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Leeds is transforming into a cosmic wonderland this Easter, featuring space-themed events like a solar system display at Briggate, an alien zoo at Merrion Centre, and a planetarium at Leeds City Museum. From March 23rd to April 14th, families can explore the galaxy in a fun and educational way right in the heart of the city.

Why Visit Leeds with Kids This Easter?

Leeds transforms into a cosmic playground this Easter, featuring space-themed activities across the city. Highlights include:

  1. A solar system display at Briggate.
  2. An alien zoo at Merrion Centre.
  3. A lunar landscape at Trinity Leeds.
  4. Creative space craft sessions.
  5. A planetarium and constellation trail at Leeds City Museum.

These engaging events run from March 23rd to April 14th, 2024, providing educational fun for the entire family.

Leeds is set to transform into a celestial playground this Easter, courtesy of LeedsBID. The city centre will thrum with otherworldly activities designed to captivate the imagination of young and old alike. With the support of Welcome to Leeds, the city’s journey into space-themed wonder is about to begin.

Intergalactic Arrival at the Heart of Leeds

The Leodis Space Agency has chosen Leeds as its Earth base for a spectacular cosmic event. The main thoroughfare, Briggate, will host a solar system installation, dazzling passersby with a suspended display of the planets’ grandeur. A visit to Merrion Centre unveils an alien zoo that promises to be a hit with children, offering close encounters with fantastical extraterrestrial creatures. Meanwhile, Trinity Leeds offers a taste of lunar exploration, with a re-creation of the moon’s surface that’s sure to spark the imagination of would-be astronauts.

  • Launch Site: Briggate
  • Alien Zoo: Merrion Centre
  • Lunar Landscape: Trinity Leeds

The festivities commence on the 23rd of March and run until the 14th of April, 2024, providing a generous window for explorers to embark on this space odyssey.

Crafting Constellations and Rockets

Trinity Leeds becomes the hub for creativity, with The PlayTent leading space craft sessions that promise to be both educational and fun. In a dedicated unit next to Philip Stoner, the community rocket build is expected to be a crowd-pleaser, while the Moonscape event invites children to delve into textures, creating their own version of the moon’s surface. Additional crafting opportunities await on the link bridge, ideal for young artists seeking to express their cosmic visions through art.

  • Community Rocket Build: Next to Philip Stoner, Trinity Leeds
  • Moonscape Event: Unit next to Philip Stoner
  • Space-Themed Crafting: Link bridge between Next and ROX

These sessions will run daily from 10am to 3pm, with special weekend crafting events on the 6th, 7th, 13th, and 14th of April, 2024.

Cosmic Discoveries at Leeds City Museum

Leeds City Museum joins the intergalactic party with a program set to dazzle the city’s young minds. A highlight is the transformation of the main hall into a planetarium, offering a 360-degree view of the cosmos. The constellation trail is another gem, sending families on a stargazing scavenger hunt with a treasure map in hand. Craft activities scheduled for the 3rd and 4th of April provide yet another outlet for creative energy to merge with celestial learning.

  • Inflatable Planetarium: Main hall, Leeds City Museum
  • Constellation Trail: Throughout Leeds City Museum
  • Crafting Sessions: Leeds City Museum

The planetarium shows are open for one day only, on the 2nd of April, and although tickets are free, booking is essential. The constellation trail and crafting sessions span from the 23rd of March to the 14th of April, ensuring ample opportunity for engagement.

Space-Themed Melodies in the City

The Leeds Piano Trail is not left out of the Easter transformation, with Days of Play performances adopting a space theme. Visitors can expect a blend of sky-inspired melodies, with young pianists offering renditions of tunes like “Rocket Man.” The Matteo Spadetto Jazz Quartet will deliver cosmic compositions at Trinity Leeds, adding a musical layer to the city’s space-themed festivities.

  • Days of Play Performances: Merrion Centre, The Light, Victoria Quarter
  • Matteo Spadetto Jazz Quartet: Trinity Leeds Piano

Set your calendars for the 23rd of March for the Days of Play performances and the 13th of April for a jazz session that promises to be out of this world.

A Journey Beyond the Stars

Once families have enjoyed the high-flying activities, Leeds awaits with more terrestrial delights. The Hidden Village on Call Lane offers immersive role-play in a child-sized town, perfect for imagination-driven adventures. Leeds Playhouse presents ‘Rude Science,’ a show filled with engaging stunts to captivate curious minds. For a taste of Thai culture, Zaap Thai provides a vibrant dining experience, or for those seeking diverse flavors, Kirkgate Market’s street food scene is a must-visit.

  • Hidden Village: Call Lane
  • Rude Science: Leeds Playhouse
  • Culinary Explorations: Zaap Thai, Kirkgate Market

These experiences round out the Easter offerings, with ‘Rude Science’ taking the stage on the 30th of March, 2024.

Leeds this Easter is preparing to offer a universe of experiences, from educational crafting sessions and interactive installations to music and food. The city is set to provide a spring holiday that’s truly out of this world, making it an ideal destination for families seeking adventure and learning amidst the backdrop of the cosmos.

  • Leeds is transforming into a cosmic wonderland this Easter with space-themed events like a solar system display at Briggate, an alien zoo at Merrion Centre, and a planetarium at Leeds City Museum.
  • Families can explore the galaxy in a fun and educational way in Leeds from March 23rd to April 14th, 2024.
  • A solar system display will be featured at Briggate, an alien zoo at Merrion Centre, and a lunar landscape at Trinity Leeds.
  • Crafting sessions, community rocket builds, and a constellation trail will be available for kids to engage in space-themed activities.
  • Leeds City Museum will have an inflatable planetarium, a constellation trail, and crafting sessions to provide intergalactic learning opportunities for families.

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