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Saturday nights recently have not been the best, planning your night, where to go? It’s the same old situation, or is it?

Bar Soba is known as the dark horse in the food and drink world. Located on Merrion Street, which seems to be booming at the moment, Bar Soba is one of the spots that you just have to try!

I have been visiting Bar Soba in Leeds quite regularly now and even more so when I found out what they had to bring to the table, literally!

The first time I visited this very niche little bar, I didn’t realise the sheer scale of it. I remember it from the days of Heaven and Hell (showing my age now!). The best way to describe the initial entry, is like entering Aladdin’s cave, from the outside it appears quaint but from the inside, a very eclectic atmosphere entices you in and admire the impressive graphics and décor.

The bar itself is very quirky, unique and plays great music. I was met by Robbie the General Manager. Great bloke, very informative… I was dead excited. As I walked up the stairs I could hear the music changing slightly, I could hear bongos and saxophones and as I got to the top I got the feel of a real ambience. The DJ aside from the diners was playing funky house! Already this is a winner in my opinion as nowhere in Leeds is really playing the old stuff that initially led us out on a Saturday night. Delighted already, Robbie gave me a menu and walked me through a buzzing dining area, where people were absolutely loving the moment and clearly enjoying themselves. I sat at my table and Robbie went through their menu for the evening. Just before I run through what I foods I chose, I feel it relevant to give a little background into why Bar Soba are so successful and one of the liveliest places to be seen. Bar Soba has a history of creating great cocktails and more recently their Pan Asian street food. Since they opened their doors in 1999 they have seen exponential growth.

The combination of mouth- watering cocktails and delicious food choice means that drinkers and diners or both, receive exactly what they went out for, an entertaining evening without breaking the bank. Which Bar Soba deliver time and time again.

With so much competition out there in our thriving city of Leeds, every eatery has had to up their game and ensure quality is paramount and by god have Bar Soba nailed that! So now you know why it’s the place to be, I will give my honest representation of the all-important Bottomless Supper Club.

Robbie introduced me to Ella, my server for the evening. Ella was immediately assertive, showing true enjoyment for what she did. I was handed a menu and shown the simple steps of ordering and what my options were. I was immediately offered a drink of choice as I was seated. I chose a classic mojito. This was brought over timelessly and tasted lush! I then chose a sharing platter that consisted of Chicken Gyoza dumplings, Vegetable Gyoza dumplings, Indonesian shrimp crackers, Bang Bang chicken wings and Tiger prawn Tempura. The sharing platter alone is enough for two people to start but I am notoriously greedy so had to order it.

From the menu of mains I ordered the ever so popular, buttermilk fried chicken katsu curry, one of my all time favourites. The platter came and I was ready for my next mojito, ‘same again please Ella!’ she laughed and brought another. I tucked into the platter and it was a true delight, very clean and fresh, everything cooked to perfection without pools of oil or fat like you may see in other places, this was just a pleasure to eat. After I had finished this and my cocktail Ella was straight over to clear the table and set me up for the main. She asked how my meal was and I was honest, I told her it was very tasty and presented to a very high standard. She was pleased of my feedback and returned with another mojito.

As this was a Bottomless Supper Club evening I thought I’d swap to prosecco. I did this because wanted to see just how attentive they could be when it came to my drink refilling. Basically the idea is that as soon as your drink reaches the half way point in the glass. The server returns to top it up! Now Ella wasn’t the tallest of people which she joked about when coming to top me up, but still was very quick to see I was near mid-point and would rush to the fridge to grab a bottle. I think that alone shows how passionate these people are to ensure that you really do enjoy every moment spent with them.

My main was brought to the table and immediately I was greeted with fresh aromas from this classic favourite of mine. My Katsu curry was the real deal. Crispy chicken sticky rice and a very rich curry sauce. At this point I had to take the all-important Instagram pic as it really was photo worthy.
Again I was topped up with prosecco (hiccup!).

Without any delay I continued to eat this very moreish dish. Happy with my dinner choices, Ella returned again to clear my table. I felt very well looked after and from what I saw, the rest of the diners did too. After drinking multiple glasses of mojitos and prosecco I thanked both Ella and Robbie for their amazing hospitality and overall fantastic evening.

I since have already booked to return with friends as it is both a great start to an evening or end to an afternoon.

Based on my experience with the guys at Bar Soba Leeds, I would strongly recommend you visit! Every Friday and Saturday night from 6pm til late you will experience the finest street food, Free flowing cocktails and DJs. For a only £35 per person you will receive a 2 course meal, free flowing prosecco, mojitos, mimosas and belinis.

See you there! Kris

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