#ilovelive stage crew

Stagehand’s #ILoveLive campaign aims to provide financial help to those who are often overlooked during this pandemic – the stage crew. These unsung heroes of the live entertainment world are essential to the success of shows, and they are in dire need of our support.

The Plight of Stage Crew during the Pandemic

Covid-19 has had a devastating impact on the entire music industry, but the effects are particularly felt by stage techs, sound engineers, guitar techs, keyboard techs, drum techs, stage managers, production managers, tour managers, and other live support personnel. Since March, there have been no shows, which has caused a significant loss of income for these workers.

Moreover, many stage crew members have found themselves ineligible for government financial aid, leaving them in desperate need of assistance. The pandemic has also taken a toll on their mental health, making it crucial to support them during these challenging times.

The #ILoveLive Campaign: How You Can Help

To help raise money for the Stagehand charity and support stage crew members this winter, the #ILoveLive campaign is offering a pair of exclusive VIP Guest Tickets for you and a friend to either Reading or Leeds across the bank holiday weekend. This prize draw fundraising campaign aims to aid stage crew workers and bring attention to their plight.

Exclusive VIP Guest Tickets

By donating to the #ILoveLive campaign, you have the chance to win VIP Guest Tickets and enjoy a memorable live music experience. These tickets are not only an excellent opportunity to attend either the Reading or Leeds festival, but they also serve as a way to show your support and make a difference in the lives of stage crew workers.

The Importance of Supporting Stage Crew

Stage crew are the backbone of live entertainment, and without their dedication and hard work, shows would not be possible. Despite their vital role, stage crew members have been largely overlooked and forgotten during the pandemic. By supporting the #ILoveLive campaign, we can raise awareness about their situation, provide financial assistance, and potentially save lives. It is our responsibility to stand by these unsung heroes in their time of need.

To learn more about Stagehand’s #ILoveLive campaign and how you can contribute, please visit Stagehand’s website.

By george