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10 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Daily Calorie Intake

Adonia Dennis

10 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Daily calorie Intake Dieters have an urge to reduce calorie intake drastically during their highest levels of motivation, and with that comes the desire to cut out the entire meal as well. While cutting back on food may sound like a good idea to lose weight, keep in mind that although you will drop ...

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Health with Dr Jones

Dr Jones

Leeds trained NHS/Private GP & Honorary Lecturer at Leeds School of Medicine Dr Jones presents his monthly medical column. Dr Jones, For the last 6 months, I’ve experienced bad chest and back pain and have grown tired of my GP who hasn’t helped. I am a heavy smoker and have been for the last ten years and I’m convinced it’s ...

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Why You Shoudn’t Follow A Celebrity Diet

It’s that time of year again when the magazine covers are full of “the surprising SECRET to Beyonce’s success…” and the DVD’s pop up with “Kasey’s cellulite disappeared by drinking pond water!” Now first things first, what do these things have in common? They want to sell! Both of them will sell thousands of copies, just by what is on ...

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John Lane’s Fitness Tips

Great Britain Athlete and British Record Holder, John Lane is back again this month to give you his fitness tips to help you get the best out of your health and fitness. Cross fit training Cross fit training is a relatively new form of exercise. It takes a variety of training techniques and puts them all into a single work ...

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Health Tips with Mark Dhamma

Mark Dhamma

Mark Dhamma helps you get a Warrior Mind with his health tips Former Leeds University student, City Dweller columnist and cover model, Mark Dhamma has launched a new collection of fitness videos, entitled ‘Holistic Warriors’. The videos include health tips, advice on how to get a positive mind and more! Mark now lives in LA and is a professional fitness ...

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