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Leeds is about to get even more exciting with the arrival of new hotspots like STACK, Against the Grain, Hickory’s Smokehouse, The Glee Club, and Groop Strength & Fitness. From innovative dining experiences to craft beer havens, comedy clubs, and personalized fitness, these new additions are set to elevate the city’s cultural scene and provide something for everyone to enjoy. Get ready to explore Leeds’ latest offerings and immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of these upcoming venues.

What new venues are opening in Leeds?

  • STACK: A shipping container-inspired food village at Leeds Kirkgate Market.
  • Against the Grain: A craft beer bar with a second location in Yeadon.
  • Hickory’s Smokehouse: An American-style smokehouse in Adel.
  • The Glee Club: A comedy club opening at The Light, Leeds.
  • Groop Strength & Fitness: A group personal training gym in Chapel Allerton.

The city of Leeds is buzzing with anticipation as it prepares for a series of exciting new openings set to enhance the local scene. These upcoming venues promise to cater to a variety of tastes, from culinary delights to craft beer and entertainment. Let’s dive into the details of what’s on the horizon for Leeds.

STACK at Leeds Kirkgate Market: A Culinary Transformation

The landscape of Leeds Kirkgate Market is set for a significant transformation with the introduction of STACK, a new shipping container-inspired food village. This innovative concept has already seen success in Sheffield and Manchester, with plans to expand to Newcastle and Middlesbrough. STACK is poised to revitalize the outdoor market area of Leeds Kirkgate Market by becoming the preferred operator.

  • Innovative Design: Inspired by the aesthetics of shipping containers, STACK will offer a unique dining experience in the heart of the city.
  • Diverse Offerings: With a promise of various tasty food vendors, visitors can expect a plethora of culinary options to explore.
  • Community Support: Alongside the new food village, there will be space for 85 outdoor market traders, supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs.

While the exact opening date remains under wraps, Leeds’ food enthusiasts have much to look forward to with STACK’s commitment to operating seven days a week, including evenings.

Against the Grain: Crafting a New Local Favorite

Bramley’s beloved craft beer bar, Against the Grain, is expanding its reach with a second location in Yeadon. Taking over the former Yorkshire College of Beauty at Regency House on Kirk Lane, this new venue is set to become a suburban gem for beer aficionados.

  • Craft Beer Haven: A rotating selection of craft beers and real ales will ensure that every visit offers something new to taste.
  • Gin Selection: Renowned for its impressive range of gins, the new Against the Grain promises to maintain its status as a go-to spot for gin lovers.
  • Atmospheric Venue: The choice of location blends the charm of the suburbs with the vibrant energy of a bar that’s passionate about its offerings.

Slated to open later in 2024, Against the Grain in Yeadon is an eagerly awaited addition that is sure to draw crowds looking for quality drinks in a cozy setting.

Hickory’s Smokehouse: A Taste of the Deep South

The much-anticipated arrival of Hickory’s Smokehouse in Leeds will bring a slice of the Deep South to the city. The new restaurant will take over The Lawnswood Arms in Adel, bringing with it a menu filled with American comfort food favorites.

  • Smokehouse Delicacies: Patrons can expect a mouthwatering selection of smoked meats, juicy burgers, and indulgent mega mac ‘n’ cheese.
  • Beverage Pairings: These hearty dishes will be complemented by an array of cocktails and craft beers, perfect for washing down the rich flavors.
  • Family-Friendly Space: The transformation will include a family dining area with a cinema, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all ages.

Hickory’s Smokehouse is set to open its doors on Otley Road, Adel, later in 2024, promising to be a destination for both locals and visitors seeking authentic American cuisine.

The Glee Club: Laughter Comes to Leeds

Leeds is set to welcome a new comedy hotspot with the arrival of The Glee Club. This renowned comedy club brand will be opening at The Light, taking over the space once occupied by Jongleurs Comedy Club. With a reputation for hosting some of the biggest names in comedy, The Glee Club is expected to become a cornerstone of the city’s entertainment offerings.

  • Comedy Legacy: The Glee Club is known for featuring performances from comedy greats like Joe Lycett and Michael McIntyre.
  • Support for New Talent: Aspiring stand-up comedians will find a platform to showcase their talents, following in the footsteps of past performers.
  • Strategic Location: Situated at The Light, the club is perfectly positioned to attract a diverse audience seeking quality entertainment.

The arrival of The Glee Club later in 2024 is a testament to Leeds’ growing reputation as a city that values and supports live comedy.

Groop Chapel Allerton: A New Fitness Ethos

Chapel Allerton will soon be home to a unique fitness concept with the opening of Groop Strength & Fitness. Founded by Tony and Charlene Barnes, the masterminds behind Graft Haüs in Kirkstall, Groop promises a fresh approach to group personal training.

  • Personalized Experience: The focus on small-sized classes of up to 8 people ensures tailored guidance from personal trainers.
  • Expert Leadership: The Barnes’ expertise in fitness is set to create an environment that fosters both individual progress and community spirit.
  • Accessible Location: Nestled next to Starbucks on Stainbeck Lane, Groop Strength & Fitness is conveniently situated for residents of Chapel Allerton.

With an opening date set for June 2024, Groop Strength & Fitness is gearing up to become a pivotal part of the local community, promoting health and wellness through its innovative group training sessions.

As Leeds continues to grow and evolve, these new venues are a testament to the city’s dynamic and ever-changing landscape. Each establishment, with its unique offerings and commitment to quality, is set to play a role in enriching the cultural tapestry of Leeds. Whether it’s the culinary adventure at STACK, the craft beer experience at Against the Grain, the southern flavors at Hickory’s Smokehouse, the laughter-filled evenings at The Glee Club, or the community-driven fitness at Groop Chapel Allerton, there is something for everyone in this vibrant city. Keep a keen eye on these developments, as they promise to bring new life and energy to Leeds in the coming months.

  • Leeds will soon see the arrival of new hotspots like STACK, Against the Grain, Hickory’s Smokehouse, The Glee Club, and Groop Strength & Fitness.
  • The innovative dining experiences, craft beer bars, comedy clubs, and personalized fitness centers will elevate Leeds’ cultural scene.
  • STACK, a shipping container-inspired food village, will revitalize Leeds Kirkgate Market with diverse food vendors and outdoor market support.
  • Against the Grain is expanding with a second location in Yeadon, offering craft beers, gins, and a cozy atmosphere.
  • Hickory’s Smokehouse will bring American-style smokehouse delicacies to Leeds, including smoked meats, cocktails, and a family-friendly dining space.

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