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Beating the Upcoming Brexit Conundrum: What Leeds Businesses Need to Know

Anyone who has recently tuned into BBC News is well aware that the Brexit outcome is looming. While it appears that the government was successful in obtaining an extension from the European Union, there are still a number of questions which have yet to be answered. How will UK expats ultimately be affected? Will it be more difficult to travel abroad? Are challenger banks able to deal with this changeover without impacting their client services? Perhaps more importantly, how can Leeds businesses leverage technology in order to avoid potential slowdowns once the Brexit comes into effect? This last question is particularly challenging, as no one is quite certain what the ultimate ramifications will be for firms across the United Kingdom. This is why it is wise to ablate some common Brexit myths before examining an interesting retail tool which a growing number of Leeds-based businesses are deploying.

Brexit Myths Debunked

Commercial news outlets tend to be rather reactionary when reporting late-breaking events. After all, they are primarily interested in their market share regarding viewers and inbound hits. This is one of the reasons why headlines such as “Brexit Nightmare” and “No Way Out” have become commonplace. However, it is just as important to separate fact from fiction.

One pivotal point to reinforce is that the Brexit does not represent the end of the world as we know it. Leeds businesses will continue to operate and banks will remain open. Doom-and-gloom scenarios are overly inflated and there is little truth in such speculation. Of course, the domestic economy might be impacted from a short-term point of view and the import/export markets could very well experience a slight disruption. However, the notion of any type of fiscal collapse is simply untrue.

The second observation to clarify involves the effect that the Brexit may have upon trade agreements between the European Union and the United Kingdom. While speculation is still rife, the majority of analysts do not expect the system to come crashing down. This is due in no small part to the fact that businesses across the country have been preparing for the Brexit for more than two years. The same holds true for the government as well as countless other financial institutions. There are already numerous backstops in place to ensure that the concept of business as usual is not placed in jeopardy.

While all of the observations mentioned above are likely to placate the worries of many Leeds business owners, it is still wise to embrace a sense of pragmatism. This is the very same reason why firms of all sizes are adopting entirely new shipping methods as a means to circumvent and short-term effects that might arise as a result of the Brexit decision.

Transforming the Notion of Traditional Shipping

The online search term international dropshipping business will yield hundreds of results and yet, relatively few business owners are familiar with the concept of drop shipping. What does this model entail and how can it benefit enterprises of all sizes?

Drop shipping represents an effective method to eliminate expensive middlemen and complicated logistical issues that would otherwise cause a great deal of consternation. Drop shipping employs the use of a third-party intermediary when sending a product to the end user. This digital middleman will address all traditional logistics such as product storage, shipping rates and delivery times. The seller can therefore return his or her focus towards other pertinent concerns such as product development and client satisfaction. Not only do online drop shippers provide thousands of products for companies to choose from, but their rates are often more amenable when compared to standard options. Customers will appreciate this money-saving sense of efficiency and businesses can rest assured in the knowledge that their products will arrive within a predetermined time frame.

Drop shipping is also a great way to generate an additional amount of revenue during the time preceding the predicted Brexit. One of the most powerful advantages of this approach is that it is not impacted by geographical borders. In the event that customs tariffs and similar concerns arise, they will be effectively addressed by the third-party intermediary. Of course, all costs and expenses associated with using this service are likewise made clear from the very start. Thus, more products can be shipped with a greater frequency. This helps to bolster your current profit margins as well as your long-term return on investment (ROI).

The exact outcome of the Brexit is yet to be seen. However, this is no reason for Leeds businesses to remain sitting on their proverbial “hands” between now and June. Drop shipping is an excellent option to consider thanks to its inherent clarity and efficiency. It is therefore a good idea to visit the official Oberlo website in order to learn more.


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