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In Leeds, Roxy Ball Room, Puttstars, Boom Battle Bar, Junkyard Golf Club, and Hollywood Bowl offer unique crazy golf experiences for visitors seeking fun outings. Each venue provides a mix of mini golf with other activities, making them perfect for family-friendly or social gatherings, ensuring a memorable time for all.

What are the best places to play crazy golf in Leeds?

Leeds offers top crazy golf venues for fun outings:

  1. Roxy Ball Room: Social hub with games and craft beers, located at 58 Boar Lane.
  2. Puttstars: Family-friendly with a modern scoring system at The Springs.
  3. Boom Battle Bar: Unique course with additional bar games at Victoria Gate.
  4. Junkyard Golf Club: Eclectic themes and a vibrant bar at The Light, The Headrow.
  5. Hollywood Bowl: Technology-integrated mini golf and more at Cardigan Fields.

Each spot provides a unique crazy golf experience combined with other attractions.

Introduction to Crazy Golf in Leeds

Crazy golf, an entertaining twist on traditional golf, has surged in popularity as a leisure activity suitable for all ages. Leeds, a bustling city with a vibrant cultural scene, offers a variety of quirky and fun-filled crazy golf courses. Whether you’re seeking an outing with family, friends, or even a unique date idea, Leeds has an array of venues that combine the classic mini-golf experience with inventive and contemporary twists.

Innovative and Social: Roxy Ball Room

Roxy Ball Room prides itself on delivering a diverse mix of gaming and socializing activities. Situated in the heart of Leeds, this venue is more than just a place to play crazy golf—it’s a full-fledged entertainment hub. With its eclectic assortment of games, Roxy provides an energetic atmosphere where groups can engage in friendly competition.

A Diverse Entertainment Experience

Positioned on Boar Lane, Roxy Ball Room boasts an impressive lineup of activities beyond their nine-hole mini golf course. Visitors are greeted with a variety of options, including pool, basketball, ping-pong, and more. The blend of traditional pub games with the modern twist of crazy golf makes for an inclusive environment where everyone can find something to enjoy.

Craft Beers, Cocktails, and Golf

The venue’s extensive drink selection is a highlight for many guests. With a menu featuring craft beers, cocktails, and a range of other beverages, Roxy encourages patrons to take a drink along as they navigate the intricacies of their crazy golf course. Each hole presents a new challenge, ensuring a delightful experience for both seasoned players and novices alike.

Location and Booking Details

  • Location: 58 Boar Lane, Leeds, LS1 6HW
  • Budget: £6 to £8 per person
  • Booking: Roxy Ball Room

Family Fun at Puttstars

If you’re on the lookout for an activity that caters to players of all ages, Puttstars at The Springs is the perfect destination. Their dual-course setup is designed to accommodate both beginners and experienced mini golfers, making it a family-friendly location that promises to engage and entertain.

The Rookie and The Master Courses

The Rookie course is tailored for younger players, simplifying the game without sacrificing the fun. Conversely, The Master course steps up the difficulty with a series of bridges and obstacles that challenge even the most adept mini golf enthusiasts.

Technology Meets Tradition

What sets Puttstars apart is its use of a tablet-based scoring system which adds a modern touch to the classic game. Players are rewarded with points for their performance, and the use of “jokers” can double the stakes for a single hole, injecting an extra layer of strategy and excitement into the game.

Location and Booking Details

  • Location: The Springs, Century Way, Leeds, LS15 8GB
  • Budget: £5.85 to £7.10 for kids and £6.85 to £8.10 for adults
  • Booking: Puttstars

Unconventional Play at Boom Battle Bar

Boom Battle Bar takes the concept of crazy golf to a whole other level with their Crazier Golf course. It’s an immersive experience that combines the sport with whimsical and outlandish elements, creating an atmosphere where laughter and enjoyment are par for the course.

A Course Like No Other

You’ll encounter a range of inventive obstacles, from catapults and loops to conveyor belts and even bicycles. The course is designed to entertain and amuse, challenging players to embrace the chaos and revel in the game’s unpredictable nature.

More Than Just Golf

Boom Battle Bar is not just a destination for mini golf enthusiasts; it’s a haven for anyone interested in a variety of bar games. With options like axe throwing, shuffleboard, and augmented reality darts, there’s no shortage of activities to keep you and your friends entertained for hours.

Location and Booking Details

  • Location: Victoria Gate, Leeds, LS2 7AR
  • Budget: £8 per person
  • Booking: Boom Battle Bar

Eclectic Fun at Junkyard Golf Club

Junkyard Golf Club is renowned for its unique blend of crazy golf with a trendy bar scene, set against a backdrop of neon lights and urban art. The venue offers three distinct courses, each with its own theme and set of challenges, ensuring that every visit feels like a new adventure.

Three Courses, Endless Entertainment

Choose between Bozo, a clown-themed course with a sinister twist; Pablo, an exotic journey with pirate pigs and toxic volcanoes; or Gary, a nostalgic trip through a 1990s-themed scrapyard. Each course promises a blend of bizarre and captivating hole designs.

A Bar with Character

The bar at Junkyard Golf Club is as much a part of the experience as the golf itself. With a variety of drinks from beers to imaginative cocktails, it’s the perfect place to refuel and unwind between rounds or celebrate your crazy golf triumphs.

Location and Booking Details

  • Location: The Light, The Headrow, Leeds, LS1 8TL
  • Budget: £9.50 to £11 for 9 holes and £14.50 to £16.50 for 18 holes
  • Booking: Junkyard Golf Club

Hollywood Bowl’s Mini Golf Experience

Hollywood Bowl, known primarily for its bowling alleys, also houses one of Leeds’s most engaging mini golf courses. In collaboration with Puttstars, the venue has integrated advanced gaming technology to create an inclusive and enjoyable mini golf experience for all family members.

A Striking Mini Golf Course

Utilizing Puttstars’ scoring system, the course at Hollywood Bowl levels the playing field, allowing players of any age or skill level to compete and potentially win. This points-based system rewards precision and skill, making for a competitive and fun outing.

Beyond the Ninth Hole

While mini golf is a key attraction, visitors can also indulge in bowling, dining at the themed diner, or exploring the amusements area. Hollywood Bowl offers a comprehensive entertainment experience that can easily fill an entire day or evening.

Location and Booking Details

  • Location: Cardigan Fields, Kirkstall Road, Leeds, LS4 2DG
  • Budget: £6 to £6.75 for kids and £7 to £7.75 for adults
  • Booking: Hollywood Bowl

The variety of crazy golf locales in Leeds reflects the city’s commitment to providing innovative and exciting entertainment options. Each venue caters to different preferences and occasions, ensuring that whether you’re with family or friends, you’ll find the perfect spot to enjoy a round of this beloved pastime.

  • Roxy Ball Room offers a mix of games and craft beers at 58 Boar Lane.
  • Puttstars provides a family-friendly experience with a modern scoring system at The Springs.
  • Boom Battle Bar offers an unconventional crazy golf course with additional bar games at Victoria Gate.
  • Junkyard Golf Club features three distinct courses with eclectic themes and a vibrant bar at The Light, The Headrow.
  • Hollywood Bowl integrates technology into its mini golf experience at Cardigan Fields.

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