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Nourish Review

jordan fletch

Fletch checks in at Nourish to get a healthy fix of wholesome yet ever so delicious grub.

If you’re hungry in Leeds and fancy a decent burger, you’re spoilt for choice in a city that’s fast becoming the BBQ capital of the North. But what if you’re a vegan or a part time glutton that likes to be healthy during the week? Well nutritionist David Stache has brought his Nourish brand from Sheffield to Leeds, answering the prayers of health and fitness fanatics everywhere.

Having sampled a number of tasty dishes at the stores press launch, I was thrilled to check in on behalf of City Dweller for the full experience. I went along on a busy Saturday, just two weeks after they launched, when overwhelming demand meant the restaurant ran out of food by 13:30pm.

The light, airy interior is decked out with fake grass and wooden furniture, keeping in line with its organic, natural roots. Damn, this place even looks healthy. I ordered an Almond Butter Chia Smoothie (3.45) whilst I perused the menu; a shake which is so tasty, you would never know it was actually good for you.

Packed with flavour and protein.

I decided to go with the Steak and Feta Salad (5.45) and the Baked Sweet Potato with Five Bean Chilli (4.95). The steak salad was delicious and packed with an interesting mixture of ingredients, including walnuts and pickled gherkins. The high protein content of this dish makes it an ideal post gym meal or snack too.
The sweet potato and five bean chilli is noted for being rich in B vitamins and although tasty, was nowhere near as spicy as the average chilli I would cook at home. No fear, as Nourish stock each table with a bottle of Tabasco sauce, so heat junkies like myself do not feel short changed. The sauce worked well with the dish and it went down a treat.

Considering the fact that all the ingredients used in Nourish are organic and sourced fresh each day, it’s incredibly well priced. Each dish has been carefully put together by David and his team to ensure diners are getting a nutritionally balanced meal that is both flavoursome and filling.

Massaged kale anyone?

Nourish Food

Nourish Food

Nourish Food

Nourish Food

Nourish Food

It’s the loving attention to detail that makes this place so unique; they even massage the kale to lessen its notoriously bitter taste!

So Nourish definitely gets my seal of approval and although I won’t be giving up burgers and pizza anytime soon, I will be popping in here regularly to get my healthy fix. Next on my list is the Baked Sweet Potato with Poached Eggs and Pesto, which has fast become a best seller and a staff favourite to boot.

We predict big things for Nourish here at City Dweller and look forward to watching the brand grow as the healthy eating revolution that’s gradually creeped up North from London continues to flourish. Go check it out; they are open early each morning serving breakfast and all day until 7pm.


Nourish Leeds
Nourish Leeds

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