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Trinity Leeds, a prominent venue in Leeds, has adopted the ‘Ask for Angela’ safety initiative to assist patrons feeling unsafe discreetly. This scheme enables trained staff to provide necessary support with discretion, making Trinity Leeds a beacon for safety in the city.

What is the ‘Ask for Angela’ initiative at Trinity Leeds?

The ‘Ask for Angela’ initiative at Trinity Leeds allows patrons feeling unsafe to discreetly seek help by asking for ‘Angela’. Staff trained to assist will respond with necessary discretion and support. Trinity Leeds is the largest venue in Leeds to adopt this safety scheme.

A Beacon for Safety in Leeds

Trinity Leeds, the city’s renowned retail and leisure hub, has taken a monumental step in advocating for the safety of its patrons by becoming the largest ‘Ask for Angela’ venue in Leeds. On an occasion that resonates with empowerment, International Women’s Day, Trinity Leeds hosted a notable event that spotlighted the significant collaboration of key organisations across the city. Participants engaged with ‘contact pods’ designed to offer essential information regarding community support and services dedicated to women and girls.

The ‘Ask for Angela’ scheme is a groundbreaking initiative led by Leeds City Council alongside Women Friendly Leeds, under the broader Safer Leeds umbrella. Launched in November 2021, the scheme has seen rapid adoption, now encompassing over 600 venues, including night clubs, bars, restaurants, and hotels. Its expansion continues to embrace a variety of settings, aiming to provide a safe haven irrespective of the time of day. The core of the scheme enables anyone who feels unsafe to discreetly seek help by asking for ‘Angela’. Participating staff are well-equipped to respond with the necessary discretion and assistance.

Moreover, Trinity Leeds has embraced the scheme wholeheartedly, with its own staff and the establishments within its domain, such as bars and restaurants, actively participating. The future will see an extension to retailers, broadening the safety net for individuals during their shopping experiences.

WalkSafe Leeds: A Step Towards a Safer Journey

The event at Trinity Leeds also featured the promotion of the WalkSafe Leeds app, a free tool that champions inclusivity and safety. The app, while available nationally, offers a localised version for Leeds, highlighting businesses that are part of the Ask for Angela scheme. It serves as a valuable resource for people, residents, commuters, and visitors to plan safer journeys through the city.

The WalkSafe Leeds app’s integration with the Ask for Angela scheme underscores a commitment to ensuring that individuals feel secure at all times. It reflects a city-wide effort to foster an environment where safety is embedded into every aspect of urban living. The app’s presence and functionality symbolise the proactive steps taken by Leeds to ensure that safety is not merely an afterthought but a foundational element of the city’s infrastructure.

Trinity Leeds’ proactive role in the scheme was acknowledged with a certificate presented by Councillor Debra Coupar, Executive Member for Resources with responsibility for Safer Leeds. Councillor Coupar highlighted the significance of the scheme, stating, “Ensuring women and girls are safe and feel safe in our city is absolutely key to our ambition for Leeds to be the best city.” She commended the strides taken to address violence, abuse, harassment, and inappropriate behaviour towards women and girls in public spaces.

A Collective Endeavour for Community Well-being

The event also served as a platform for appreciation and recognition of the collective efforts by partner organisations. Councillor Coupar extended gratitude to Safer Leeds, West Yorkshire Police, and other collaborators for their unwavering dedication to the cause. Their focus remains sharp on introducing further initiatives to safeguard women and girls, contributing to the inclusivity and accessibility of the city’s offerings.

Steven Foster, Centre Director at Trinity Leeds, expressed pride in the partnership, saying, “We’re proud to welcome so many wonderful organisations and inspiring women, giving them the chance to spread awareness of their work in the community and how they provide valuable support for women and girls in Leeds.” His words underscored the collective ambition of Trinity Leeds and its partners to champion safety and encourage more venues to join the movement.

The event and Trinity Leeds’ engagement with the Ask for Angela scheme resonate with the broader objective of creating a secure and supportive environment for all. It stands as a testament to the city’s commitment to fostering a culture where safety is paramount, and everyone can seek assistance without hesitation.

For more information on the WalkSafe app and its features, please visit WalkSafe Leeds. Venues interested in joining the Ask for Angela initiative and being featured on the WalkSafe app can reach out via email at The collective effort towards a safer Leeds continues to gain momentum, with Trinity Leeds at the forefront of this commendable movement.

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  • Trinity Leeds has adopted the ‘Ask for Angela’ safety initiative to assist patrons feeling unsafe discreetly.
  • The ‘Ask for Angela’ scheme is led by Leeds City Council and Women Friendly Leeds, under the Safer Leeds umbrella.
  • The initiative has rapidly expanded to over 600 venues in Leeds, including nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and hotels.
  • Trinity Leeds actively participates in the ‘Ask for Angela’ scheme, with plans to extend it to retailers for a broader safety net.
  • The event at Trinity Leeds also promoted the WalkSafe Leeds app, integrating it with the ‘Ask for Angela’ scheme for safer journeys.

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