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This summer at Tropical World, visitors can immerse themselves in the vibrant world of butterflies through the Big Butterfly Count, featuring an expanded collection and educational activities. Join the UK-wide survey, attend keeper talks, and explore the sculpture trail at Roundhay Park for a memorable experience. Visit Tropical World Leeds for more information and embrace the beauty of nature this season.

What is happening at Tropical World this summer for butterfly enthusiasts?

Tropical World is hosting the Big Butterfly Count, featuring an expanded butterfly collection and educational activities. Visitors can participate in the UK-wide butterfly survey, enjoy keeper talks, and explore Roundhay Park’s sculpture trail. For more information, visit Tropical World Leeds.

Tropical World’s Bountiful Butterflies

Tropical World beckons visitors to immerse in its vivid celebration of butterflies this summer, promising an experience that harmoniously blends education with entertainment. The attraction is poised to become a hub for the Big Butterfly Count, a UK-wide survey aimed at gauging the health of our environment. Indulging in the wonders of the Butterfly House, guests are surrounded by a diverse array of fluttering species, providing a surreal encounter with nature’s delicate artistry.

In preparation for the event, Tropical World has thoughtfully expanded its butterfly collection, introducing several new species to captivate the curiosity of enthusiasts and casual observers alike. Equipped with a Butterfly Spotter Sheet, visitors can embark on an exploratory journey through the lush mangroves, identifying the various exotic butterflies that call this habitat home. The experience is both educational and visually stunning, ensuring a memorable outing for all ages.

A special launch event in partnership with Butterfly Conservation will mark the inception of this year’s butterfly count. Set to occur on the 13th and 14th of July, the event will feature an array of family-friendly activities. Children can dive into the world of these winged beauties by crafting their own butterfly feeders, while also enjoying face painting and coloring activities that are sure to spark their creativity. Complementing the festivities, the café will serve an assortment of themed foods, adding a flavorful twist to the day’s adventures.

Education and Conservation Efforts

As advocates for environmental understanding and preservation, Tropical World is set to host daily animal keeper talks at 2pm throughout the summer holidays. These informative sessions offer visitors an in-depth look at the fascinating life cycle of butterflies and the various types they may encounter. Such efforts not only enhance public knowledge but also foster a deeper appreciation for the intricacies of these insects’ lives.

The Big Butterfly Counts extends beyond mere observation; it is a significant scientific initiative that helps monitor the pulse of the UK’s natural spaces. Running from Friday, 12th July until the 4th of August, participants are encouraged to count the butterflies they spot within a 15-minute period. Notably, the previous year’s count revealed a promising increase in butterfly populations, yet also highlighted the persistent threat to their habitats.

To facilitate participation in the nationwide count, Tropical World supplies a free Butterfly Conservation ID chart. With this tool in hand, visitors can settle beside the wildflower meadow in nearby Roundhay Park and record their sightings. This serene activity not only contributes to an important cause but also offers a tranquil retreat amidst the bustling summer season.

Roundhay Park’s Natural and Artistic Beauty

Roundhay Park, just a stone’s throw from Tropical World, serves as an idyllic setting for the butterfly count and presents a new addition this summer—the Roundhay Park sculpture trail. Beginning at the entrance on Park Lane and winding through the woods to the wildflower meadow by the Castle Folly, the trail features eight exquisite sculptures carved from felled beech trees. Local artist Shane Green, renowned for his chainsaw carving skills, has crafted each piece to represent the diverse fauna inhabiting the park, including deer, foxes, owls, squirrels, swans, and of course, butterflies.

Councillor Mohammed Rafique, Leeds City Council’s executive member for climate, energy, environment, and green space, expresses his anticipation for the upcoming season at Tropical World. He extols the Big Butterfly Count as a “wonderful initiative” and encourages community participation. Emphasizing the peaceful nature of the activity, he envisions it as a way to assess and support the local butterfly habitats.

In his further remarks, Councillor Rafique urges visitors not to miss the newly inaugurated sculpture trail. Impressed by the intricacy of the wood-carved artworks, he regards them as a marvelous enhancement to Roundhay Park’s aesthetic and educational landscape. These sculptures, alongside the butterfly count, shape a summer at Tropical World and Roundhay Park that promises to be both enlightening and enchanting.

For more information about the activities, schedules, and educational resources offered by Tropical World this summer, visit their official website at Tropical World Leeds. Whether you are a butterfly aficionado, a nature lover, or simply seeking a unique summer outing, Tropical World and Roundhay Park offer an array of experiences designed to delight the senses and enlighten the mind.

  • Tropical World is hosting the Big Butterfly Count this summer, with an expanded butterfly collection and educational activities.
  • The attraction will become a hub for the UK-wide survey to gauge the health of the environment.
  • Visitors can enjoy daily animal keeper talks at 2pm, providing insights into the life cycle of butterflies.
  • Participants in the Big Butterfly Count are encouraged to record their sightings within a 15-minute period from July 12 to August 4.
  • Roundhay Park features a new sculpture trail with eight exquisite sculptures carved from felled beech trees, representing diverse fauna including butterflies.

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