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The Underground Bakery is expanding to Leeds City Centre on Friday, 24th May 2024. Located on 7 Call Lane, it will offer a delectable array of artisan breads, pastries, and locally roasted coffee, promising an enticing experience to visitors.

When is The Underground Bakery opening in Leeds City Centre?

The Underground Bakery is opening its new venue in Leeds City Centre on Friday, 24th May 2024. It will be located at 7 Call Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 7DH and will welcome patrons Wednesday to Sunday, from 8 am to 3 pm. Expect an enticing selection of artisan breads, pastries, and locally roasted coffee.

The Underground Bakery’s Humble Beginnings

The story of The Underground Bakery is one of passion and perseverance. Marcus Fisk and Ash Lees embarked on a mission to redefine the humble loaf of bread. Their journey began in a small, inconspicuous basement in Otley, a testament to the bakery’s eventual name. Aiming for quality over quantity, they started as a wholesaler, a beacon of hope following the worldwide pandemic’s dark days. By 2022, their efforts bore fruit; the demand for their goods necessitated the opening of their first shop in Otley.

Their philosophy is simple: supermarket bread lacks the soul of true artisan baking. They maintain that if one is to indulge in the simple pleasures of breads and pastries, they should be crafted with the finest ingredients, coupled with the time and care these staples duly deserve. This core belief has been the backbone of their success, ensuring that every product they sell meets a high standard of quality and taste.

As a nod to their roots and commitment to maintaining authenticity, the owners have carefully selected the new location. The once-vibrant Bad Apples bar on Call Lane, which has been dormant for years, is now being revived. The choice of Call Lane is strategic, bridging the gap between the market town’s intimate community feel and the bustling city center’s dynamic pace.

Design and Delights at the City Centre Venue

The Underground Bakery’s new establishment is designed to stand out. Described as ‘goth chic’ by Marcus, it promises an intriguing ambiance with its black ceiling, sophisticated chandeliers, and warm yellow lighting. This aesthetic choice reflects their desire to offer a unique experience to city dwellers. During the renovation, a historical layer of the building was uncovered – the original mosaic flooring, which they preserved to add character to the venue.

Their menu’s variety is like a siren call for pastry enthusiasts and bread lovers alike. Classics such as almond croissants and savoury danishes sit comfortably alongside their ever-changing roster of specials. From the likes of biscoff rocky road to olive and chipotle sourdough loaves, their offerings are both a delight for the taste buds and a feast for the eyes. The star of their menu, however, is the cruffin, a crowd favorite that comes in an array of rotating flavors.

When asked about his personal preferences, Marcus shared, “Bread wise, my favorite is the wholemeal and rye. Pastry wise, quite classic, but I do like a pan au chocolat.” This insight into the owners’ favorites further personalizes the experience at The Underground Bakery, allowing customers to feel a connection with the creators of their delicious treats.

A New Destination for Freshly Baked Goods

The Underground Bakery has already carved out a niche for itself with its original Otley shop. Now, they are set to become a city center staple with their second venue. Those meandering down Call Lane on a lazy Sunday morning are likely to find themselves in a queue, tempted by the aroma of freshly baked bread and the promise of rich, aromatic coffee from Casa Espresso.

Their doors will open to the public on Friday, 24th May 2024, welcoming patrons from 8 am to 3 am, Wednesday to Sunday. The address to mark down is The Underground Bakery, 7 Call Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 7DH. One might want to plan an early visit, as their delicious offerings are expected to sell out quickly – a testament to their growing popularity and the high demand for quality baked goods in the heart of Leeds.

With the opening of this new venue, The Underground Bakery is set to offer a slice of Otley’s market town charm to the Leeds city center. Patrons can look forward to enjoying the same level of quality and care that has become synonymous with the name, amidst an ambiance that marries the old-world charm with contemporary chic.

  • The Underground Bakery is opening its new venue in Leeds City Centre on Friday, 24th May 2024, offering artisan breads, pastries, and locally roasted coffee at 7 Call Lane.
  • The bakery founders, Marcus Fisk and Ash Lees, started in a basement in Otley, prioritizing quality over quantity, and have now expanded to a second location in Leeds City Centre.
  • The new location on Call Lane features a ‘goth chic’ design with a black ceiling, chandeliers, and preserved mosaic flooring, offering a unique ambiance to visitors.
  • The menu at The Underground Bakery includes classics like almond croissants and their star item, the cruffin, in rotating flavors, ensuring a delightful experience for pastry and bread lovers.
  • With a focus on quality ingredients and a commitment to artisan baking, The Underground Bakery aims to bring a slice of Otley’s charm to the bustling city center of Leeds, attracting patrons with the aroma of freshly baked goods and rich coffee.

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