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Five fantastic new openings are coming soon to Leeds, including Boba & Bao, a Taiwanese bubble tea and bao bun shop in Horsforth, Chance & Counters, a board game café on Merrion Street, Galleria, a restaurant at Project House led by chef Andy Castle, The Tetley, an iconic venue undergoing a transformative revival, and Joe Browns, a fashion retailer’s first physical store at the White Rose Centre. These establishments promise to bring a diverse range of experiences to the city, from Asian flavors to interactive gaming, culinary artistry, cultural revitalization, and unique fashion choices.

What new establishments are opening soon in Leeds?

Five new establishments are coming soon to Leeds:
1. Boba & Bao: A Taiwanese bubble tea and bao bun shop, adding Asian flavors to Horsforth.
2. Chance & Counters: A board game café with an extensive game library and a robust menu, located on Merrion Street.
3. Galleria: A restaurant offering seasonal culinary delights at Project House, led by chef Andy Castle.
4. The Tetley: An iconic venue undergoing a transformative revival for food, drink, and events.
5. Joe Browns: The fashion retailer’s first physical store at the White Rose Centre, bringing its distinctive style to a brick-and-mortar location.

Asian Flavours Descending on Horsforth

The suburban landscape of Horsforth is about to be infused with the vibrant essence of Asia. Boba & Bao is set to introduce its unique blend of Taiwanese bubble tea and bao buns to the local scene. Tapioca pearls bobbing in a tea base, endowed with a burst of flavors, are poised to become the talk of the town. Their bao buns, a haven of airy softness with a variety of fillings, promise a culinary delight that’s both satisfying and innovative. Whether it’s to satiate on-the-go cravings or the desire for a relaxed eat-in experience, this new hotspot is bound to be a crowd-pleaser.

Residents and visitors in Leeds can look forward to the grand opening of this Asian delicatessen, which prides itself on an authentic taste experience. The anticipation for this establishment is palpable, as it brings with it the spirit of Taiwanese street food culture, tailored for the Yorkshire palate. Boba & Bao’s advent is a testament to Leeds’ expanding gastronomic diversity, adding another layer to the city’s already rich food scene.

Nestled at 11 Station Road, Boba & Bao’s doors will soon swing open, inviting the curious and the famished alike. It’s an opportunity to dive into a world where every sip and bite is laced with tradition and modern zest. The exact date remains under wraps, but the excitement is anything but contained.

A New Haven for Board Game Aficionados

Beneath the buzz of Merrion Street lies a new sanctuary for board game enthusiasts. Chance & Counters is poised to revolutionize the traditional cafe scene with its unique melding of gaming and gastronomy. Imagine an enclave where 500 board games await your touch, ranging from cherished classics to the latest ingenious creations. As players navigate their way through fantastical worlds and strategic conundrums, a delectable menu stands by to replenish their vigor.

This isn’t your ordinary cafe – it’s a social hub where burgers jostle with tacos on the menu, and loaded fries are just the beginning. The beverages on offer are equally impressive, from artisanal craft beers to sophisticated wines and an array of cocktails and smoothies, ensuring every palate is catered to. It’s a place designed for laughter, friendly competition, and the clinking of glasses in celebration and defeat.

The grand unveiling of Chance & Counters at 6-8 Merrion Street is scheduled for Friday, 8th December 2023. It’s a date set to redefine entertainment in Leeds, transforming the old Yard & Coop into a realm of interactive fun, underpinned by a hearty feast and refreshing libations.

Culinary Artistry at Galleria

Amidst the rhythmic soul of music at Project House, a new culinary chapter is about to begin with the opening of Galleria. Under the guidance of esteemed chef Andy Castle, this restaurant is gearing up to offer a gastronomic adventure composed of seasonal delights. Homemade flatbreads, succulent roasted meats, and an array of brunch options featuring the legendary stuffed hash browns are poised to tantalize taste buds.

Galleria embodies an ethos of constant evolution, reflected in its ever-changing menu that champions fresh, seasonal produce. It’s a bold statement of intent in the competitive Leeds dining scene, promising an experience that’s both familiar and excitingly novel. The restaurant is the final puzzle piece in Project House’s ensemble, complementing its musical offerings with a symphony of flavors.

With great anticipation, food connoisseurs can mark their calendars for Thursday, 7th December 2023. Galleria will open its doors at Project House, Armley Road, inviting diners to savor its culinary compositions in a space where food meets art and creativity knows no bounds.

The Tetley’s New Lease of Life

The iconic Tetley has been a beacon of culture and history in Leeds for over nine decades. Now, it’s bracing for a transformative revival that aims to propel it into the next century. Vastint UK, the visionary developers behind the Aire Park project, are orchestrating a renaissance that promises to honor the past while embracing the future. The Tetley will retain its art deco grandeur, while its ground floor and newly excavated basement will evolve into vibrant spaces for food, drink, and events.

This reinvention also imagines a new western wing, seamlessly integrated with the building’s historic fabric. Above, the restored floors will offer contemporary office spaces, blending the building’s legacy with modern design. It’s an ambitious plan, one that seeks to preserve The Tetley’s status as a city landmark while equipping it to meet the dynamic demands of the future.

The doors of this reimagined space are set to welcome the public in 2026. It’s a long-awaited rebirth, one that promises to inject new energy into the area and offer fresh experiences to residents and visitors alike.

Joe Browns Steps into the Physical Realm

For over two decades, Joe Browns has charmed fashion enthusiasts with its distinctive online presence. Now, the Leeds-based retailer is set to make a splash in the tactile world with its first physical store at the White Rose Centre. This inaugural establishment heralds a new chapter for the brand, promising an expansive range that encapsulates its ethos of timeless style blended with classic patterns.

Joe Browns’ foray into brick-and-mortar retail is a celebration of two and a half decades of fashion-forward thinking. The store will showcase an array of attire for both men and women, with a spotlight on chunky, playful knitwear and sleek, sophisticated formalwear. It’s a brand that speaks to those who seek to stand out, to dress with flair without compromising on comfort or quality.

The grand opening is slated for Saturday, 2nd December 2023. Fashion aficionados can anticipate a space where style is not just sold, but also shared and lived. Joe Browns’ physical store is not just a new shopping destination but a stylistic haven for those who dress to express.

These five upcoming openings in Leeds are set to enrich the city’s cultural and commercial landscape. Each establishment, with its distinct character and offering, underlines Leeds’ reputation as a city that both embraces diversity and fosters innovation. Eager consumers and connoisseurs have much to anticipate as the year progresses and these new ventures open their doors, inviting exploration and enjoyment.

  • Boba & Bao, a Taiwanese bubble tea and bao bun shop, is opening in Horsforth, bringing Asian flavors to the area.
  • Chance & Counters, a board game café with an extensive game library and a robust menu, will be located on Merrion Street.
  • Galleria, a restaurant at Project House led by chef Andy Castle, will offer seasonal culinary delights.
  • The Tetley, an iconic venue, is undergoing a transformative revival to become a vibrant space for food, drink, and events.
  • Joe Browns, a fashion retailer, is opening its first physical store at the White Rose Centre.

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