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Yorkshire’s winter walks offer breathtaking views and unique experiences. From the Haworth Circular in Brontë country to the Yorkshire Coast Circular in Saltburn-by-the-Sea, these walks showcase the picturesque landscapes of God’s Own County.

What are the best winter walks in Yorkshire?

Yorkshire is known for its scenic winter walks. Top routes include:

  1. The Haworth Circular – 7 miles through Brontë country.
  2. The Railway Trail at Hardcastle Crags – A 3-mile family walk.
  3. The Malham Tarn Circular – 11.5 miles in the Yorkshire Dales.
  4. The Yorkshire Coast Circular – 4.5 miles around Saltburn-by-the-Sea.
  5. The Yorkshire Matterhorn Circular – 7 miles to Roseberry Topping.
  6. Raydale and Semer Water – 9 miles around a lesser-known gem.
  7. The Keld and Ravenseat Circular – 9.5 miles from Britain’s highest pub.
  8. Baildon to Ilkley – 8 miles with refreshments en route.
  9. Whernside and Ribblehead Circular – 9 miles, ascending Yorkshire’s highest peak.
  10. The Hutton-le-Hole and Lastingham Circular – A serene 4-mile ramble.

Each walk offers unique views and experiences of Yorkshire’s winter landscape.

As the winter season takes hold, the countryside of Yorkshire transforms into a breathtaking canvas of frost-kissed scenery. For those who favour the crunch of snow underfoot and the crisp, cold air filling their lungs, Yorkshire’s winter walks are a delightful venture. From idyllic countryside trails to rugged coastal paths, we explore some of the most picturesque winter walks in God’s Own County.

The Haworth Circular

Amidst the backdrop of the Brontë sisters’ literary works, the Haworth Circular is a 7-mile journey through the enchanting landscapes that inspired classics like “Wuthering Heights.” As you traverse Penistone Hill Country Park, you will encounter the flowing becks and crisp moorland leading to the Brontë Waterfall. The quintessence of the trek is Top Withens, the presumed inspiration for Emily Brontë’s famous novel. Upon returning, consider a visit to the Haworth Steam Brewing Co. to sample their local brews – a perfect end to your walk. The starting point is St Michael & All Angels Church, found at BD22 0HB. Explore the Haworth Circular route here.

The Railway Trail at Hardcastle Crags

Perfect for families and leisurely walkers, the Railway Trail at Hardcastle Crags offers a 3-mile stroll with riverside views that captivate the senses in the wintertime. Starting at Gibson Mill, this walk weaves through the valley, revealing the historic remnants of Hell Hole Quarry and the impressive stone stanchions of a bygone railway bridge. Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast or just a lover of serene landscapes, the return through Walshaw Wood is sure to delight. Make time for a warming brew at Gibson Mill before your journey home. The starting location is Gibson Mill at HX7 7AP. Check out the more detailed Railway Trail route here.

The Malham Tarn Circular

For those seeking a lengthier stroll, the 11.5-mile Malham Tarn Circular winds through the snow-dusted Yorkshire Dales. From the vicinity of Malham Tarn, follow the limestone tracks down to Littondale and wander across Hawkswick Clowden. Take a moment at Arncliffe to visit The Falcon Arms, a welcoming spot for refreshment. The trail eventually leads back to the starting point at Street Gate, near England’s highest freshwater lake, Malham Tarn. Those embarking on this scenic winter walk can start at BD24 9PT. Here’s the route for the Malham Tarn Circular.

The Yorkshire Coast Circular

The Yorkshire Coast offers a special charm during winter, especially in the quaint town of Saltburn-by-the-Sea. This 4.5-mile circular walk begins on the pier and takes you along the Cleveland Way, where you might spot winter wildflowers or even a seal. Along the way, landmarks like Richard Farrington’s Charm Bracelet sculpture and the Guibal Fan House stand as testaments to the region’s past. Upon reaching Warsett Hill, the panoramic views are unrivaled. Warm up afterwards at The Ship Inn, located near the walk’s starting point at TS12 1BY. Discover the Yorkshire Coast Circular route here.

The Yorkshire Matterhorn Circular

A spectacular 7-mile walk awaits at The Yorkshire Matterhorn, where woodlands meet heather moorland. The ascent to Roseberry Topping offers rewarding vistas, succeeded by a trek across Great Ayton Moor to the Captain Cook Monument. The Royal Oak pub in Great Ayton offers a well-earned respite. Begin this adventure at High Green Car Park, Great Ayton, TS9 6BJ. View the Yorkshire Matterhorn Circular path here.

Raydale and Semer Water

Raydale, a lesser-known yet equally captivating area, is showcased in a 9-mile walk encompassing Semer Water and Roman roads. Start in Bainbridge and ascend to Worton Pasture, then enjoy a serene break by Semer Water. Raydale Preserves in Stalling Busk provides an ideal lunch stop before the return across the moors. Complete your excursion with a visit to The Rose and Crown, and start your adventure at DL8 3EH. Explore the Raydale and Semer Water route.

The Keld and Ravenseat Circular

Embark on a 9.5-mile exploration from the Tan Hill Inn, Britain’s highest pub. Pass Nine Standards Rigg and the River Swale, pausing at the Keld Waterfalls and Ravenseat Farm. Your return to The Tan Hill Inn, at DL11 6ED, concludes a day of picturesque winter beauty. Check out the Keld and Ravenseat Circular.

Baildon to Ilkley

This 8-mile journey between Baildon and Ilkley reveals some of Yorkshire’s finest countryside. With stops like The Cow and Calf pub, it’s an ideal walk for those who enjoy a little refreshment en route. You’ll want to catch a train back from Ilkley, starting your walk at BD17 6LX. View the Baildon to Ilkley trail here.

Whernside and Ribblehead Circular

For a challenge, ascend Whernside, Yorkshire’s highest peak, on this 9-mile walk. Starting at Dent Station, LA10 5RF, enjoy the vistas, pass the Ribblehead Viaduct, and finish at The Station Inn. Discover the Whernside and Ribblehead Circular route.

The Hutton-le-Hole and Lastingham Circular

A serene 4-mile ramble between two picturesque villages awaits those who walk the Hutton-le-Hole and Lastingham Circular. Marvel at the open-air Ryedale Folk Museum and enjoy a reprieve at The Crown Inn after starting at YO62 6UB. Explore the Hutton-le-Hole and Lastingham Circular.

These winter walks in Yorkshire offer more than just a chance to stretch one’s legs; they provide a window into the soul of this historic region. As you take on these trails, you are not just a spectator but a part of the ever-changing tapestry of Yorkshire’s natural beauty.

  • Yorkshire offers scenic winter walks that showcase the picturesque landscapes of the region.
  • Top winter walks in Yorkshire include the Haworth Circular, the Railway Trail at Hardcastle Crags, the Malham Tarn Circular, the Yorkshire Coast Circular, and the Yorkshire Matterhorn Circular.
  • Each walk offers unique views and experiences of Yorkshire’s winter landscape, from enchanting landscapes that inspired literary works to panoramic views of the coast and moorland.
  • These winter walks in Yorkshire provide an opportunity to experience the beauty of the region’s countryside and coastline during the winter season.
  • The starting points for these walks are located in various towns and villages in Yorkshire, with options for refreshments and attractions along the way.

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