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Whitelock’s & Turk’s Head Beer Festival in Leeds celebrates local breweries from June 20th to 23rd, 2024. Free entry, diverse beer tastings, collectible pint glasses, and historical Heritage Tales make it a must-visit for beer enthusiasts. Cheers to Leeds’ finest brews and culinary delights at this vibrant festival!

What is the Whitelock’s & Turk’s Head Beer Festival?

The Whitelock’s & Turk’s Head Beer Festival is a free-entry event at Whitelock’s in Leeds, celebrating the city’s brewing heritage. From 20th to 23rd June 2024, it features local breweries, a tasting journey with diverse beer servings, collectible pint glasses, branded merchandise, and a historical experience with Heritage Tales. Enjoy Leeds’ finest beers and culinary delights.

Celebrating Leeds’ Brewing Heritage

The very heart of Leeds’ vibrant drinking culture beats in an age-old establishment known as Whitelock’s. This historical public house, nestled discreetly off Briggate, has been a social cornerstone since 1715. In keeping with its longstanding tradition of community engagement, Whitelock’s is once again the hub for the Whitelock’s & Turk’s Head Beer Festival. From Thursday 20th to Sunday 23rd June 2024, Whitelock’s throws open its doors, inviting patrons to a free-entry celebration of Leeds’ brewing prowess.

The annual Whitelock’s & Turk’s Head Beer Festival, having first poured its delights in 2016, has cemented its reputation as a must-attend event. This year’s theme, ‘Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!’, is a clarion call to all who take pride in the city’s brewing scene. Festival-goers can anticipate a curated selection of beverages from some of Leeds’ most beloved breweries. It’s not just about the beer; it’s a festival that encapsulates the city’s spirit, unity, and heritage.

As a beacon of the Leeds community, Whitelock’s ethos of heartfelt service and local pride makes it an ideal setting for such a gathering. The festival is more than just a tasting event; it’s a homage to the breweries, pubs, and the very ethos of Leeds. For those whose passions include finely crafted ales and the rich tapestry of Leeds’ culture, there is truly no better place to be.

A Tasting Journey Through Leeds’ Breweries

The festival guarantees a taste for everyone’s palate, offering beer servings in thirds, schooners, or full pints. For the adventurous, the third-measure servings are the perfect vessel for a diverse tasting journey. Among the notable breweries, Amity and Anthology stand out with their collaborative brews, designed to capture the essence of summer. Eccentric tastes will be catered to by Tartarus’ unique creations, while Piglove, Meanwood, Bini, and Bosun’s offer their own distinctive flavors to the mix.

The list of participating breweries reads like a who’s who of the local brewing scene. Northern Monk, Kirkstall, and North Brewing Co. will be serving up fan favorites, ensuring that attendees have the opportunity to revel in well-loved classics alongside the exciting newcomers. It’s a challenging task to decide where to start, but part of the festival’s charm lies in the freedom to explore without boundaries.

Beyond the beer, attendees will have the chance to take home a piece of the festival. Each will be provided with a specially-designed pint glass emblazoned with ‘Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!’. These are not just functional but collectible items, and guests are encouraged to take them home as a souvenir of the experience. Furthermore, for the first time, Whitelock’s will unveil a limited range of branded merchandise including t-shirts, totes, and caps.

A Glimpse into Whitelock’s Rich History and Culinary Delights

While the beer is a substantial draw, Whitelock’s offers an immersive historical experience with their Heritage Tales event. Scheduled for Thursday 20th June 2024, the evening is a ticketed affair hosted by Mike Hampshire, founder of Tours of Leeds. Attendees will be regaled with stories unearthed from media archives, recounting the pub’s storied past. Complementing the tales of yesteryear, participants will enjoy five thirds of selected beers, served in the festival’s signature glass.

The festival is also an opportunity to indulge in Whitelock’s renowned culinary offerings. The new summer menu promises to be a perfect companion to the beers on tap. From classic ploughman’s boards to hearty beef & ale pies, the food options are designed to enhance the beer-tasting experience. Whether one is in the mood for a gourmet burger or traditional fish and chips, Whitelock’s kitchen ensures that all cravings are satisfied.

The Whitelock’s & Turks Head Beer Festival takes over from Thursday 20th to Sunday 23rd June 2024, with varied timings across the four days to cater to every schedule. The event promises to be a celebration not just of the city’s brewing artistry but also of the enduring community spirit that Whitelock’s has fostered for over three centuries. Engage with the festival from 4 pm to midnight on Thursday, 12 pm to midnight Friday and Saturday, and 12 pm to 11 pm on Sunday. Entry is free, making it an accessible event for all to explore and enjoy the best of Leeds’ beer culture.

  • The Whitelock’s & Turk’s Head Beer Festival in Leeds celebrates local breweries from June 20th to 23rd, 2024.
  • The festival offers free entry, diverse beer tastings, collectible pint glasses, branded merchandise, and historical Heritage Tales.
  • Whitelock’s, a historical pub since 1715, is the heart of Leeds’ drinking culture and the ideal setting for the festival.
  • Attendees can enjoy a tasting journey with beers from popular Leeds breweries like Northern Monk, Kirkstall, and North Brewing Co.
  • In addition to beer, guests can explore Whitelock’s rich history and culinary delights during the festival.

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