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The best budget-friendly restaurants in Leeds include Thai Aroy Dee, La Besi, My Thai, Pho 37, Cantina, Franco Manca, Home Chinese Restaurant, Manjit’s Kitchen, Bundobust, Mr Su’s Noodles, and Senbon Sakura. These establishments offer authentic and flavorful cuisines at affordable prices, ensuring that diners can enjoy a satisfying meal without breaking the bank. Whether it’s Thai, Italian, Southeast Asian, Vietnamese, vegan, Indian, Chinese, or Japanese food, there is something for everyone in Leeds.

What are the best budget-friendly restaurants in Leeds?

  • Thai Aroy Dee: Authentic Thai cuisine with dishes under £10.
  • La Besi: Italian fare with BYOB, pizzas starting at £9.95.
  • My Thai: Southeast Asian dishes with mains for £10 or less.
  • Pho 37: Vietnamese street food, banh mí for £6.95, Pho under £10.
  • Cantina: First all-vegan restaurant with indulgent dishes not exceeding £11.95.
  • Franco Manca: Sourdough pizzas from £6.50.
  • Home Chinese Restaurant: Classic Chinese meals and all-you-can-eat hotpot options.
  • Manjit’s Kitchen: Punjabi classics under £10, chilli paneer wrap at £7.50.
  • Bundobust: Indian small plates from £3 and lunch express menu for £9.50.
  • Mr Su’s Noodles: Authentic noodle dishes starting at £8.60.
  • Senbon Sakura: Affordable Japanese cuisine with substantial meals like soup ramen at £9.50.

Thai Aroy Dee: A Taste of Authenticity on a Budget

Leeds boasts a variety of dining options that cater to foodies looking for a bargain without compromising on quality. Among these is Thai Aroy Dee, a restaurant that has carved out a reputation for delivering authentic Thai cuisine at affordable prices. The appeal of Thai Aroy Dee lies in its commitment to offer a true taste of Thailand, with starters such as spring rolls and ‘yum tofu sord’ tantalizing the palate for under five pounds. Main courses are equally wallet-friendly, with a selection of dishes featuring vegetables, tofu, and meats, all priced under ten pounds. Specialities like ‘gang phed ped yang’—a special roast duck in red curry sauce with pineapple—demonstrate the culinary richness available to those dining on a budget.

One cannot discuss Thai Aroy Dee without mentioning its location and ambiance, situated at 120-122 Vicar Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 7NL. The venue’s cheerful atmosphere complements the dining experience, providing a backdrop where simplicity meets taste, and diners can indulge in a hearty meal for less than a tenner.

La Besi: Italian Delights with BYOB Advantage

La Besi takes the concept of budget dining a step further by combining competitively priced Italian fare with the cost-saving advantage of being a BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) establishment. This unique combination allows diners to enjoy a broader dining experience without the typical markup on alcoholic beverages. The menu is a testament to Italian culinary traditions, with dishes like ‘funghetti alia crema’ and deep-fried calamari offering a gourmet experience at a modest price point. Pizzas, a staple of Italian cuisine, start at just £9.95, while the restaurant’s Insalata Caprese is a refreshing option at £6.95.

For those seeking the quintessential Italian dining experience, La Besi, located at 211 Clarendon Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 9DT, provides an ambiance where the focus is on the food, the company, and the shared enjoyment of dining out without the stress of a hefty bill.

My Thai: Budget-Friendly Southeast Asian Cuisine

In the realm of budget restaurants, My Thai stands out as a purveyor of quality Southeast Asian cuisine at prices that defy expectations. With two branches in Leeds, each offering its own distinct character, My Thai presents a culinary consistency that keeps patrons returning. The Old Steps branch offers a subterranean charm, while the Merrion Centre location boasts a vibrant atmosphere. Despite the affordable pricing, the kitchen excels in serving up delightful dishes such as chicken satay for just £3.50 and a variety of rice plates, noodle soups, and curries, all for £10 or less. Adding a side of jasmine rice incurs a nominal fee of £1.75, making My Thai a go-to destination for those seeking value without sacrificing flavor or variety.

Locations at 43 Wade Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 8NJ, and 26 York Place, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 2EY, ensure that a satisfying Southeast Asian meal at My Thai is never out of reach, regardless of where one finds themselves in Leeds.

Pho 37: Vietnamese Street Food at Its Best

Pho 37 encapsulates the essence of Vietnamese street food, offering a range of classic dishes that are as easy on the palate as they are on the pocket. For £6.95, diners can enjoy the fragrant and bold flavors of banh mí, a Vietnamese sandwich that is a meal in itself. Pho bowls, another staple of Vietnamese cuisine, are mostly priced under £10, while bao buns and summer rolls are available for less than £6. The rustic setting of Pho 37, located at 15 North Lane, Headingley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6 3HG, is a humble testament to the restaurant’s focus on delivering delectable food at reasonable prices.

Catering to meat-free diets without compromising on taste, Pho 37 demonstrates that budget dining can still offer a rich tapestry of flavors, further augmented by meal deals that bundle a main dish with sides and a drink for a slightly higher but still budget-conscious price.

Cantina: Vegan Delights with a Budget-Friendly Twist

Cantina not only has the distinction of being the first all-vegan restaurant in Leeds but also earns accolades for its budget-friendly menu. Reinventing classic diner food with a plant-based approach, Cantina ensures that even the most indulgent dish does not exceed £11.95. The menu starts with items like popcorn seitan and a weekly soup made from fresh market vegetables. Main dishes span the spectrum from burgers—primarily seitan-based—to a sriracha cauliflower steak that stands out as a highlight. Savory sides like BBQ pulled jackfruit fries and, for the adventurous, deep-fried Oreos, round out an offering that melds indulgence with affordability.

