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Leeds offers a variety of top pizza spots, including Dough Boys, Rudy’s Pizza, Pizza Punks, Franco Manca, and Culto, each with their own unique styles and flavors. From inventive toppings to traditional Neapolitan pizzas, there is something to satisfy every pizza lover’s cravings in Leeds.

What are the top pizza spots in Leeds?

Leeds is home to a variety of top pizza spots, including:
Dough Boys for inventive flavors and a DIY condiment station.
Rudy’s Pizza for classic Neapolitan pizzas with charred edges.
Pizza Punks for unlimited topping combinations.
Franco Manca for sourdough sensations and curated selections.
Culto for unexpected twists and a charcoal-infused black base.
Enjoy diverse styles and flavors across these Leeds pizzerias.

Leeds, a city renowned for its culinary diversity, offers a plethora of options for those craving the comforting embrace of a well-crafted pizza. Whether your allegiance lies with the traditional or the innovative, the city’s pizzerias cater to every palate. In this article, we’ll guide you through some of the finest establishments where the art of pizza-making is celebrated, and the results are nothing short of delicious.

Dough Boys: The Heart of Innovation

At Dough Boys, pizza is more than just food; it’s a canvas for creativity. Situated within the bustling Belgrave Music Hall, this pizzeria greets visitors with an array of inventive flavors. “Salami of Darkness” boasts a bold trio of Salsiccia picante, salami Napoli, and house-pickled chillis. For the plant-based crowd, “What’s the Quack?” offers a delightful vegan alternative. Patrons are encouraged to personalize their slices at the condiment station, where garlic oil, Parmesan, and the fiery Hot Bstrd sauce await. Find Dough Boys at Belgrave Music Hall, 1-1A Cross Belgrave Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 8JP.

Rudy’s Pizza: Neapolitan Nirvana

Rudy’s Pizza, a cornerstone for Neapolitan pizza aficionados, delivers the quintessential thin crust with charred, bubbly edges. Beyond the city centre, Rudy’s graces Headingley and Chapel Allerton with its presence. Their “Calabrese,” laden with spicy ‘nduja sausage, is a crowd-pleaser, while the traditional and buffalo mozzarella Margheritas cater to purists. Vegan options flourish here, with the Marinara and rotating specials. It’s also a haven for pet owners, offering a dog-friendly environment. Locations include 2 New Station Street, Leeds, and more.

Pizza Punks: Anarchy in the Oven

Pizza Punks champions the revolutionary spirit of punk through its anarchic approach to pizza creation. With a limitless selection of toppings like artichoke, jalapeños, and vegan pepperoni, the establishment empowers guests to craft their dream pizza without restrictions. Meat lovers, vegans, and adventurers in cuisine can all find common ground in this sanctuary of self-expression. Visit Pizza Punks at 37 Bond Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 5BQ.

Franco Manca: Sourdough Sensations

Franco Manca’s success is rooted in simplicity and a commitment to quality. Their sourdough, prepared fresh each day, provides the foundation for a sublime pizza experience. The menu, historically limited to a carefully curated selection of nine pizzas, recently welcomed a tenth addition featuring Prosciutto Parmatto and smoked burrata. Vegan and gluten-free options round out the menu, while a trio of dips, including ‘nduja, offer a tantalizing finish for the crusts. Nestled in Trinity Leeds, find Franco Manca at 1 Trinity Street.

Culto: The Art of the Unexpected

Culto, a restaurant where no reservations are required, prides itself on pushing the boundaries of traditional pizza. Their Diavola sets the spice bar high, while the Funghi e Tartufo combines earthy mushrooms with luxurious black truffle. For an intriguing twist, choose the Pizza Nera, featuring a charcoal-infused black base designed to ease post-meal discomfort. Culto is located at 97 Stainbeck Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS7 2PR.

Ecco Pizzeria: A Taste of Tuscany in Leeds

Ecco Pizzeria stands as a bastion of authentic Neapolitan pizza, with its oven a direct import from Tuscany. The menu showcases classics and global inspirations alike. Indulge in a journey to Athens with feta and olives or Bombay with tandoori chicken. Ecco Pizzeria awaits at 93 Otley Road, Headingley, Leeds.

Trattoria Il Forno: A Family Favourite

Trattoria Il Forno in Horsforth boasts an extensive range of pizzas, including a 20″ showstopper. Their Calzone Salmone is a Mediterranean delight, while the kid-friendly Tropicana wins over younger diners. Located at 85 Town Street, Trattoria Il Forno is a testament to Italian culinary finesse.

