathtaking perspective.

In conclusion, the Tour de Runway event at Leeds Bradford Airport was a memorable and thrilling experience, marking a distinct moment in the airport’s history.

By george