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In Leeds, vegans can indulge in the beloved British tradition of a Sunday roast at various establishments. From Three’s A Crowd’s squash and chestnut nut roast to Neighbourhood’s bottomless zucchini and cashew bake, these eateries offer creative and delicious plant-based twists on the classic dish.

Where can you find the best vegan Sunday roasts in Leeds?

Leeds offers a variety of delicious vegan Sunday roasts, ensuring ethical eaters can indulge in this British tradition. Notable spots include:

  1. Three’s A Crowd: Squash and chestnut nut roast with potatoes and vegetables, minus Yorkshire pudding.
  2. Wapentake: Veggie roast with mashed potatoes, crispy roasties, vegetables, and stuffing—vegan on request.
  3. Stuzzi: Olive-brined celeriac roast with Italian-inspired sides and vegan red wine gravy.
  4. The Brunswick: Lemon and thyme ‘chicken’ seitan with maple-glazed carrots, broccoli, and rich gravy.
  5. Neighbourhood: Bottomless zucchini and cashew bake with unlimited drinks and live DJs.

Each provides a unique take on the classic dish, with creative plant-based twists.

In Leeds, a city known for its rich culinary diversity, the traditional Sunday roast holds a special place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike. However, those adhering to a plant-based lifestyle have often faced the challenge of finding a roast that caters to their dietary preferences. Fortunately, the city now boasts several establishments that have risen to meet this demand, offering vegan Sunday roasts that don’t compromise on taste or tradition. This guide explores five of Leeds’ finest eateries where you can enjoy a vegan Sunday roast that is as satisfying as it is compassionate.

Three’s A Crowd: A New Twist on an Old Favourite

At Three’s A Crowd, the legacy of delicious Sunday roasts continues with a creative plant-based twist. Vegans can rejoice in the squash and chestnut nut roast, a dish crafted with care and designed to delight the palate. This vegan staple is prepared fresh daily, ensuring each serving is bursting with flavour. Accompanied by perfectly roasted potatoes and a selection of vegetables, this roast is crowned with a rich, meat-free gravy. The absence of Yorkshire pudding does not detract from the meal’s overall appeal; rather, it leaves room to appreciate the main course’s robust flavours.

Three’s A Crowd, 76-78 North Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 7PN. Vegan roast is available Sundays, 12pm to 7pm.

Wapentake: Yorkshire Charm with a Vegan Heart

Wapentake, with its unmistakable Yorkshire charm, offers a vegan roast that is always a highlight, never an afterthought. The homemade veggie roast, transformable to a vegan delight upon request, takes centre stage with its sumptuous flavours and textures. The roast comes with a generous serving of creamy (yet cream-free) mashed potatoes, crispy roasties, and a selection of vibrant vegetables. Drizzled with lashings of gravy and complemented by sage and onion stuffing, this meal not only satisfies but also elevates the vegan dining experience.

Wapentake, 92 Kirkgate, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 7DJ. Vegan roast is available Sundays, 12pm to 7pm.

Stuzzi: An Italian Take on the British Classic

Stuzzi, known for its Italian flair, has reimagined the British Sunday roast with a vegan recipe that forgoes pasta for something more intriguing. The olive-brined celeriac roast comes with a hint of char, accompanied by Peroni-battered confit shallot, adding an Italian twist to the traditional fare. The sides do not disappoint, with perfectly roasted potatoes, parsnips, and carrots alongside seasonal greens. Sprinkled with a Pecorino and onion crumb and doused in vegan red wine gravy, this dish offers a medley of flavours that encapsulate vegan indulgence.

Stuzzi, 7 Merrion Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 6PQ. Vegan roast is available Sundays, 12pm until 8pm.

The Brunswick: Legendary Roasts with a Vegan Signature

The Brunswick’s vegan Sunday roast is legendary, featuring a plate brimming with crispy roast potatoes, maple syrup-glazed carrots, and tenderstem broccoli adorned with salsa verde. The standout element is the lemon and thyme ‘chicken’ seitan, a vegan alternative so delectable it rivals its meat counterpart. This feast is complemented by a vegan, gluten-free gravy that’s rich in umami flavours. The Brunswick often experiments with new vegan specials, making each visit a potential discovery of new plant-based delights.

The Brunswick, 82 North Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 7PN. Vegan roast is available Sundays, 12pm to 7pm.

Neighbourhood: Bottomless Fun with Vegan Flair

Neighbourhood isn’t just about the bottomless brunch; it’s also the place to be for a bottomless vegan Sunday roast. For £38, patrons can enjoy 90 minutes of limitless zucchini and cashew bake accompanied by roast potatoes, mash, parsnips, carrots, and cabbage. The experience is enhanced by unlimited drinks, including Prosecco, gin, vodka, rum, or beer, with live DJs providing the soundtrack to your meal. And let’s not forget the bottomless vegan gravy, ensuring every bite is as flavourful as the last.

Neighbourhood, 5 Greek Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 5RW. Bottomless vegan roast is available every Sunday from 12pm until 6pm.

Leeds has firmly established itself as a welcoming haven for vegans seeking the comfort and nostalgia of a Sunday roast without compromising their ethical choices. Each of these mentioned establishments contributes to a diverse and inclusive food scene, ensuring that the time-honored tradition of the Sunday roast continues to evolve and be enjoyed by all, regardless of dietary preferences.

  • Leeds offers a variety of delicious vegan Sunday roasts at various establishments.
  • Notable spots include Three’s A Crowd, Wapentake, Stuzzi, The Brunswick, and Neighbourhood.
  • Each establishment offers a unique take on the classic dish with creative plant-based twists.
  • Three’s A Crowd offers a squash and chestnut nut roast with potatoes and vegetables.
  • Neighbourhood offers a bottomless zucchini and cashew bake with unlimited drinks and live DJs.

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