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Get ready to paddle for a cause at Roundhay Park’s Charity Dragon Boat Race supporting Martin House Children’s Hospice. Register a team for £375 to participate in the races and enjoy a day of fun, all in support of the hospice’s invaluable work. Don’t miss out on this chance to come together, make memories, and make a difference for children and families in need.

How can you participate in the Roundhay Park Charity Dragon Boat Race to support Martin House Hospice?

To join the Charity Dragon Boat Race at Roundhay Park for Martin House Hospice, register a team for £375 on their website or contact the office. The fee includes 3 races, team photos, and safety equipment. Individuals can also volunteer or donate to support the cause.

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Uniting for a Cause: The Martin House Mission

Martin House Children’s Hospice has been a beacon of hope for over three decades, providing compassionate care to children and young people with life-limiting conditions. Operating out of Boston Spa, this charity supports over 500 children and their families throughout Yorkshire, offering a plethora of services at no charge. The cost to maintain such a high level of care reaches nearly £9 million annually, a sum that is amassed through donations and fundraising events.

The hospice offers a dual-winged facility, ensuring tailored care for different age groups. The first wing, Martin House, consists of nine bedrooms, allowing families to stay close to their children. The second, Whitby Lodge, is equipped with six bedrooms designed for teenagers and young adults, promoting independence while delivering crucial care. The hospice’s environment is not only about medical support; it also focuses on creating joyful memories through music, art, and even unique projects like recording babies’ heartbeats as keepsakes.

It is this commitment to care and the creation of treasured memories that underlines the importance of fundraising activities. Events like the upcoming Dragon Boat Race not only raise necessary funds but also bring communities together in support of the hospice’s invaluable work. By participating or donating, individuals can contribute to a space that offers comfort and love to families during their most challenging times.

Paddles at the Ready: The Dragon Boat Race Event

The tradition of dragon boat racing is over two millennia old, and this summer, it’s making a splash at Roundhay Park. Teams from across Leeds and neighboring regions will adorn their boats with vibrant dragon heads, ready to compete not just for victory, but also to support the amazing efforts of Martin House Hospice. No previous boating experience is required, making the event accessible to all who are over 16 and capable of swimming 50 meters.

The participation fee is modest, with the entry for a team of 11 starting from £34 per person, which includes a minimum of three races. Additionally, there’s an individual fundraising goal of £120, all contributing to the hospice’s cause. Creativity is encouraged, with a special prize for the best dressed team, so costumes are very much part of the fun. The event isn’t only about racing; attendees will enjoy funfair rides, various food stalls, and a pop-up charity shop full of finds, with all proceeds benefiting Martin House.

The day promises to be filled with excitement beyond the races. HARIBO, the event sponsor, adds to the festivity with their gold bear mascot facing off against Marty bear in a tug-of-war showdown. This event is more than a race; it’s a celebration of community, charity, and the power of coming together for a good cause. People are invited to pack a picnic, enjoy the entertainment, and make lasting memories, all while supporting Martin House.

How to Get Involved: Registration Details

Roundhay Park is set to become the venue for this noble cause on the 23rd of June 2024. Those interested in participating can register for a starting fee of £375 per team, which guarantees a minimum of three races. The package includes team photos, a chance to win in categories like best dressed or highest fundraiser, and most importantly, it promises a fulfilling day for all participants. All necessary equipment, including boats and life jackets, will be provided, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

To become part of this charitable occasion, teams can sign up through the Martin House website or by contacting their office directly. With limited spots available, early registration is encouraged. Even those who prefer to stay on land can contribute by volunteering at the event or through direct donations to Martin House. Every form of participation, whether on water or onshore, makes a tangible difference in the lives of children and families who rely on the hospice’s services.

As the event draws closer, excitement builds for what is poised to be a vibrant, joyful, and impactful day. The Dragon Boat Race offers a unique opportunity to engage in friendly competition, embrace community spirit, and most importantly, support the vital work of Martin House Children’s Hospice.

  • The Roundhay Park Charity Dragon Boat Race supports Martin House Children’s Hospice, a charity providing care to children with life-limiting conditions.
  • Registration for the Dragon Boat Race costs £375 per team and includes 3 races, team photos, and safety equipment.
  • Martin House Children’s Hospice offers a dual-winged facility providing tailored care for children and young adults.
  • The Dragon Boat Race event at Roundhay Park will take place on June 23, 2024, with teams competing to support the hospice’s cause.
  • Participants can register for the event on the Martin House website, with limited spots available for teams and opportunities to volunteer or donate.

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