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At City Dweller Magazine, we love meeting the characters of the city, from celebrities to the unsung heroes of Leeds.

This month we’ve met up with entrepreneur Vinny Davidson to find out how he lives!

One of the residents of the wonderful Brewery Wharf development, Vinny has lived in the city centre for over 14 years.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you ended up living in the city centre?

I had a house in Halifax, which I’d been in for about ten years. Leeds was up and coming at the time, about 14 years ago, and there was a lot of investment. So what I decided to do was buy a two bedroom flat at Merchant’s Quays which I made a bit of profit on!

Later on this new development came available at Brewery Wharf and what I was planning on was buying one of the penthouses but unfortunately, everything was sold. I was told they couldn’t help me but fortunately someone pulled out and they asked me if I was still interested. I jumped at the chance!

I was a decorator when I was younger so basically I stripped it to the bare bones and did it in my style. I’m really pleased with the result (which you can see above).

What was it about Brewery Wharf specifically that interested you?

I love the idea of city living! It’s low maintenance and Brewery Wharf is well looked after. The development also looked like a good investment and it subsequently has turned out to be a very good investment.

You’ll think this is funny because there was an element of snobbery in it. I was in LS9 and I was thinking if I move across the bridge, it’ll become LS1 which will enhance the property. It turned out that it was LS10 so I actually moved up a number!

What are your thoughts on the overall area with local bars such as Oracle Bar and Azcuar Bar that are thriving?

Yeah, with Sainsbury’s and the hotel Jury’s Inn, you get a lot of passing trade. It’s buzzing really, it’s close enough to town but also far enough out so you don’t get the noise. It’s a good balance.

What sold City Centre Living to you?

I think it was because I had a big house In Halifax, there was a lot of maintenance to be done. This two bedroom penthouse flat that’s been done to my standard is ideal, I’m overlooking the river and I’m very happy here. You’ve got the Parish Church clock right in front of you so you don’t have to set your watch! It’s a mini London really, the River Aire is the Thames and the Parish Church is Big Ben!

Why would you recommend the area to people?

There’s a great sense of community! There’s lots of people living in apartments who don’t know their next door neighbour but we don’t have that problem. I have lots of friends in Brewery Wharf and it’s like a community.

I’d recommend it to anyone really, mainly because of how it’s run! You need people that are willing to put their neck on the line and they’re not afraid to here.

Best thing about living in the city centre?

It’s vibrant! It’s just got a buzz about it. People say that Leeds is trying to be a mini Manchester but I don’t think Manchester even comes close to Leeds.

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