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Yorkshire’s Bluebird Bakery is celebrating ‘Sourdough September’ – an initiative of the Real Bread Campaign – by giving away free pots of ‘starter’ culture and instructions on how to make your own long-fermented loaves at home.

The family-owned bakery, which has shops on York’s historic Shambles, in Malton – ‘Yorkshire’s food capital’ – and most recently in Leeds Kirkgate Market, is hoping to drum up enthusiasm for the simplicity and satisfaction of making bread at home.

The independent business will be joining hundreds of other ‘real bread’ bakeries all over the UK who are celebrating Sourdough September by taking part in a whole thirty days of free giveaways, tastings, lessons and much more – to help everyone experience and enjoy the power of sour.

Owner Al Kippax said:

“Making bread at home is a bit of a lost art for many people, but these days there is a return towards authentic food with simple ingredients and what could be simpler than sourdough? Flour, water and a little salt combine to make a loaf which needs no improvers or additives. The only thing you’ll need is time and patience.

“We will be celebrating Sourdough September by giving away free pots of the ‘starter’ needed to give rise to your sourdough, along with instructions and a follow-up online loaf ‘clinic’ where you can post loaf photos using the hashtag #sourdoughseptember and get quick feedback.”

Bluebird Bakery belongs to a family of ‘real bread’ independents and is a member of the Real Bread Campaign – meaning that its loaves meet the criteria set by the charity: long fermented, naturally yeasted and hand-shaped loaves. The bread is also baked using organic flour.

The bakery also specialises in award-winning chocolate brownies and much-lauded pastries such as the pork & fennel and spinach & chickpea rolls and it supplies many Yorkshire restaurants, shops, cafes and bars.

For more information about Sourdough September and the Real Bread Campaign visit https://www.sustainweb.org/realbread/or contact Chris Young at chris@sustainweb.org

For more information about Bluebird Bakery visit www.bluebirdbakery.co.uk or call 07878 385 969.

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