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Gaming a Hit with Press Start Gaming Zone in Leeds City Centre

One of the newest themed restaurants and bars to hit Leeds comes from the Press Start Gaming Zone, located on Banks Street. Based above MEATliqour, this new establishment includes everything classic gamers could want, with all the social interaction which the modern age of gaming has often left behind.

Open on weekends, Press Start Gaming Zone is open for bookings and has already proven immensely popular with all ages, from kids parties to stag do’s. At only £3 per hour, £5 per two hours, or £10 for a full day, the prices for the games here put traditional arcades and their coin-sucking machines to shame.

With arcade cabinets, and a selection of consoles from Nintendo, Sony, and Sega, Press Start Gaming Zone focuses on the competitive, which is only further helped by their leader boards and regular tournament nights. Head over to http://press-start.co.uk/about to learn more.

While this is certainly the biggest and best in Leeds as of the time of this article, this bar represents a growing global trend of gaming-centric bars and restaurants. Rather than the big chain restaurants which are primarily children based, these cater to more adult audiences, so how have these been so popular?

Part of the reason here is the appeal which classic gaming has as a social activity. It is true that the age of the internet has opened up ease of play online which goes far beyond anything many of us dreamed of as youths, this method doesn’t quite have the same feel.

Social gaming is best enjoyed while actually together, as a bonding activity, and this makes the experience all the more personal, as reported on https://venturebeat.com/2018/04/05/video-games-can-create-beneficial-social-connections-and-take-on-real-issues/. Pulling together huge last-minute upsets or long periods of bad luck are just so much funnier when you can see you friends wince, and bouts of jokingly poor sportsmanship are so much better appreciated in person.

There are a lot of us today who grew up in the age of gaming, and while we might not have the time for this we once did, the appeal has never disappeared. More often today we only have the time for shorter activities, like a few rounds of blackjack from websites like https://games.paddypower.com/c/blackjack, and while these are convenient and surprisingly varied, sometimes we can’t help but miss the games of our youth.

Being in a bar setting makes this more of an outing, and give us time to enjoy time spent with friends just as many of us did growing up. It’s not just bonding or playing games, it’s blowing off steam, which is something we need far more as adults than we ever did as children.

When looking at these aspects together, it makes a lot of sense that these forms of bars and restaurants have been picking up steam recently, and appear to have a strong future ahead. More people than ever take up gaming as their hobby or passion today, and for many of us who prefer games over dancing, these offer a much more enjoyable alternative.

DDR excluded, of course.

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