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Leeds is home to a variety of healthy restaurants that cater to all tastes and dietary needs, offering nutritious and delicious dishes. From Japanese Super Bowls at House of Fu to flavorful sushi at Itsu, these establishments provide a vibrant culinary experience that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

What are the top healthy restaurant options in Leeds?

  1. House of Fu: Enjoy Super Bowls like the roast beetroot bowl, packed with veggies and seasoned rice.
  2. Itsu: Offers a rainbow of low-calorie, flavorful options, including detox miso noodle soup and fresh sushi.
  3. Rola Wala: Create your own Indian-inspired, nutrient-packed bowls in Trinity Kitchen.
  4. Bulgogi Grill: Interactive Korean BBQ with options for healthy wraps with lean meats and veggies.
  5. Eat Your Greens: Embraces a farm-to-fork approach with organic and fresh menu items.
  6. Banyan: Provides tasty and nourishing meals like the firecracker chicken salad.
  7. Grand Pacific: Indulge in low-fat, high-nutrient gourmet dishes in an elegant setting.
  8. FINT: Offers Scandinavian simplicity with organic, healthy dishes.
  9. Fearns: Features dishes made from local produce that focus on health and flavor.
  10. Chaophraya: Serves Thai cuisine with a health-conscious twist, using fresh, nutritious ingredients.

The city of Leeds, known for its vibrant culture and history, is also becoming a beacon for health-conscious diners. Numerous restaurants across the city have risen to the challenge of creating dishes that are as nutritious as they are delicious. Offering an array of culinary delights that promise to please the palate while contributing to a healthy lifestyle, these establishments cater to every taste, from vegan breakfasts to organic dinners.

House of Fu: A Taste of Japan with a Health Kick

Nestled on The Headrow, House of Fu stands out with its tantalizing Super Bowls. The roast beetroot bowl, brimming with a medley of avocado, cucumber, and tomato alongside seasoned rice, ensures a flavorful and nutritious meal. “It gets a nice umami hit from the furikake sprinkles showered on top, so there’s no slacking on flavour,” as they proudly state. Whether you fancy the vibrant California bowl with nori-cured salmon or the earthy goodness of the Super Bowls, House of Fu ensures your 5-a-day is more than just a checkbox.
House of Fu, 15-19 The Headrow, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 6PU.

Itsu: Colorful, Calorie-Conscious Dining

Itsu offers a sensory feast with its rainbow of healthy options. With clear calorie counts, Itsu is a haven for those watching their intake without compromising on variety or flavor. Its detox miso noodle soup, a light yet nutrient-dense option, sits alongside salmon superfood salads rich in Omega 3. Fresh sushi and revitalizing smoothies round off the experience, leaving diners both satisfied and energized.
Itsu, 36-38 Commercial Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 6EX.

Rola Wala: Reinventing Indian Cuisine

Located in the bustling Trinity Kitchen, Rola Wala transforms the traditional Indian dining experience with a health-conscious twist. The venue allows patrons to build their own nutrient-packed rice, cauliflower, and salad bowls. “They only use fresh ingredients, so you get all the flavour without losing any of the goodness,” is the mantra that Rola Wala lives by. Choices like red channa dal and Keralan chickpea offer protein-rich options that are as fulfilling as they are flavorful.
Rola Wala, Trinity Kitchen, Albion Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 5AY.

Bulgogi Grill: Interactive and Healthy Korean BBQ

Bulgogi Grill presents a unique dining encounter where customers become chefs at their table. This style of eating not only allows for a personalized meal but also caters to those invested in healthy living. “After cooking, you wrap it up in a lettuce leaf with rice, veggies, pickles and more, then choose whether or not to plunge it into one of the dips,” describes the experience of building your own healthy meal. From lean meats to fresh vegetables, Bulgogi Grill offers a fun and healthy way to dine out.
Bulgogi Grill, The Arena Quarter, 9 Merrion Way, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 8BT.

Eat Your Greens: Farm-to-Fork Freshness

At Eat Your Greens, every dish served is testament to their farm-to-fork philosophy, emphasizing organic, fresh ingredients. The menu ranges from the innovative celeriac grain bowl to the satisfying cod cheeks with house slaw. Not only does this establishment serve up meals that are healthy by nature, but they also offer a variety of groceries for those inspired to continue their healthy eating at home.
Eat Your Greens, 42 New York Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 7DY.

Banyan: Bar Eats with a Healthy Perspective

Banyan is primarily recognized as a social hotspot, but it’s also home to a variety of healthy dishes that delight and provide nourishment. The firecracker chicken salad is a standout, perfectly balancing robust flavor with health-minded ingredients. “Meanwhile, the vegetarian and gluten-free revitalise bowl lives up to its name,” which is a testament to Banyan’s ability to cater to diverse dietary needs while maintaining a high standard of taste.
Banyan, 2 The Old Post Office, City Square, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 2ES.

Grand Pacific: Exquisite Dining with a Healthy Twist

Grand Pacific, with its elegant setting inside the Queens Hotel, is a sanctuary for those seeking healthy options without forfeiting gourmet experiences. The menu is inclusive, featuring low-fat, high-nutrient dishes such as tuna tataki and roast monkfish loin. Grand Pacific proves that indulgence and well-being can indeed coexist on the same menu.
Grand Pacific, The Queens Hotel, City Square, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 1PJ.

FINT: Scandinavian Simplicity and Organic Offerings

At FINT, the Northern European ethos of simplicity and quality shines through in every organic, healthy dish. Whether you’re starting the day with their hearty vegan breakfast or enjoying the sea bream fillet come evening, FINT is a celebration of clean eating without compromising on depth of flavor.
FINT, 73 Great George Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 3BR.

Fearns: Yorkshire’s Bounty in Every Bite

Fearns showcases the best of Yorkshire produce, crafting dishes that exude local charm while prioritizing health. The roasted aubergine salad is a revelation in umami, and dinners at Fearns often culminate in a tasting menu that balances the richness of local ingredients with a light, health-conscious approach.
Fearns Leeds Dock, Department, The Boulevard, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS10 1PZ.

Chaophraya: Thai Cuisine with a Health-Conscious Interpretation

Chaophraya offers a culinary journey to Thailand, where the vibrant use of fresh ingredients ensures a balance of flavor and nutrition. Beginning with grilled pork skewers and concluding with tofu in a sweet and sour sauce, Chaophraya provides a way to indulge in Thai cuisine’s rich tapestry while adhering to a healthful diet.
Chaophraya, 20A, Blayds Court, Swinegate, Leeds LS1 4AG.

In a city as diverse and dynamic as Leeds, finding a restaurant that melds the zestful flavors of global cuisines with the principles of healthy eating is an effortless endeavor. These establishments are not only redefining healthy dining but are also reinforcing Leeds’ reputation as a city that embraces both tradition and innovation on the plate.

  • Leeds is home to a variety of healthy restaurants that offer nutritious and delicious dishes.
  • House of Fu offers Super Bowls packed with veggies and seasoned rice.
  • Itsu offers low-calorie options including detox miso noodle soup and fresh sushi.
  • Rola Wala allows patrons to create their own Indian-inspired, nutrient-packed bowls.
  • Bulgogi Grill offers interactive Korean BBQ with options for healthy wraps with lean meats and veggies.
  • Eat Your Greens embraces a farm-to-fork approach with organic and fresh menu items.

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