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REVIEW: Jeykll and Hyde at Carriageworks

We sent our theatre expert Matt Jameson down to the Carriageworks in Leeds to review Jeykll and Hyde!

The inner demons have surfaced in this dark and sinister tale brought to the stage in classic style by LIDOS. Who would have thought that Robert Louis Stevenson’s original novel could be transformed into a captivating musical? Well, here it is, Jekyll & Hyde giving a new meaning to the words guilty pleasure.

I myself had never seen the show before and really didn’t know what to expect. How can something this devilish be adapted to the stage?I was amazed with the production and how well the whole story was brought to life with a perfect mixture of music, dance and some incredible performances. We are introduced to Henry Jekyll (Robert Stott) who is obsessed with finding a cure for madness for his ill father. His obsession leads him down a very inhuman path which his fiancé Emma (Laura Ferrin) cannot understand or explain. Jekyll is Edward Hyde (Robert Stott) and wreaks havoc on the city of London, falling in love with Lucy (Harriet Chaplin), a prostitute, trying desperately to escape her hellish life.

Everyone knows the demonic fate of Henry Jekyll and the amazing transformation to Edward Hyde is portrayed brilliantly by Robert Stott. The emotion and desperation in his decent into madness himself is executed exactly throughout, you feel both sorry for him but also horror at his actions. Both Laura Ferrin and Harriet Chaplin give powerful performances illustrating the two very different classes in 19th century London. My heart went out to them all and there are certainly goose bump moments moving you at every turn. The supporting cast help bring this all to life and the whole show gives the essence of humility and what is right or wrong, do we all have a darker side? Do you?

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