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A New Arts and Entertainment Space

Bluebird Bakery, a popular independent bakery located at 201 Acomb Road, has announced its latest venture, Rise. This new evening event space aims to bring art exhibitions, live music, comedy, spoken word performances, and community events to the Acomb community.

With a growing presence in the region, Bluebird Bakery already operates shops in Talbot Yard, Malton, Leeds Kirkgate Market, Holmfirth, and Little Shambles in York. This latest addition further solidifies their commitment to the local community.

A Warm Welcome: The Rise Opening Event

Owners Nicky and Al Kippax welcomed their guests to Rise with an open evening event that featured photographer Andy Gaines, who captured the community enjoying the new space. According to Nicky, the upcoming weeks will see various events, including piano performances by Karl Mullen on Thursdays, guest DJs on Saturdays, alongside theatre, spoken word, and live music performances.

Delicious Food and Drinks at Rise

Rise offers a selection of baked snacks, olives, pickles, and a Yorkshire cheese board sourced by the Cheese Trader in York. The venue also serves local beers, ales, and ciders, as well as wine and Prosecco.

Nicky and Al Kippax opened their first bakery in Acomb two years ago and believe the area is perfect for a venue like Rise. They hope to create a space that reflects the lively, diverse, and friendly atmosphere of Acomb, with a strong emphasis on arts, music, spoken word, comedy, and great food.

Bluebird Bakery’s Journey and Future Plans

Celebrating their tenth anniversary, Nicky and Al Kippax started Bluebird Bakery at their kitchen table. The couple now plans to open a new bakery location at 201 York Road, Acomb, creating five new jobs. After nine months of planning during the pandemic, the bakery is projected to open in early summer.

Al, an ex-chef and baker, expressed excitement about the expansion, emphasizing that their bread-making process remains the same, using long-fermentation for their sourdough without any additives or improvers.

Bluebird Bakery currently employs approximately 15 people across its locations. With more room at the new site, the owners are looking forward to launching a rolling apprenticeship scheme.

Bluebird Bakery continues to serve its customers across its multiple locations, supplying about 50 wholesale outlets such as delis, cafes, and restaurants between Malton, York, and Leeds. To learn more about Bluebird Bakery, visit their website at

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