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10 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Daily Calorie Intake

Adonia Dennis

10 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Daily calorie Intake Dieters have an urge to reduce calorie intake drastically during their highest levels of motivation, and with that comes the desire to cut out the entire meal as well. While cutting back on food may sound like a good idea to lose weight, keep in mind that although you will drop ...

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Get Some Fresh Air in the Parks in Leeds!

Parks in Leeds

Leeds is well known as one of the greenest cities in Europe because of its array of public green spaces including major parks, community parks, nature reserves, woodlands and public rights of way. There are 62 community parks in Leeds. These are local green spaces that contain a variety of facilities such as playgrounds, sport pitches and gardens for local ...

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The Skill to Succeed

City Dweller Magazine have teamed up with James and Joe from Sustain Nutrition to tell you how to get fit the right way! Without wanting to sound too much like a quote from The Matrix, but what if I told you that being in shape was a skill? Now what if I told you being in shape was like riding ...

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Ask Dr Jones From NuffieldHealth Leeds

Dr Jones

Leeds trained NHS/Private GP & Honorary Lecturer at Leeds School of Medicine Dr Jones presents his monthly medical column. Q) I’m a twenty five year old male and I’ve recently been suffering from really bad aching pains in my wrists and my hands for seemingly no reason. Is there anything you can advise to help with this? Dear Dweller, Without ...

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Fitness Tips from John Lane

Great Britain Athlete and British Record Holder, John Lane is back again this month to give you his fitness tips to help you get the best out of your health and fitness. Picking The Right Shoe The next time you walk into a shop to buy new running trainers, keep a few basic things in mind. Not everyone’s foot is ...

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