Grumpy’s: A Sisterly Slice of Perfection

In Farsley’s Sunny Bank Mills, Grumpy’s has secured its reputation for excellence. Sisters Alex and Cassie Rogerson have created a haven where pizzas like “Barry” and “Aubrey” highlight their wood-fired oven’s prowess. Find this family venture at 2 Old Combing, Paradise Street, Farsley.

Pizza Loco: On the Rails to Pizza Heaven

Pizza Loco brings the magic of their locomotive-themed food events to Meanwood, where Neapolitan pizzas abound. Signature pies like “Jean Paul Goatier” and ‘Nduja and the Friarielli demonstrate their mastery of toppings and puns alike. The Meanwood Tavern, 607 Meanwood Road, houses this pizza paradise.

Sela Bar: Where Music Meets Pizza

Sela Bar’s underground vibe is complemented by stone-baked pizzas that resonate with music lovers and foodies alike. Their Wednesday deal pairs a pizza with a pint for just £10. From the spicy Diavola to the innovative Sesame, Sela Bar at 20 New Briggate offers a symphony of flavors.

Poco: Sicilian Street Food at Its Finest

Poco has become synonymous with Sicilian pizza al taglio, offering an assortment of toppings on their airy, fluffy bases. The versatility of their menu means no two visits are alike. Queue up at 360 Kirkstall Road, among other locations, for this singular experience.

Wood Fire Dine: A Chef’s Creative Domain

Mark Baber’s Wood Fire Dine, with its award-winning pizzas, blends tradition with innovation. Monthly guest pizzas ensure a fresh experience with every visit. Discover this artisanal gem at 34-36 Commercial Street, Rothwell.

Tapped: Craft Beer Meets Gourmet Pizza

Tapped offers a unique combination of craft beers and pizzas like the Tikka Freaka. Their vegan Say Cheese (Burger) pizza is a testament to their culinary creativity. Located in Trinity Leeds, 51 Boar Lane, Tapped is a haven for beer and pizza enthusiasts.

Pizza Freak: Big Apple Flavors in Leeds

Pizza Freak’s New York-style slices and Detroit-style deep pies have quickly become city favorites. Their commitment to in-house preparation and quality ingredients is evident. Try their eclectic offerings at 372 Kirkstall Road, Burley.

Water Lane Boathouse: Pizzas with a View

Water Lane Boathouse, with its Small Victories oven from Naples, offers an assortment of pizzas like the Cavolo Nero and Vegana, all enjoyed with a picturesque canal-side view. Visit them at Canal Wharf, Water Lane.

Harpos: A Local Legacy

Harpos, a family-run establishment since 1978, is renowned for its fresh ingredients and handcrafted pizzas. With over 49 options, there’s a pizza for every preference. Locations include 309 Burley Road and 147 Street Lane.

Pizza Pilgrims: A Pilgrimage for Pizza Lovers

Pizza Pilgrims’ journey from Italy to Leeds has enriched the city with their distinctive raised crust and imaginative toppings, such as the Carbonara pizza. Look for them at 16 Boar Lane.

Homeboy Pizza Co: Lockdown Hobby to Pizza Hotspot

Homeboy Pizza Co, an offspring of lockdown creativity, now offers its Detroit-style and sourdough pizzas at Roland’s. The Scottie Pipperoni is a must-try. Find them at Roland’s, 39 Call Lane.

Leeds’ pizza scene promises a diverse range of styles and flavors, ensuring that whether you’re craving a classic Margherita or an adventurous new combination, there’s always a pizzeria ready to satisfy your appetite. With each establishment bringing its own unique flair to the city’s culinary tapestry, pizza lovers can embark on a delectable journey through the streets of Leeds.

  • Leeds offers a variety of top pizza spots, including Dough Boys, Rudy’s Pizza, Pizza Punks, Franco Manca, and Culto.
  • Each of these pizza spots has its own unique styles and flavors, from inventive toppings to traditional Neapolitan pizzas.
  • Leeds is known for its culinary diversity, and there are options to satisfy every pizza lover’s cravings.
  • Pizza Punks allows guests to create their dream pizza with a limitless selection of toppings.
  • Franco Manca is known for its sourdough sensations and curated selection of pizzas.

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