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Deal or No Deal crowns seventh quarter-millionaire from Leeds

Deal or No Deal crowns seventh quarter-millionaire during Love Week specials.

Today Roop Singh from Leeds became the seventh person to bag the top prize on Channel 4’s Deal or No Deal and only the second ever male quarter-millionaire in the show’s eight year history.


It was a precarious game which saw brave Roop go all the way to the end to despite having just £5, £100, £500, £1000 and the £250,000 in his last five boxes! And with the additional twist of box 23, Roop almost walked away with an incredible £500,000!

Ropp, 54, who was joined in the studio by his wife and one of his daughters, is a Sikh storyteller and lay priest. Roop said of his win “The night before my game my daughter quite innocently said ‘Dad, I want confetti’. When I was offered £46k all I could think of was ‘Dad, I want confetti’ and I said ‘No Deal’. I still cannot fully remember what happened next but I do remember the confetti and everyone hugging and congratulating me.”

Roop’s intention to go all the way was clear from the start as he ploughed through his game, at times even forgetting to answer the Banker’s all important question ‘Deal or No Deal?’. In the first five rounds, the highest offer from the Banker was £10,000, with the Banker at one point claiming that Roop would never make it all the way as he was taking out too many reds!

As it was a special themed show, Roop had the opportunity to take part in a challenge that saw him fire an arrow at the lovers’ heart meaning he won not only a holiday but also the opportunity to finish his game one box at a time for his remaining 5 boxes. Going on to take out £1000, £5 and £100, Roop received an incredible offer of £46,000 which despite his family’s advice, he turned down.

With £250,000 in one box and £500 in the other, the Dream Factory waited with bated breath as Noel revealed the contents of Roop’s box. The confetti fell and the Dream Factory erupted in celebration as the quarter million was shown to be in Roop’s box, but the game was still not complete. With the new addition of box 23, containing five possible outcomes, players can, if they calculate that it could potentially advantage them, buy box 23 to double their winnings, take home an additional £10,000, get their money back, half their winnings or leave with nothing. Meaning for the first time ever, we could have been crowning our first ever £500,000 winner or see the biggest loss in the show’s history.

Roop felt that four of the five outcomes would be worth purchasing box 23 for, however his family finally managed to dissuade him, which was just as well for the Banker as when the contents of Box 23 were revealed, if Roop has purchased it, he would have doubled his winnings!

Since his win, Roop says he has bought a few presents for his family and friends and a bike for himself, so he can cycle the coast line of Britain later this year. He also plans to donate money to the charities he supports.

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