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Leeds is a cheese lover’s paradise, with a diverse selection of venues offering delicious cheese boards. From Friends of Ham’s customizable experience to The Decanter’s quality offerings, cheese enthusiasts can explore a tapestry of tastes and textures that will satisfy any palate.

What are the best spots for a cheese board in Leeds?

Leeds offers a diverse selection of venues for cheese lovers, including:

  1. Friends of Ham – Customize your own cheese board experience.
  2. The Decanter – Diverse and quality cheese offerings with exquisite pairings.
  3. The Assembly – Locally sourced cheese boards complemented by craft beers and fine wines.
  4. Ibérica – A Spanish cheese adventure with artisan selections.
  5. Pooky’s Deli – Seasonal artisanal cheese boards and wine pairing events.
  6. Once Upon a Vine – Top cheese picks with perfect wine pairings.
  7. Cheesy Living Co – Build your own board with sustainable British cheeses.
  8. Bottle Chop – Curated cheese boards with natural wines and craft beers.

Leeds is a city that boasts a vibrant culinary scene, and for connoisseurs of cheese, it’s a veritable paradise. Exploring the city’s cheese board offerings reveals a tapestry of tastes and textures, bound to satisfy the palate of every cheese lover. From creamy brie to tangy blue, this guide will navigate you through the best spots in Leeds to indulge in a cheese board experience.

Friends of Ham – A Cheese Lover’s Retreat

At Friends of Ham, cheese takes center stage. Here, one can indulge in a symphony of flavors as each cheese is allowed to shine, presented at just the right temperature. Classics like Baron Bigod Brie and Sparkenhoe Vintage make an appearance on the menu, and for those who like to take control of their culinary journey, there’s an option to build a bespoke board. Starting at £7 for a single selection and scaling up to £18 for a quartet of cheese, it’s served with the perfect accompaniments—crackers, cornichons, and chutney, making it a treat for the senses.

Nestled on New Station Street, Friends of Ham’s atmosphere is as delightful as their cheese. Whether you find yourself leaning casually against the bar or nestled into a sofa in the Underbelly, the experience is nothing short of enchanting.

The Decanter – Where Variety Meets Quality

The Decanter prides itself on its diverse and quality cheese offerings. Alongside their famed combo platters and exquisite charcuterie, their cheese board is a thing of legend. For £15, patrons can embark on a journey through five distinct cheese varieties, each with its own unique story. Local Yorkshire treasures such as Harrogate Blue and Fountains Gold sit alongside Dorset Smoked, Manchego, and Kidderton Ash goat’s cheese.

Accompanied by crackers, almonds, and caramelised red onion chutney, The Decanter’s cheese board effortlessly marries the rich essence of cheese with the robust flavors of the chutney and the crunchy texture of almonds. Situated on Park Row, this establishment offers an experience that transcends the mere act of dining.

The Assembly – Locally Sourced Delights

The Assembly’s approach to cheese boards is rooted in local sourcing, partnering with Chapel Allerton’s beloved cheesemongers, George & Joseph. Available at their Garforth and Crossgates locations, the boards are complemented by a selection of craft beers and fine wines, creating a harmonious dining experience.

Priced at £7.95, the cheese board is an accessible indulgence, featuring a soft Yorkshire Pecorino, Little Master, Swaledale, Ribblesdale, and Summer Field, each bringing a slice of regional pride to the palate. Whether you’re a seasoned cheese aficionado or new to the world of fromage, The Assembly’s offerings provide a delightful introduction to the cheeses of Yorkshire and beyond.

Ibérica – A Spanish Cheese Adventure

Venturing into Ibérica is akin to taking a trip to Spain without leaving Leeds. Their artisan cheese selection showcases five different Spanish cheeses, each handpicked from exceptional producers. Manchego, the renowned sheep’s cheese, leads the selection, accompanied by the likes of organic Sujaira, La Peral blue cheese, San Simón, and Vidiago.

Each cheese at Ibérica is an invitation to experience the diversity of Spanish cheese-making. Paired with a dry sherry or Pedro Ximénez, these cheeses can transport one to the rolling hills of Spain. Located on East Parade, Ibérica serves as a cultural bridge to the flavors of Iberia.

Pooky’s Deli – A Homely Cheese Haven

Pooky’s Deli in Horsforth is more than just a deli—it’s a treasure trove of artisanal delights. With a café attached, customers can enjoy a dynamic cheese board that reflects the seasonal offerings in store. From tangy Yorkshire Blue to the unique Picos cheese, aged in a cave and wrapped in sycamore leaves, Pooky’s presents a cornucopia of flavors.

The deli’s cheese and wine nights are an event not to be missed. At £35, guests are treated to a curated experience that pairs the best local cheeses with fine wines. Pooky’s Deli is a testament to the notion that great food creates community and that cheese is indeed a unifying force.

Once Upon a Vine – Perfect Pairings

At Once Upon a Vine, the relationship between cheese and wine is celebrated with fervor. This Horsforth wine shop offers a cheese selection that is as wild as it is refined. The triple-cream Délice de Bourgogne, goat’s gouda Killeen, and the ever-oozy Baron Bigod Brie are but a few of the stars on their cheese board.

Accompanying the cheese are pickles, chutney, crackers, and sourdough—each element carefully chosen to enhance the cheese experience. Once Upon a Vine demonstrates that the perfect wine can elevate a cheese board from mere food to an epicurean delight.

Cheesy Living Co – An Epicurean’s Delight

Cheesy Living Co may be compact, but its cheese selection is grand. Renowned for their stuffed focaccia and fondue pots, this deli also lets patrons build their own charcuterie board with the finest British ingredients. With gourmet crackers and a selection of olives, pickles, and chutneys, guests can craft their ideal board featuring cheeses like Baron Bigod and Driftwood goats cheese.

Located in the Leeds Corn Exchange, Cheesy Living Co is a beacon for those in pursuit of cheese that is both sumptuous and sustainably sourced.

Bottle Chop – A Confluence of Wine and Cheese

Bottle Chop in Headingley understands the sacred union of wine and cheese. Known for their selection of natural wines and craft beers, their cheese boards are a revelation. Available in sets of three, five, or seven, each board is a journey through the world of cheese, served with crackers and bread.

With options like Manchego, Gouda, and Stilton, guests can explore a variety of textures and flavors. And with a free glass of wine on offer from Tuesday to Thursday during the early evening, Bottle Chop is not just a destination—it’s an experience worth savoring.

  • Leeds offers a diverse selection of venues for cheese lovers, including Friends of Ham, The Decanter, The Assembly, Ibérica, Pooky’s Deli, Once Upon a Vine, Cheesy Living Co, and Bottle Chop.
  • Friends of Ham allows customers to customize their own cheese board experience, starting at £7 for a single selection.
  • The Decanter offers a diverse and quality cheese board experience, featuring five distinct cheese varieties accompanied by crackers, almonds, and caramelized red onion chutney, for £15.
  • The Assembly sources their cheese boards locally, partnering with a beloved cheesemonger, and offers a selection of craft beers and fine wines.
  • Ibérica takes customers on a Spanish cheese adventure, featuring five different handpicked Spanish cheeses paired with sherry or Pedro Ximénez.

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