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Pancake enthusiasts in Leeds are in for a treat with a variety of top spots to indulge in fluffy stacks of goodness. From the ever-changing offerings at Farmhouse to the unique twists at Moose Coffee and Bricklebanks, there’s something for everyone’s taste buds. And for those looking for a year-round pancake fix, Galleria, House of Koko, and other establishments serve up delicious sweet and savoury options. Whether it’s Pancake Day or any other day of the year, Leeds has got you covered with their diverse and vibrant pancake scene.

Where to Get the Best Pancakes in Leeds?

For the best pancakes in Leeds, don’t miss out on these top spots:
Farmhouse offers a different pancake each day.
Patty’s at Belgrave Music Hall features a variety of toppings.
Green Room gives a free drink with each pancake dish.
Moose Coffee delights with s’mores pancake specials.
Bricklebanks allows you to build your own pancake stack.
Galleria and House of Koko serve up sweet and savoury options year-round.
The Ivy, Browns, and Cosy Club offer unique pancake experiences.
– For French-style, visit Crêpe Affaire.

Pancake Day Delights

Pancake Day, a day of indulgence and delight, is welcomed with open arms in Leeds. It’s a day where the city’s eateries outdo themselves with a variety of pancake offerings. Farmhouse leads the charge with a “different pancake each day of the week,” providing a sweet start to the day with Monday’s lemon Eton mess and a romantic red velvet treat on Valentine’s Day. The Pancake Day specials extend to Patty’s at Belgrave Music Hall, where the burger maestros trade their patties for pancakes. They offer an array of toppings and urge patrons to arrive early, as their pancakes are served “until they run out.” Adding to the mix, Green Room sweetens the deal with a “free coffee or soft drink” with every pancake dish, enhancing the Pancake Day experience.

Moose Coffee and Bricklebanks also join the festive pancake fervor with their unique twists. Moose Coffee presents a decadent “s’mores pancake special,” a chocolate lover’s paradise covered in a variety of toppings. Bricklebanks, on the other hand, allows diners full creative liberty with a “build-your-own stack” approach, catering to all taste buds with toppings ranging from “classic Nutella to rogue brandy snaps.”

Year-Round Pancake Havens

Pancakes in Leeds are not just for Pancake Day; they are a year-round affair. Galleria boasts a “stack of three sweet pancakes” for those with a penchant for sweetness, while their offering of savoury pancakes topped with “crispy, streaky bacon” caters to those on the other side of the taste spectrum. Bricklebanks, not just content with their Pancake Day spread, entices with three pancake stacks, including a vegan option and an “adults only” brandy stack.

The pancake scene is further enriched by House of Koko, where pancake perfection is achieved with their “three American-style fluffy pancakes” and a versatile selection of toppings. If uniqueness is what you seek, Fluffy Fluffy‘s Japanese soufflé pancakes will not disappoint, with their “signature jiggle” and delectable crème brûlée topping. The Greenhouse offers vegan pancake enthusiasts a delightful surprise with their American-style pancakes, generously topped with “vegan yoghurt, fresh berries, and maple syrup.”

Diverse Pancake Experiences

Leeds boasts a plethora of establishments serving pancakes with a distinctive charm. The Ivy impresses with hot buttermilk pancakes, “layered with Greek yoghurt, lemon balm, and berries.” For early risers, Browns offers a brunch-exclusive pancake duo, while Cosy Club‘s “sky-high stacks of buttermilk pancakes” are an invitation to indulge in either a fruity or bacon-topped morning feast.

Olive & Rye and Laynes Espresso bring their A-game with unique brunch offerings. Olive & Rye’s pancakes, adorned with “macerteated mixed berries and vanilla mascarpone cheesecake mix,” compete with Laynes Espresso’s “savoury buckwheat pancakes,” which are a harmonious blend of bacon, egg, and syrup. If Coffee raises the bar with “homemade American-style discs” and a quartet of topping combinations, ensuring a choice for every palate.

Lastly, for those craving traditional French pancakes, Crêpe Affaire is the go-to place with “classic combinations and creative options.” Moose Coffee also deserves a mention for their “American and Canadian-inspired brunch,” with a special nod to their “salted caramel pancake stack.” And for a homely experience, Cha Lounge‘s buttermilk pancakes with varied toppings, including “Gemma’s extra fruity blueberry pancakes,” are not to be missed. Bill’s, with their “light, fluffy American variety,” serves as an ideal spot for any part of the day, be it morning fuel or a post-outing feast.

The city of Leeds, with its diverse and vibrant culinary scene, champions pancakes in all their glory. Whether celebrating Shrove Tuesday or seeking a delightful breakfast, the city’s eateries present an array of options to satisfy every craving. From the traditional to the modern, sweet to savoury, there’s a pancake for everyone in this dynamic northern city.

  • Farmhouse offers a different pancake each day, including lemon Eton mess and red velvet.
  • Patty’s at Belgrave Music Hall serves an array of pancake toppings and advises arriving early.
  • Green Room offers a free drink with every pancake dish on Pancake Day.
  • Moose Coffee delights with a s’mores pancake special, while Bricklebanks allows diners to build their own stack.
  • Galleria and House of Koko serve sweet and savory pancakes year-round, while Crêpe Affaire offers French-style pancakes.

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