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Leeds boasts a range of late-night bars, each with its own unique charm and closing times. From Below Stairs and Tabula Rasa open until 1am, to The Backroom welcoming guests until 6am, the city offers a vibrant tapestry of nocturnal adventures for all preferences.

What are the best late night bars in Leeds and their closing times?

Leeds offers a plethora of late-night bars catering to various tastes. Notable spots include:

  • Below Stairs and Tabula Rasa open until 1am.
  • North Bar and The Domino Club serving until 2am.
  • Blind Tyger and Neighbourhood welcoming guests until 3am.
  • Cuckoo and Tiki Hideaway available until 4am.
  • Mojo open until 5am.
  • The Backroom closes at 6am.

Leeds’ nightlife is a vibrant tapestry of late-night venues that cater to every preference, from craft beer aficionados to dance floor enthusiasts. With an array of bars offering extended hours into the early morning, patrons have the luxury of choice without the worry of premature closing times. This guide delves into some of the best late-night bars in Leeds, ensuring your nocturnal adventures need not end early.

Bars Open Until 1am

For those looking to extend their evening without committing to the smallest hours, Leeds offers a selection of bars open until 1am. These venues provide an elegant backdrop for winding down or revving up the night.

Below Stairs

Nestled on South Parade is Below Stairs, a cocktail haven where expertise and storytelling merge to create an immersive drinking experience. One standout cocktail, The Seafoam, weaves a tale of the sea with its amalgamation of gin, vermouth, and whisky, seasoned with a hint of elderflower and seaweed. Open until 1am on Fridays and Saturdays, this establishment invites you to indulge in a narrative of flavors.

Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa thrives as a café by day and transforms into a chic bar by night, flourishing under the guidance of owner Filippos Filippopoulous. Noted for its velvety stools and art deco charm, this locale specializes in crafting cocktails that are as much a visual spectacle as they are a delight to the palate. Their Pablo Picasso cocktail promises a theatrical experience, evolving in hue as candy floss dissolves into the concoction.


For an experience steeped in sophistication, Roland’s on Call Lane stands as a testament to maturity and elegance. Beyond its exquisite interior, the rooftop and courtyard offer additional allure. The renowned Espresso Martini, infused with a touch of Guinness, offers a perfect example of how Roland’s balances innovation with tradition.

Bars Open Until 2am

As the night progresses, some may seek the vibrancy of Leeds’ bars that remain open until 2am, providing a sanctuary for those not yet ready to conclude their escapades.

North Bar

North Bar bears the distinction of pioneering the craft beer movement in Leeds and beyond. With an expansive selection of over 150 beers, patrons are spoiled for choice. Yet, the venue doesn’t shy away from other libations, with its cocktail list and Bloody Marys being the stuff of local legend.


Mannahata serves as a beacon of energy and excitement. Its cocktail menu, inspired by the bustling streets of New York City, offers an array of options, including the East Side Cosmo—a nod to the cosmopolitan vibrancy of the city that never sleeps.

The Domino Club

Hidden within the Grand Arcade, The Domino Club exudes the clandestine charm of a prohibition-era speakeasy. A regular venue for live jazz, this establishment also prides itself on a cocktail menu that honors the classics while also featuring inventive signature drinks.

Bars Open Until 3am

As 3am approaches, Leeds’ nightlife scene still offers a wealth of options for those in pursuit of nocturnal leisure.

Blind Tyger

Tucked away on Cross Belgrave Street, Blind Tyger is a sanctuary for the night owls of Leeds. With its dark leather seating and expansive menu, visitors can find solace in a classic Negroni or the more indulgent Wake and Bake, a unique twist on an Espresso Martini.


At the heart of Greek Street, Neighbourhood stands out with its vibrant atmosphere and 24 signature cocktails. The Raspberry Beret is a cocktail symphony, blending a variety of flavors crowned with a touch of Prosecco.

Revolución de Cuba

Revolución de Cuba offers an ambiance reflective of its Cuban influence, with a cocktail selection that champions rum-based classics. The Iced Tea cocktail is a standout, promising a tropical escape in a glass.

Bars Open Until 4am

For those who embrace the night in its entirety, Leeds is home to several bars that welcome guests until 4am.


Cuckoo on Call Lane is a kaleidoscope of color and creativity, where the cocktails are as visually arresting as they are flavorful. The Pink One cocktail encapsulates Cuckoo’s ethos, presenting an indulgent mixture that echoes the sweetness of a rhubarb crumble.

Call Lane Social

Call Lane Social beckons to those seeking a laid-back yet lively atmosphere. With a vast spirits selection and a cocktail menu that features staples like French Martinis and Mojitos, this bar is equipped to cater to any preference.

Tiki Hideaway

Above Call Lane Social lies a hidden gem, Tiki Hideaway, where a tropical oasis awaits. Here, patrons can savor two cocktails for a special price before 9 pm, all while enjoying tunes from The Beatles to The Beach Boys.

Bars Open Until 5am

As the early morning beckons, a select few establishments in Leeds remain vibrant.


Mojo, known for its marriage of great music and delectable drinks, offers a unique selection, including the Patriot Old Fashioned, an innovative take on a classic that incorporates smoked bacon fat.

Bar Fibre

Bar Fibre is not just a bar, it’s an institution within the LGBTQ+ community, recognized for its extensive cocktail menu and four floors of varied entertainment options.

Bars Open Until 6am

Finally, for the ultimate night owls, Leeds caters to those who wish to welcome the dawn.

The Backroom

At the end of Call Lane, The Backroom maintains its allure well into the morning, with a 6am closing time on Fridays and Saturdays. Offering a speakeasy vibe and a music selection that keeps the dance floor animated, this venue marks the pinnacle of Leeds’ late-night scene.

This curated list showcases Leeds’ diverse array of late-night bars, where the night’s end is determined not by the clock but by one’s own desire to continue the adventure.

  • Leeds offers a range of late-night bars with unique charm and closing times, from Below Stairs and Tabula Rasa closing at 1am to The Backroom open until 6am.
  • The city’s vibrant nightlife scene caters to all preferences, from craft beer aficionados to dance floor enthusiasts, with extended hours into the early morning.
  • Below Stairs offers an immersive cocktail experience with drinks like The Seafoam, open until 1am on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • North Bar pioneers the craft beer movement in Leeds, offering over 150 beer selections and legendary cocktails, open until 2am.
  • The Backroom in Leeds closes at 6am on Fridays and Saturdays, offering a speakeasy vibe and lively dance floor for night owls.

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