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How to avoid online frauds via email


Online frauds are met on a daily basis, and more than that, there are many victims who discover one day that their bank accounts have been hacked, without knowing why and how. Unfortunately, cybercrimes are growing extremely fast and offenders find lots of illegal methods to make money. Luckily, there are also methods to fight against the phenomenon and among these, there are precaution measures. However, if you are a victim of online frauds via email, it is really important to act in a fast manner and to solicit the legal advice of an experienced lawyer.


Types of frauds met on the internet


Probably the most used method to deprive someone on the internet is to ask for money. This type of fraud comes in many forms, starting from a simple email sent by a so-called friend where the fraudster desperately asks for money or related favors. This kind of email usually asks for address, name, passwords and bank accounts. There are also fake emails having complete information about a company that solicits your private information for so-called charity matters or any related requests. Other emails promise financial gains if you send your private details. You cannot, under any circumstances, reveal your private information about your personal bank account, name and address, if you do not know the person that asks for such details. The first thing to do is to make a verification and see if there is a person you know involved in such email, however, there are small chances to receive such a request from a friend, instead of a phone call. The next thing to do is to mark as spam that kind of email or delete it right away. Providing personal information via email is definitely the first step in being robbed, meaning that there are chances to see that you have no money left in your bank account. Online frauds via email might have severe consequences, especially if you provide your personal bank account.


Can I receive defence if I’m a victim of online frauds?


Yes, it is highly important to solicit legal adviceif you are a victim of online frauds. If by mistake you answered an email that solicits your personal information, including details about your bank account and find out your bank account is empty, it is recommended to see a lawyer and request legal advice in this matter if you can’t solve the issue directly with the bank. Criminal defence solicitors can help you with a lot of legal problems you may encounter in your life.

Internet frauds are considered serious crimes for which offenders can face imprisonment and or/penalties if found guilty. It is important to report the internet fraud you have been involved in, and more than that, to have a solicitor by your side who can tell you more about your rights and the ways in which you can recover, if possible, the prejudice. And above all, it is recommended to stay away from online frauds and report as spam such kind of emails that solicit your personal information, whether asking for money and promising financial gifts.

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