With locations at The Old Red Bus Station, 101 Vicar Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 7NL, and Lifton Place, Woodhouse, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 9JZ, Cantina’s reach extends to various parts of Leeds, ensuring that vegan food lovers have access to delicious and budget-conscious dining options.

Franco Manca: Sourdough Pizza Without the Squeeze on Your Wallet

Despite the general rise in prices, Franco Manca maintains a commitment to affordability, particularly notable in their pizza offerings. A classic marinara, referred to as pizza number one, is a steal at £6.50, while pizza number three, adorned with halloumi, roasted potatoes, and pesto, is priced at £9.85. The additional option of a Scotch Bonnet chilli dip pushes the price just over ten pounds but is well worth the slight splurge for those seeking an extra kick.

Franco Manca, situated at 1 Trinity Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 6AP, is a testament to the possibility of enjoying high-quality sourdough pizza made from daily-prepared bases with organic ingredients, all within the constraints of a tight budget.

Home Chinese Restaurant: Classic Chinese at Comforting Prices

Home Chinese Restaurant embraces the time-honored approach to Chinese cuisine, offering a menu brimming with familiar dishes executed with skill. Options like Sizzling Szechuan beef, sweet & sour pork, and Kung Pao chicken ensure that diners can enjoy their favorite Chinese meals without financial strain. Notably, the restaurant’s popularity with a large Chinese clientele speaks to its authenticity and quality. Adventurous diners can explore regional specialties or opt for the all-you-can-eat hotpot, a budget-friendly option that allows for an expansive dining experience.

Located at 7 Back Blenheim Terrace, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 9HZ, Home offers a space where the focus is squarely on delivering traditional Chinese dishes that resonate with both taste and value.

Manjit’s Kitchen: Punjabi Classics at Unbeatable Prices

Manjit’s Kitchen is renowned for its reliable delivery of delectable Indian street food at some of the most competitive prices in Leeds. The menu is rich with Punjabi classics, nearly all of which are priced under £10, ensuring that flavor is never sacrificed for the sake of affordability. The chilli paneer wrap, an acclaimed dish, is available for just £7.50, representing the kitchen’s prowess in creating flavorful and satisfying meals. For those seeking variety, the two-curry thali offers an assortment of dishes, including cumin rice, squash kofta, dhal, slaw, roti, and chutney, all for £9.50—a price that underscores the value inherent in every meal.

With locations at 333 Kirkstall Road, Burley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS4 2HD, and Leeds Kirkgate Market, George Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 7HY, Manjit’s Kitchen is a destination for anyone in search of authentic Indian cuisine that’s as friendly to the wallet as it is to the palate.

Bundobust: Small Plates, Big Flavors, Small Prices

Bundobust has earned its reputation as a prime spot for budget-conscious dining in Leeds, specializing in small plates that pack a punch in terms of flavor. The menu features items ranging from £3 for smacked khakri to £7.50 for larger plates like paneer tikka. An unbeatable offer is available from Monday to Friday, 12 pm to 4 pm, when diners can select two items from the lunch express menu for just £9.50. Choices like okra fries, raghda pethis, bundo chaat, and chole saag showcase the restaurant’s ability to deliver substantial taste without a substantial price tag.

Situated at 6 Mill Hill, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 5DQ, Bundobust is a haven for those who want to enjoy a variety of Indian-inspired dishes without having to constantly check their finances.

Mr Su’s Noodles: A Culinary Journey to China on a Budget

Mr Su’s Noodles and Dumplings invites diners to embark on a culinary journey through China with dishes that are as accessible as they are appetizing. With over 25 years of culinary experience, Mr Su brings authenticity and expertise to his establishment. Noodle lovers will be drawn to the vegetarian ramen, starting at £8.60, while the Chinese fresh dumplings, or ‘Jiaozi,’ priced at £3.90, are a perfect complement to any meal. With options including beef & onion, lamb & spring onion, or mixed vegetables, these dumplings make for an ideal bite-sized treat.

The restaurant, located at 24 Black Blenheim Terrace, Woodhouse, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 9HD, is a must-visit for those seeking high-quality noodle dishes that won’t break the bank.

Senbon Sakura: Japanese Cuisine at Wallet-Friendly Prices

Senbon Sakura stands out as one of the top choices for budget-friendly Japanese dining in Leeds. Tucked away on the outskirts of the city center, this somewhat hidden gem offers a wide array of Japanese dishes that belie their low prices. Bento boxes, sushi platters, slow-cooked curries, and, of course, ramen are all featured on the menu. The Senbon Sakura soup ramen, at a mere £9.50, provides a generous portion of chicken, king prawn, salmon, and char siu, all nestled in a steaming broth with noodles—a testament to the restaurant’s dedication to offering substantial, delicious meals at a modest cost.

Discover this jewel at 71 Great George Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 3BR, and revel in the flavors of Japan without the need to splurge.

  • Thai Aroy Dee offers authentic Thai cuisine with dishes under £10.
  • La Besi is an Italian restaurant with BYOB, pizzas starting at £9.95.
  • My Thai serves Southeast Asian dishes with mains for £10 or less.
  • Pho 37 specializes in Vietnamese street food, with banh mí for £6.95 and Pho under £10.
  • Cantina is the first all-vegan restaurant in Leeds, with indulgent dishes not exceeding £11.95.

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