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Cocktail of the Month with Everyman Cinema’s Joe Burton


While Everyman Cinema deserves its reputation as a premium cinema, perfect for a night out and to watch your favourite films, it’s so much more than that. At City Dweller Magazine, we love nothing more than sitting outside on their fantastic terrace and treating ourselves to a few cocktails. You don’t even need to be seeing a film! So this ...

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Cocktail of the Month with Parkside Tavern


Our newest Cocktail Of The Month is courtesy of Parkside Tavern’s Paloma Rawcliffe!  Parkside Tavern is a fantastic venue for anything from sitting in the sun to a game of pool, but they’ve also got a fantastic cocktail menu too! Offering two cocktails for £12 at all times, there’s no excuse for not checking it out! We met up with ...

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COCKTAIL OF THE MONTH: WITH THE NEW CONSERVATORY’S TOM HOLLAND OLD SPICE TOM What’s In It: Old J Spiced Rum Jägermeister Spice Cinnamon Lemon Fresh Chilli The Taste: It’s a refreshing taste with an intense kick of flavour from the chilli and the spiced rum afterwards. Perfect if you’re looking to go out of your comfort zone! ______ For our latest ...

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