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Residents and visitors in Leeds have an exciting list of new establishments to look forward to, including Rileys American Pool & Snooker Club, Nice Things Plant Shop, Tortilla at Leeds Train Station, Honi Poke in Trinity Leeds, Fruit & Veg On the Go store, Caffe Brigante, and the return of Wilko to Birstall Retail Park. These upcoming openings promise to add a fresh touch of leisure, greenery, culinary delights, and convenience to the vibrant city of Leeds, enhancing its appeal for all.

What new establishments are opening soon in Leeds?

Leeds is set to welcome a variety of new establishments, including:

  1. Rileys American Pool & Snooker Club for cue sports enthusiasts.
  2. Nice Things Plant Shop, a plant lover’s haven.
  3. Tortilla at Leeds Train Station offering authentic Mexican cuisine.
  4. Honi Poke in Trinity Leeds with Hawaiian poke bowls.
  5. Fruit & Veg On the Go store with fresh produce and a smoothie bar.
  6. Caffe Brigante serving Italian coffee and desserts.
  7. Wilko’s return to Birstall Retail Park for household goods.
  8. MALT Bar & Deli, a gourmet food and wine destination.

Leeds is a city in perpetual motion, constantly evolving and welcoming new ventures to its diverse landscape. In the coming months, residents and visitors alike can look forward to a slew of remarkable new establishments set to open their doors. From the return of a beloved household retailer to the introduction of fresh culinary experiences, Leeds is poised to enhance its offerings across various sectors, much to the delight of its denizens.

A New Era of Leisure with Rileys American Pool & Snooker Club

Once a familiar haunt for cue sports enthusiasts, the renowned Rileys American Pool & Snooker Club is poised to make a grand resurgence in the heart of Leeds. The former site of the Belgrave Music Hall is slated to be transformed into a haven for pool and snooker aficionados, with plans submitted to the Leeds City Council to repurpose the erstwhile Job Centre on Albion Street. The anticipated venue promises a varied selection of games, ranging from English and American pool to full-size snooker tables, alongside other engaging activities like darts, table tennis, and shuffleboard. Complementing the competitive ambiance, Rileys will offer guests the convenience of an in-house bar and a tempting menu featuring quintessential pub fare such as pizzas and burgers. The excitement is palpable as the city awaits the club’s opening later this year, ready to rekindle the camaraderie and thrill of the game.

Greenery Galore at Nice Things Plant Shop

Leeds’ Lower Briggate is set to welcome a verdant oasis with the arrival of Nice Things Plant Shop, a sanctuary for plant lovers that has already captured the hearts of Manchester’s Northern Quarter. This botanical haven is bringing its lush array of foliage and stylish pots to Leeds, aiming to replicate its success by enchanting the city’s plant enthusiasts. Beyond the allure of its green treasures, Nice Things Plant Shop is dedicated to nurturing a community of plant aficionados through engaging workshops and providing an array of accessories to ensure the health and vibrancy of your indoor garden. Early summer 2024 marks the anticipated opening of this leafy utopia, inviting urban gardeners to explore its botanical wonders.

A Taste of Mexico at Tortilla

The departure of KFC from Leeds Train Station paves the way for a new culinary player to tantalize the taste buds of commuters—Tortilla. Already a familiar name in Trinity Kitchen, Tortilla is set to elevate the station’s dining scene with its authentic Mexican fare. Specializing in generously stuffed burritos brimming with a choice of rice, vegetables, meats, and an array of salsas, Tortilla ensures that flavor is at the forefront of each meal. Not to be overlooked, their salads and tacos also stand as testaments to the brand’s commitment to freshness and zest. Anticipation is high for Tortilla to begin serving its Mexican delights later this year, promising to add a burst of flavor to the daily hustle and bustle of Leeds Station.

Honi Poke Brings Hawaiian Flavors to Leeds

The city center of Leeds is on the cusp of embracing the poke bowl trend with the introduction of Honi Poke, a dedicated eatery that celebrates the Hawaiian culinary staple. Combining proteins like raw fish with an assortment of vibrant toppings such as spring onions, edamame beans, pickled cucumber, sesame seeds, and crispy onions, poke bowls are a symphony of health and taste. Honi Poke, already a sensation with 17 locations in London and one in Manchester, will extend its reach to Leeds, offering signature bowls featuring yellowfin tuna, Scottish salmon, as well as chicken and vegetarian options. For those feeling adventurous, the establishment also encourages patrons to craft their own personalized bowls. Positioned in Trinity Leeds, the opening of Honi Poke later this year is highly anticipated by health-conscious and flavor-seeking individuals alike.

Fresh and Convenient with Fruit & Veg On the Go

Transitioning from a mobile service to a physical storefront, Fruit & Veg On the Go is set to expand its operations with a new shop on Marsh Street in Rothwell. Having successfully operated as a delivery service offering various sizes of fruit and vegetable bags to Leeds’ suburbs, the brand is now elevating its presence with a brick-and-mortar location. Patrons will have the opportunity to hand-pick their produce or opt for the convenience of pre-packed selections, with the added bonus of an in-house smoothie bar. This summer, the establishment aims to become a go-to destination for those seeking fresh, healthy, and convenient food options.

Caffe Brigante Celebrates Italian Flavors

Italian cuisine aficionados can revel in the imminent opening of Caffe Brigante, a new independent Italian cafe and bar gracing Hunslet Road on the South Bank. Just a stone’s throw from The Tetley, Caffe Brigante is set to infuse the area with the essence of Mediterranean living. Patrons can look forward to high-quality coffee, an array of homemade panini, and a delectable selection of Italian desserts, including five distinct variations of homemade tiramisu. The cafe’s opening, slated for later this year, has been eagerly awaited for over a year, as it promises to deliver an authentic taste of Italy to the heart of Leeds.

The Return of Wilko to Birstall Retail Park

In a welcome turn of events, Wilko is poised to make a triumphant comeback to Leeds. After facing financial difficulties in 2023, the retailer was acquired by CDS Superstores (owners of The Range), who pledged to reintroduce the brand to towns and cities across the UK. Leeds is set to join the ranks of locations where Wilko has been revived, with a new store earmarked for Birstall Retail Park. Shoppers can once again look forward to a one-stop shop for an array of goods, from toiletries and DIY essentials to snacks and household supplies. The store’s opening, expected later this year, is highly anticipated by those eager to revisit the convenience and variety that Wilko offers.

MALT Bar & Deli: A New Gourmet Destination

The residents of Sherburn-in-Elmet are in for a treat as MALT Bar & Deli prepares to launch later in the year. Though details are still emerging, MALT is set to become a cornerstone of the community, offering a stylish setting to enjoy quality food and drink. The venue will feature a curated selection of wines, locally-sourced coffee, and an assortment of gourmet meats, cheeses, and bread. Located on Low Street next to Tesco Express, MALT promises to be a welcome addition to the town’s culinary scene, serving as a perfect spot for both casual gatherings and epicurean indulgence.

  • Rileys American Pool & Snooker Club is set to open in Leeds, offering a haven for cue sports enthusiasts.
  • Nice Things Plant Shop is bringing a lush array of foliage and stylish pots to Lower Briggate in Leeds.
  • Tortilla will offer authentic Mexican cuisine at Leeds Train Station, replacing KFC.
  • Honi Poke is introducing Hawaiian poke bowls to Trinity Leeds, featuring a variety of fresh ingredients.
  • Fruit & Veg On the Go is expanding to a physical storefront in Rothwell, offering fresh produce and a smoothie bar.

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