pedestrian bridge development project

Kirkstall Road Bridge Installation

A brand new 56-meter pedestrian bridge has been installed on Kirkstall Road as part of a £350 million development project. This milestone is an essential step in transforming the former dye works site into a thriving neighborhood along the river. The installation process took three days, with West Yorkshire Highways also contributing to the effort.

The bridge was manufactured in a Doncaster factory and transported in three sections. Once on-site, it was spliced together during a three-hour operation that involved a thousand-ton crane to lift and position it into place.

The Bridge’s Role in the Development

Latimer, the developer behind the project, asserts that the bridge serves as a “visual” indicator of progress on the site. It replaces a former bailey bridge, creating a north-to-south connection across the canal.

The development, located along the River Aire, will eventually provide 1,620 homes, with 500 of these designated as affordable. In addition, the new district will feature five acres of public space, including a park and a square.

Impact on Kirkstall Road and Beyond

Richard Cook, group development director at Latimer, expressed his satisfaction with the project’s progress. He stated that the Kirkstall Road development would be a “game-changer” for the area and Leeds as a whole, creating an appealing, mixed-use, tenure-blind, and sustainable community. He also noted the encouraging activity starting to take shape in the surrounding areas as a result of the development.

By george